Wilmette gun ban off the books - Illinois Gun Victory

Wilmette gun ban off the books - Illinois Gun Victory

Nearly a month to the day that Wilmette suspended enforcement of its handgun ban, village trustees voted this week to repeal the measure after the U.S. Supreme Court declared a similar one unconstitutional June 26.

Trustees approved the repeal at a board meeting Tuesday night after village attorney Timothy Fenzer advised officials that the town could face a lawsuit if the nearly 20-year-old ban remained on the books.

Chicago, Evanston, Morton Grove and Oak Park have had lawsuits filed against them to have their local handgun ordinances ruled unconstitutional and unenforceable in the wake of the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Washington, D.C., ban. Wilmette may have escaped a lawsuit because it immediately suspended enforcement of its ban after the ruling.

The high court ruled that the 2nd Amendment guarantees a person’s right to possess a handgun in one’s home for self-defense.

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One small victory at a time, and soon it will become a landslide. A landslide for gun owners rights and real justice in America.

Every day I wake up and thank God that I live in Texas, a state where we have very good gun laws, and law makers that are smart enough to realize that our freedoms and Constitutional rights, and us keeping them, is the most important part of their job, if they want to keep it that is.

The folks in Illinois, the Chicago area in particular, the law abiding citizens, are getting closer every day to being LEGAL protectors of their own lives, families and homes, and all I can say is, not a moment too soon. The lawless faction doesn’t give a damn what the laws say regarding gun ownership and usage.

Three men were killed and at least two others wounded by gunfire in a two-hour span overnight in Chicago’s South Austin neighborhood, police said.

The motives in the three separate shootings were not immediately clear as Grand Central Area detectives launched investigations. There was no indication any of the shootings were related.

Full Story Here: 3 killed, 2 wounded in South Austin shootings

And once again the old adage comes to mind, ‘When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns’.

Gun laws are only effective when forced on the law abiding citizens, LEGAL gun owners, we don’t get our guns from the crack head on the corner, the guy that burglarized God knows how many places looking for a way to support his habit. We make every effort to follow the letter of the law, thus WE can be victimized by the gun grabbers and the bad guys. One in the same actually.

Well, if things continue to progress, the residents of the Chicago area will have the tools at hand to do something about this BS. Now all they need is a Castle Doctrine, and lawmakers with the balls to back it.

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2 Responses to Wilmette gun ban off the books - Illinois Gun Victory

  1. Kate says:

    Cook County prosecutors refused to prosecute homeowner Hale DeMar, who was assessed a $750 fine by the village.

    Does the SCOTUS ruling mean that the city has to give his money back?

  2. Patrick Sperry says:

    Probably not Kate. Reason? Because at the time, it was the law.

    Cracking Chicago and New York will be the big ones as far as this issue goes. Here, Denver is fighting earlier changes in the law based upon our “Home Rule Clause” in the state Constitution. I foresee that similar shenanigans will be pulled by authoritarian big government types everywhere.

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