Americans Are NEVER Alone

I have a great friend that blogs under the nom de plume J. D. Longstreet at INSIGHT on Freedom, I have linked to his blog for a very long time, and once again I am compelled to present one of his posts, in its entirety.

Americans Are NEVER Alone

Big Government Is Watching And Listening to EVERYTHING.

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Americans are no longer free. You are kidding yourself if you continue to think that you, as an American, are free.

The US government has shredded the US Constitution and done away with American’s privacy. It simply doesn’t exist anymore.

We are watched and listened to every moment of every day. From the moment our feet hit the floor in the morning until we go to bed at night. Even while we sleep, the looming hand of government hangs over us like a Damocles Sword. Every movement we make is tracked.

The government monitors every phone call we make. The government monitors every email we send. Leave your home and facial recognition cameras pick up your movement on the city streets and highways.

Even inside our homes, the government has the ability to see through the very walls and watch our movements.

Driving on our streets and highways government agents with Back Scatter x-rays can see into your automobile, truck, or van, and see clearly what and who, is inside.

Soon, the US government will be flying drones over America to keep tabs on its citizens just as the government already does to our enemies. In a matter of months, local police department drones will join government drones in our skies – all WATCHING YOU (and ME)!

Send you kids to school with a lunch mommy prepared just for them, and some government bureaucrat snatches the bag and checks it to see if the child’s parents are feeding their kids the foods the GOVERNMENT wants their kids to have – not the foods mommy and daddy want their kids to eat and enjoy.

I saw an article, the other day, that noted that some cities are considering forbidding citizens from smoking on their own property if they are OUTSIDE the house.

Americans dare not fill in a mud hole on their property for fear the federal government will arrest them for defiling a “wetland” of some sort.

The government has decided we are a nation of fat people. Have you looked at the government Body Mass Index? If I lived by that thing — I’d look like a stick!

On the Internet, your favorite search engine will soon know more about you than you very own family knows.

I have warned often in the past about RFID transmitters in the items you buy in your local big box store. It is a radio transmitter which tracks the garment you purchased and will allow the person, or persons, or government, with a received tuned to that frequency to track wherever you go when you are wearing that garment.

I have just scratched the surface in this commentary. It is much worse than we “formerly” free Americans can even guess.

Look. I am so old I can remember WHEN AMERICA WAS ACTUALLY A FREE COUNTRY. So, every time the government twists the screws another turn I feel it more than most … my whole generation does.

But we don’t matter anymore.

We had our shot at life and now, as we approach the grave, heck, we’re just old fuddy-duddies muttering gibberish about an America that was once the greatest nation on the face of the earth — precisely because we were free!

The conduct of America’s government today rivals and even “mirrors” that of the old Soviet Union, and 1930’s Germany under the rule of der Fuhrer! It sure as heck does not mirror the US Constitution! But, then again, Americans have been brainwashed in our public school system, over the past two generations, that the US Constitution is a “living, breathing,” document that can be changed or ignored at the whim of the government. Can you believe it? Can you believe there are fully grown, adult, America men and women who actually believe the constitution is no longer relevant?

Why, I even heard one of our Supreme Court Justices say recently that she would not recommend the US constitution as a model for new governments to consider when writing their own, and most likely, their FIRST constitution.

And you know the worst of it? I don’t believe there is the chance of a snowball rolling clear across Hades, in the middle of August, that today’s Americans have the stones to confront the US government and demand that it (the government and all of American society) be ruled by the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights!

Like Pavlov’s dog, we have been taught to react when the government rings the bell. We’ve become a nation of lackeys for a government that is crushing freedom out of existence in America. It makes no difference if a velvet fist — or a mailed fist is crushing America — the end result is the same – crushing slavery.

Americans now belong to a single huge plantation stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific and from the Gulf of Mexico to the Canadian border. Our owners are in those two big white houses in Washington, DC. But, hey, we are going to clothed, fed, and have our medical needs taken care of so – what’s to complain about?

Problem is – most Americans today do not know the answer to that fundamental question. Ignorance of that answer has sentenced America to lifelong slavery for its citizens and a place in the dustbin of history alongside other grand experiments that also failed.

To learn who, exactly, is ultimately responsible for America’s failure – one has only to look in a mirror.

J. D. Longstreet

INSIGHT on Freedom: Americans Are NEVER Alone

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5 Responses to Americans Are NEVER Alone

  1. BobF says:

    Outstanding! Right on the money.

    Thirty two years ago, I was stationed in England. My supervisor was named USAFE Senior NCO of the Quarter and as such got to visit West Berlin. While there, he had the opportunity to go into East Berlin behind the Iron Curtain. When he returned to base, I asked him what it was like in East Berlin. He said that every move you make is monitored. There are cameras and secret police everywhere watching the people constantly. He said he couldn’t wait to leave as it was the eeriest feeling he ever had; knowing your every movement is being watched. That was thirty two years ago in Communist East Berlin at the height of the Cold War.

    If you put a frog in a pan of hot water and he’ll jump out. But, if you put one in a pan of warm water and turn the heat up, he’ll sit there till he boils to death. That’s exactly what’s happening in America today. The heat has been turned up slowly on America and we’re now where East Berlin was thirty two years ago.

  2. mrchuck says:

    DAMN ! Scarey it is. The Democrats must be defeated anyway possible this November election.

  3. CONCUR.

    Frog in the boiling pot. I too am old enough to remember those sweet days when I was young and free, and could ride my bicycle for miles and miles and didn’t fear people trying to kill me or photograph me or video me or monitor me or tell me to wear a helmet or tell me what paint to have on my bike or tell me what to eat or read or wear or drive or how much to make or how to speak or what to speak or, now, with ObakaKare coming, when to die.


    Kids coming up now? Uniformly UNinformed, UNable to utilize critical thinking skills (purposely withheld from them by public schools and higher public education) and UNwilling to understand basic concepts like sacrifice and courage — save some specific jobs and our military.


    But I remember.


  4. To quote Fred from an earlier time; “Perhaps crazy Uncle Johnny wasn’t all that crazy after all.”

  5. Bunkerville says:

    All I know is that I hit Life’s jackpot by growing up in the late fifties and early sixties. The sacrifices made by my parents and their parents permitted me to live one grand life. I am so sorry those that follow us, and will not enjoy the same life as I.

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