Obama: Diplomacy can stop Iran from getting bomb

Obama: Diplomacy can stop Iran from getting bomb

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama declared Tuesday that diplomacy can still resolve the crisis over Iran’s possible pursuit of nuclear weapons, and he accused his Republican critics of “beating the drums of war.”

“Those folks don’t have a lot of responsibilities,” Obama said. “They are not commander in chief.”

Tension with Iran, and Obama’s preference for restraint, dominated his first full news conference of the year, held on the same day that Republican Super Tuesday voting was drawing attention as well.

On politics, Obama said that higher gasoline prices as a result of Mideast worries would be a bad idea for any president running for re-election, and he also said he was working to expand America’s energy base.

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Obama: Diplomacy can stop Iran from getting bomb

There is no nice way to say this, so, here it is, as plainly as it CAN be said; Barack Hussein Obama is a FOOL and a LIAR and he MUST be removed in November.

Obama must be a fool if he thinks Conservatives are going to buy in to this ‘Diplomacy can stop Iran from getting bomb’ crap, and he is a LIAR when he says he has been working to expand America’s energy base. He has done all he could to STOP fossil fuel production.

Or, maybe he thinks that WE are the fools and WILL buy his lies.

That may be the case where Democrats and Liberals are concerned, but no THINKING person with a brain of their own can listen to Barack Hussein Obama without alarm bells going off like storm warnings in the spring in Texas.

Iran does NOT yield to negotiations and diplomacy, those are both ideas that are foreign to their Islamic, and egotistical beliefs. Iran, like any other Muslim nation, understands only ONE THING; raw force and the idea that they may be annihilated.

I assume that many in Iran want to go to heaven, none of them want to go RIGHT NOW.

Obama simply does not understand the mindset of the Iranians; they will not negotiate with him, negotiations are what Obama wants. I am of the opinion that Obama believes himself to be a great orator, a statesman if you will, one that can persuade anyone within earshot to see HIS side of things and to go along with his reasoning.

Barack Hussein Obama is WRONG.

Islamic nations look at Obama as a weak leaders and one not to be feared, much the same way Iran looked at Jimmy Carter, and I am sure you remember how Iran released American hostages the very day Ronald Reagan took over the Oval Office.

Same story, different day, and a different Democrat in office.

He called violence in Syria “heartbreaking” but showed no new willingness for military involvement in that Mideast country.
Obama said his critics are forgetting the “cost of war” in their rush to punish Iran and defend Israel, which sees a nuclear Iran as a mortal threat in its Mideast neighborhood.

Once in a while I can actually agree with Obama; Syria is ‘heartbreaking’, especially if you happen to be a Syrian, or someone that feels great pain when YOUR Muslim brothers kill each other, that said, we have NO business in Syria, regardless of what John McCain says about sending in air crews.

The remark about a ‘rush to punish Iran’ is motivated by, in MY opinion, the desire that many still have to see Iran punished for their actions in 1979 when they took over OUR Embassy and held OUR citizens prisoner for 444 days.

Maybe Obama has no desire to see Iran punished for that action, and what the hell, no other American President has taken any action against Iran for their transgressions, but here is a hard fact, a nuclear Iran IS a mortal threat in its Mideast neighborhood, and if Obama can’t see that, again, he is a FOOL.

He said he is focused on “crippling sanctions” already imposed on Iran and on international pressure to keep that nation from developing a nuclear weapon.

Barack Hussein Obama and his sanctions are NEVER going to work against Iran. Obama needs to merely look at a map, it should be glaringly apparent.

Iran borders Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan. Russia can, and WILL supply Iran with anything they could ever need as they defy the USA. Also, Iran has a huge coastline on the Caspian Sea, that allows ships from Russia to access Iran and keep them supplied with anything that U.S. sanctions may deny. And if I am not mistaken, the U.S. Navy has no operational control in the Caspian.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Conservatives, Republicans and Independents, take a long hard look at Barack Hussein Obama and his actions, listen to his words, watch his actions, and even more importantly, his reactions, and if you’re not convinced that Obama has got to go in November, there is nothing I can say that will change your mind.

If YOU are one of the sycophants on the left and a die-hard Obamite, you are way beyond redemption, may God have mercy on your soul.

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9 Responses to Obama: Diplomacy can stop Iran from getting bomb

  1. BobF says:

    “Those folks don’t have a lot of responsibilities,” Obama said. “They are not commander in chief.”

    If this isn’t a case of the skunk telling the possum he has bad breath. All during the last presidential campaign, Obama shot his mouth off on what Bush was doing wrong. How he would close Gitmo and fix the economy. If anyone back then didn’t have a lot of responsibility, it was the junior senator from Illinois who only spent 180 days in the senate and usually voted “present”. Now, he has all the responsibility but doesn’t have a clue how to handle it and what to do with it. Obama says the others aren’t CINC but nether is he. He doesn’t have the slightest clue of what the CINC is. To him, it’s a fancy title that makes him sound important. He uses it constantly in referring to himself. I don’t remember any other president who referred to himself as CINC except maybe when praising the Armed Forces and how they were proud to be their CINC.

    • TexasFred says:

      When Obama did it, it was *politics*, when the GOP does it, it’s *racist*…

      The hypocrisy is unbelievable…

    • TexasBrady says:

      You got that right Bob, he just loves calling himself the CINC, maybe it is Michelle’s benefit. Just like he What he said a few days ago. He said that HIS PLANE needed repairs. His Plane, that’s what is called “MEGA EGO, I JUST LOVE ME”.

      The guy is a a joke and embarrassment to our NATION.. I just hope and pray common sense pays off in November.

  2. MissBeth says:

    If I may interject a bit of history here Fred-this bastard in Iran, you know, i’madinnerjacket-was one of the hostage takers in 1979. If you google the images from the news sources, it’s very clear he was one of those bastardos. He’s just continuing where he left off and has bided his time from one milquetoast to the next.

  3. TexasBrady says:

    Miss Beth is correct, even though Mo-Moo-adinejad says it is not him.
    Did you know that Admadineajad Rhymes with needstobeassassinated. it really does, if you listen very carefully you can hear it. That is your English lesson for the day.

    Other than that Fred, great post.

  4. MissBeth says:

    Crap-we don’t want the coyotes injured…

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