In nod to tea party, Dewhurst promises he’d only serve 2 terms in Senate

In nod to tea party, Dewhurst promises he’d only serve 2 terms in Senate

Republican Senate hopeful David Dewhurst, in a nod to tea party activists, promised Monday that if elected he’d only serve two six-year terms.

Dewhurst, who would be 79 when he decided whether to seek a third term, said through a spokesman that he’s not just paying lip service to voters who feel strongly that lawmakers’ tenures should be limited.

“David is going to Washington to do something, not to become a career Washington insider,” said spokesman Enrique Marquez.

Dewhurst is now in the second year of his third four-year term as lieutenant governor. Earlier, he served one four-year term as land commissioner. Texas has no term limits for either legislators or state constitutional officers.

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In nod to tea party, Dewhurst promises he’d only serve 2 terms in Senate

I am a firm believer in term limits and I believe that they should be applied to ALL elected officials in ALL capacities.

I know of others running for office that are believers in term limits, even though there are none on the office they seek, or in one case, actually hold.

I have a friend, Grant Stinchfield, and he is running for U.S. Congress (TX-24) and Grant is a supporter of term limits, and that is one of many reasons I support Grant Stinchfield, I only wish I could vote for him, but he is not in my area.

Another person that I have met is Congressman Ralph Hall who represents the 4th District of Texas.

Congressman Hall was first elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1980.

I specifically asked Congressman Hall about term limits and his feeling about them a couple of years ago and he answered with no reservation, “Term limits would cost me my job, and I am fine with that. I have tried, unsuccessfully, to get term limits passed in Congress, and I still believe that we must have term limits, in the House and Senate.”

Having served for almost 32 years now, I would say that Congressman Hall knows what he is talking about.

David Dewhurst is the Lt. Governor of Texas. There are no term limits on the Texas Governor nor Lt. Governor’s office. Those individuals can be re-elected to as many term as the people of Texas are willing to let them serve.

Rick Perry is the longest serving Governor in Texas history. I am not saying that Perry hasn’t done an altogether good job for Texas, but no one needs to remain in one office for that long a period of time, regardless of how good they are.

My Congressman, Mr. Sam Johnson (TX-03), is one of the best Congressmen in the House, but Mr. Sam has been there a long time too. On May 8, 1991, he was elected to the House in a special election brought about by eight-year incumbent Steve Bartlett’s resignation to become mayor of Dallas.

I have never held a conversation with Sam Johnson and haven’t had an opportunity to ask him about his views on term limits. Mr. Sam doesn’t pay a visit the little town of Rowlett very often for some reason.

Term limits, self imposed or otherwise, are needed for ALL elected offices. If you don’t believe that, just take a look at the terms served by the biggest names in the House and Senate. Think about the power wielded by Ted Kennedy.

And while you’re at it, think about this; term limits for the Supreme Court and any other judicial post that is appointed for life.

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  1. BobF says:

    Sarah Steelman who’s running for Missouri’s Senate Seat is pledging to hold herself to two terms if elected.

    I agree 110% Fred on term limits. That’s the only way we’re going to fix the corruption and career politicians in Washington. Term limits and no association with any members of congress in a lobbying type venture for 10 years afterwards. Too many leave or get voted out only to come back and lobby their buddies in congress. How else do the Obama’s go from struggling to pay their student loans to millionaires in a few short years?

  2. Two words:



  3. I think of Congress as being like a drug cartel, with power being the drug of choice in the criminal enterprise. Anyone there longer than 2 terms is like a “Made” man or woman in the Mafia.

    Excellent post Fred and once again you are absolutely spot on.

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