Felon who survived 10 shootings killed by Ill. Homeowner

Felon who survived 10 shootings killed by Ill. Homeowner

Armed man was allegedly trying to force his way into a home when the homeowner shot him

To hear his family tell it, Darryl Turner had more lives than a cat – surviving as many as 10 shootings in his 29 years.

Monday morning, the convicted felon’s luck finally ran out.

Turner was armed with a gun and allegedly trying to force his way into an Englewood home when the homeowner shot him, witnesses say.

This time, he didn’t even make it as far as an ambulance.

Crumpled in a puddle of blood at the bottom of a set of steps leading to the front door of the two-story home in the 5800 block of South Shields, the father-of-two’s lifeless body was still lying where it fell more than three hours after the 8:30 a.m. shooting.

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Felon who survived 10 shootings killed by Ill. homeowner

This has to qualify as *the feel-good story of the day*, and being the cold, heartless and totally uncaring redneck I am where criminals deaths are concerned:

Apparently, whoever shot this guy in the past just didn’t use enough gun. That’s not a mistake you want to make.

Police, who were questioning the homeowner Monday evening, would not say much about the case.

But two eyewitnesses told the Chicago Sun-Times that they saw the homeowner shoot Turner after Turner pulled up in a white Pontiac Bonneville with two alleged accomplices and tried to force his way into the home at gunpoint.

Must not be the *garden spot* of the Chicago area.

“The guy who lives there shot him, and he fell down the stairs,” one witness said, asking that he not be named for fear of reprisals. “His buddies went back for him, but he wasn’t moving, so they got back in the car and escaped through the alley.”

See, if you use enough gun they just seem to go down, and stay that way.

Neighbors who were awakened by the sound of four gunshots said that shooting is not unusual on the block and that the home where Turner was killed has been fired upon several times in the last few days. Several said they saw police take a handgun from Turner’s dead hand at the scene.

Court records show Turner was sentenced to three years behind bars for a 2005 aggravated unlawful use of a weapon conviction.

Wait, this next part has ME rolling. :mrgreen:

But Turner’s family say they do not believe he was trying to rob the home when he was killed.

“He wasn’t in no home invasion,” his mother Pattie Lee Turner said. Turner’s aunt Melinda said he had survived multiple previous shootings – perhaps as many as 10.

Dat’s right Sista, dat boy wont inta no home imbasion, he wuz a good boy and he was jes going in dere wif a gun and his homies looking to get his respect back and to gets him sum street creds. Word.

The medical examiner gave Turner’s address as a home in the 6700 block of South Parnell, but Smith and Turner’s family all said he had been living in Milwaukee to stay out of trouble and that he was only visiting Chicago when he was killed.

Of course his family is going to defend ALL the reasons why he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I mean, if I am trying to stay out of trouble I’m just going to drive from Milwaukee to Chicago and kick a door in carrying a gun.

NOTHING says *good boy* like carrying a gun to kick in a door in Chicago. :twisted:

“You could say he was blessed to have been shot 10 times before and lived each time,” Smith added, demanding justice for Turner.

As I said, up until this last shooting, the shooters just didn’t use a big enough gun!

The homeowner, who has a 1989 cocaine conviction, had not been charged as of Monday evening. Earlier this month, prosecutors dropped charges against 81-year-old Englewood man Homer Wright, who shot a teenager who was allegedly burgling his home just a mile from the scene of Monday’s shooting.

Does a cocaine conviction qualify as a *felony*? Hmmm? I would think so, regardless the jurisdiction, unless it was a very small amount. I don’t know where this conviction took place so, I really can’t speak to that in total accuracy, BUT, convicted felon or not, the homeowner had some sort of a drug conviction. I have to wonder if this wasn’t a *gang* shooting, given the statements about the house having been fired on recently, or possibly a drug deal gone bad, some *pay-back* or the like.

Neighbor Kenny Smith spoke for many on the block when he said he hoped the homeowner involved in the most recent case would also not be prosecuted.

“You’ve gotta be allowed to defend your own home,” he said.

Yes Kenny, you DO need to defend your home, in most states, but you’re in the state of Illinois, by doing so, it’s a 50/50 chance whether a home owner has ANY right to defend anything. If this home owner was a *gang* guy or a drug dealer, and he was convicted on some sort of cocaine offense, he may have surrendered his rights altogether.

Still, this is the *feel good story of the day*! :twisted:

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7 Responses to Felon who survived 10 shootings killed by Ill. Homeowner

  1. Robert says:

    Absolutely correct feel good story of the day. Here’s the thing. Since the “Heller” ruling which was VILIFIED by the left, the right to bear arms was granted to even that city…

    I’m all good with a criminal getting lead poisoning. But I gotta ask how the hell do you survive 10 gun shot wounds? “Not enough gun” is part of it, I’d say piss poor training by the shooters before. I’m betting the “Hoodrats” who shot him up held the gun sideways and pushed it to make the bullet go faster when firing.. LMAO…

    Dead goblin who gives a fk. I hope the shooter who finally put the fkr down gets a medal and not vilified by local media.

  2. James Shott says:



    Ha-le-lu-jah, Ha-le-lu-jah, Ha-le-e-e-lu-jah!

  3. TexasFred says:

    The *shooter* lives in Illinois, he is screwed, even if he hadn’t been convicted on some kind of COKE charge…

  4. mrchuck says:

    Justice served. I feel GREAT!!!!!!!!
    Now will the corpse lay in storage, be donated to medical university?
    The City coffers will now pay and pay, and pay, and pay,,,,,,

    You live by the gun, you die from one.

    Hope we hear what is in store for the shooter, for eradicating one of Chicago’s human vermin.

  5. NativeSon says:

    I agree with all of the above and will lead in the second verse of “The Hallelujah Chorus!” :)

  6. Awesome post Fred, I know I’m smiling!

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