The necessity of a Well-Regulated Militia

Ladies and Gentlemen, recently a man named Steve Herr made a comment that went like this:

I have a simple message to everyone who is applauding the recent Supreme Court ruling regarding the 2nd Amendment: I am perfectly willing to not only let you have a gun but as many guns as you want. There’s just one catch. You must prove to me, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that you are a member of “a well-regulated militia,” as provided by the full wording of the 2nd Amendment. If you cannot, or will not, do this, then you do not get to have a gun.

That is the best solution in the world.

—Steve Herr

Full Story Here:
That is the best solution in the world. - Traction Control

It is with great pride that I present to you the PROOF that I AM a member in good standing of a Well-Regulated Militia.

You too can become a member of a Well-Regulated Militia. See all the details here: Traction Control

Then contact U.S. Citizen at [email protected]

This is a can of worms that Mr. Herr may very well wish he had never opened.

EDIT TO ADD: Folks, this is NOT a blogroll, it is a membership to a Well-Regulated Militia, an organization, not a social linking site. You must contact U.S. Citizen and submit your information and $10 membership fee. Follow the links, read the post, it tells you everything you need to know.

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3 Responses to The necessity of a Well-Regulated Militia

  1. USCitizen says:

    Most Awesome!

    The Best Solution in the World!!!

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