FBI: Strip Club Owner Wanted Arlington City Leaders Dead

FBI: Strip Club Owner Wanted Arlington City Leaders Dead

ARLINGTON, Texas - The FBI arrested an Arlington strip club owner who allegedly tried to hire killers for Mayor Robert Cluck and another city official.

A federal arrest warrant affidavit details how Ryan Grant, the owner of Flashdancer, wanted to pay illegal immigrants from Mexico $10,000 per murder victim. Sources told FOX 4 his targets were Mayor Cluck and Tom Brandt, an attorney for the city.

Grant’s motive, according to the affidavit, was a nuisance lawsuit filed against Flashdancer. The city hired Brant to help with the lawsuit. It was settled out of court and the club was supposed to close down for one year.

According to the affidavit, Grant was angry. He said the city cost him $800,000 by closing Flashdancer for the year and was trying to revoke his sexually oriented business license to stop him from reopening. SOURCE

I really hate to break it to you like this man, not only are YOU screwed, your *posse* ain’t doing all that good either.

9 suspected undocumented immigrants die in wreck

McALLEN (AP) — At least nine suspected illegal immigrants were killed and six injured when the van they were packed into crashed and rolled just after a Border Patrol traffic stop in Hidalgo County, officials said Wednesday.

Most of those involved in the crash in Palmview around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday were Mexican citizens, according to Enrique Mendiola, acting assistant chief for the Border Patrol’s Rio Grande Valley sector.

The van was demolished, but four men managed to flee the wreck, said police Cmdr. Lenny Sanchez. Two were caught and two remained at large early Wednesday, Sanchez said.

The van, designed to carry a driver and up to seven passengers, had been gutted to squeeze in 19 people who authorities believe entered the country illegally, he said.

Mendiola said the accident occurred on U.S. 83 after Border Patrol agents stopped the van and another vehicle. Some of the passengers fled the van and agents pursued them on foot, catching one, Mendiola said. Then the van took off. SOURCE

Some of ‘em are gonna miss this party. See what happens when you *outsource*? :twisted:

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5 Responses to FBI: Strip Club Owner Wanted Arlington City Leaders Dead

  1. justmemilo says:

    That’s some mighty fine reportin’ right there! I guess the mexicans drove away in a demolished van?!?
    What I’m wonderin’ is, why in the world were the illegals trying to get away? Hell, the gov’t just gives ‘um a big ol hug and welcomes them to their new home. Give ‘um Americans’ jobs if they wanna work, give ‘um welfare if they dont want to. Hell, go ahead and give them the agents’ guns while you’re at it.
    As for that idiot titty club owner, I nominate him for the poster child for everything that’s wrong with this country! I wonder if he used e-verify before hiring those illegals? :/

  2. Robert says:

    So four of the illegals got away? I’d be worried if I were in Arlington and in a leadership role. The four who escaped are the bright ones I guess… LOL

    This is one hell of segue and a tie in… Well done Fred well done LMAO.

  3. Right Handed Cowboy says:


    This was the second roller-over accident within a 24 hour period involving illegal immigrants. In this particular roll-over, only one was killed and the driver fled the scene.

    Now mark my words, and I sure you know this. the families in Mexico once notified of the deaths and the circumstances will be filing wrongful death lawsuits against the United States Border Patrol. No doubt about it. I am sure that by now that the victims families have been contacted by the runners urging them to file the suits, as the USBP should not have been involved. In the first place, it is up to the families to contact attorneys, not runners contacting families, that would be barratry; now you know as well as i do, attorneys not do practice in barratry; of course not!

    Anyway, there will be a multi-million dollar suit filed soon….I bet you a lunch.

    Now of course it was tragic that this accident happened, no doubt. but if our borders were halfway secure, maybe this accident does not happen.

    I am going to lay this tragedy at the doorstep of the Mexican President Calderon and the pitiful non-existent Mexican economy.

    Calderon is and will continue to encourage his citizens to flee Mexico and go to the USA, because they will, feed, cloth, house and give you FREE HEALTH CARE, no questions asked. So please leave your country and go to America and live, eat and get educated for free, the Americans must do this, it is their duty it is their responsibility to do so. President Calderon was able to confirm this to his people when he was allowed to scold the United States and Arizona from the podium of Congress, and the POTUS did nothing except to applaud his speech and promise to Mexico he would reform our immigration laws and allow the 15 million illegals in the USA to remain here and live free of charge.

    It is what it is….A gutless President

  4. NativeSon says:

    RHC, I talked with Fred about this BEFORE he wrote it-and you and I both came up with what will actually happen as a result…LAWSUITS against, USBP, Vehicle maker, tire maker, individual BP Agents, maker of the asphalt (it was a recently re-surfaced highway I understand) AND ANYBODY ELSE THAT MIGHT HAVE SOME COIN)!

    Give them battlefield triage and send them via ambulance (on all four tires) BACK to their homeland — along with a bill for Prez Calderon for expenses incurred here…

    We both know THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!

    Also, when these suits are thrown out of court charge the attorneys court costs for waisting the court’s time. If you or I get a ticket WE have to payt court costs!!! Why should (you and) I pay THEIR court costs?!?!?!!

    • Right Handed Cowboy says:

      NS, you are absolutely right my good friend and I agree with you 100%.
      I too agree that Calderon, as the representative of Mexico should be billed for any expense incurred by anyone, DPS, the local PD, the county, because they are going to have fit the bill for any miscellaneous expenses. It’s wrong, but it will happen.

      I have preached from my tiny podium that Calderon says one thing and does another. He attempts to shame the USA from our very own congress on how our immigration law are racist, yet, Mexico, under Calderon’s administration has one of the most stringent Immigration laws on the book; Mexico jails illegal immigrants and tosses them out of the country. In one of his statements he said the following, (paraphrased)

      “Why should Mexico have to pay the expense for anyone who is in this country illegally, we can’t afford it. ” Yet he castigates the United States for attempting to do the same and calls it racism….”

      Calderon will never admit it, but he has lost control of Mexico is in the hands of the CARTELS” , He started a war without a game plan…and he has had his ass handed to him on a silver plate!

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