Father: Suspect in deadly Utah shootout had PTSD

Father: Suspect in deadly Utah shootout had PTSD

OGDEN, Utah (AP) - Search warrant in hand, a team of bulletproof vest-wearing officers rapped on the door of a small, red-brick Utah house, identifying themselves as police. When no one responded, authorities say, the officers burst inside.

That’s when the gunfire erupted.

When it was over Wednesday night, a 7-year veteran officer was dead and five of his colleagues were wounded, some critically. The suspect, an Army veteran whose estranged father said suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and may have been self-medicating with marijuana, was injured.

Now, as the city tries to grapple with the outburst of violence and the loss of one of its officers, investigators are trying to determine how the raid as part of a drug investigation could have gone so terribly wrong.

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Father: Suspect in deadly Utah shootout had PTSD

A father, estranged from his son, desperately seeks a way to justify the actions of that son, and in doing so, claims that his son, Matthew David Stewart, suffers from PTSD.

OK, right here is where I call BULL SHIT on this PTSD thing where Stewart is concerned, and this is WHY:

Stewart served in the Army from July 1994 to December 1998, spending a year based in Fort Bragg, N.C., and nearly three years stationed in Germany, Army records show.

He held a post as a communications equipment specialist, earning an Army Achievement Medal and a National Defense Service Medal. Both are given for completing active service, although they don’t indicate exceptional acts of valor.

Did Matthew David Stewart suffer his PTSD from too many nights spent at Das Bier-Haus in pursuit of a Fraulein or from dodging those weird motorcycle gangs on mini-bikes? One thing is a certainty, Stewart was a communications equipment specialist, that translates into ‘radio repairman’. The last time I checked, we haven’t engaged in any U.S. combat operations in Germany since 1945 at the end of WWII. How did he get PTSD?

Stewart’s father, Michael Stewart, said his son works a night shift at a local Walmart and may have been sleeping when police arrived.

“When they kicked in the door, he probably felt threatened,” said Michael Stewart, who has been estranged from his son for more than a year, but keeps track of him through his two other sons.

The elder Stewart said his son suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression and may have been treating it with small amounts of pot. He said he believes his son may have been growing the weed himself.

I would certainly like to hear the rationale behind Stewart’s fathers claims of PTSD and what it is that makes him believe his son suffered it. What traumatic act happened to him to cause the POST traumatic stress disorder? I certainly wouldn’t think it was due to his military service as a radio repairman in Germany.

And if Stewart was asleep, do you suppose he was STONED? Out in the ozone? Maybe that was why he didn’t hear the knocks, more likely POUNDING, and the announcement of ‘Open up, POLICE!’ If there had been a *no knock* then the officers should have been in the house and on top of Stewart BEFORE he had time to react.

The thing about this story that bothers me most is the death of Officer Jared Francom and the fact that his wife is now a widow and his children are fatherless. I am really perplexed by this next bit of information though. Personally, I don’t care WHAT maladies Matthew David Stewart may or may not have suffered, I DO care about this possibility:

Among the questions that authorities will try to answer was whether the officers, in the chaotic moments upon entering the house, may have inadvertently fired on each other.

This is becoming an all too often occurrence, what some call *Friendly Fire*, 2 words that I hate with ALL of my being.

So-called *friendly fire* has been responsible for several officer deaths in recent times, and is a hazard our troops face on a daily basis as well.

Forensics and ballistics will tell the tale, maybe Stewart is guilty of nothing more than being a doper, maybe he’s a cop killer, I am not passing judgement in any way, but IF he is a cop killer, send him to hell.

Mistakes DO happen, and if these officers did fire upon each other, then the mistake is on them.

If Matthew David Stewart is just a stoner, and is guilty of nothing else, then find out what the hell DID go wrong on this operation and make certain it never happens again.

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7 Responses to Father: Suspect in deadly Utah shootout had PTSD

  1. BobF says:

    The father hasn’t had contact with his son for over a year but he knows what was happening at the time. How does he know he was sleeping? PTSD….Bovine Scatology.

  2. Cary says:

    Dad sure seems to know a lot about son’s daily activities for being estranged.

    I was a radio man in an infantry battalion - a grunt with 75 more pounds to lug around - and did everything the grunts did, plus keep them informed. Sure , it was stressful, but as long as I kept the 6 informed and up to date, there were no “bad days.”

    I, too, find it hard to believe a cushy army radio repair job in Germany is stressful enough to cause PTSD.

    Shall we ask Brother Eric to testify?

  3. mrchuck says:

    All forced entries are extremely, extremely dangerous.
    Especially the ones where the perp is a known user of hallucination drugs.
    What type of warrant was the Ogden PD serving??
    Bullet proof vests won’t stop a 30-06 rifle round.
    Ogden PD intel was sorely lacking.
    Ogden, Utah is a BIG city.
    Where the hell was their fully trained SWAT TEAM?
    Flash bangs, tear gas, penetration spear with chain to pull off door if needed.
    At least a shotgun to blast the door lock off.

    I have to assume that the Ogden Police Dept did not have the intel that this man was armed and extremely dangerous.

    Knock on the door, yelling out this is the police dept,,,open the door, open the door now!! wait a few seconds, then bust in????? STUPID.
    Really stupid if the perp went thru Army basic training.
    And especially stupid in a State that believes in the 2nd Amendment.
    EVERYBODY in Utah is armed!
    The Ogden PD is at fault here, and re-training should begin immediately.
    Also,,, PTSD is not valid here. Just an excuse.

  4. Hoosier Army Mom says:

    I agree with Mr. Chuck on all points, especially the PTSD excuse. I’m not discrediting the fact that PTSD exists for those who have gone through extreme trauma, but the last time I saw a radio repair guy, I didn’t sense any kind of stress going on. PTSD is usually a libber excuse used to insure that either justice isn’t served (when someone is victimized by them) or to insure they can live at taxpayers expense via SS disability because mommy was a drug addicted hooker and they were traumatized as a kid or something like that. I sure long for the days when we didn’t have to deal with so many stupid people screaming “PTSD” or “I’m innocent because you are a racist” every time they do something wrong. Someone threw out accountability and common sense decades ago in this country. I’m with Fred, I hope he gets sent straight to Hell.

  5. minuteman26 says:

    PTSD is a bull shit excuse for commiting any crime. Its used because the individual can’t accept responsibility for his/her actions. Not like that clown didn’t know right from wrong. Want the scoop about PTSD read “Stolen Valor” by B.G. Burkett. Especially Chapters 10, The VA and the PTSD “Epidemic.” and Chapter 12, PTSD Made Easy.

  6. Katie says:

    PTSD? More like PTBS.

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