Homestead Heritage Community Faces New Allegations

Never let it be said that I don’t try to present ALL sides to the stories I post. This story came from a reader via email and some of the allegations aren’t really *new* but there is *another side* to the story.

Homestead Heritage Community Faces New Allegations

WACO, Texas (KCEN) — There are new allegations facing Homestead Heritage, the self-sustained spiritual community just northwest of Waco.

Former community members have now spoken out to WFAA News in Dallas. The former members claim emotional, physical and sexual abuse towards children. They say the abuse was covered up.

The McLennan County Sheriff’s Office says several incidents of child sexual abuse have been reported over the last few years at Homestead Heritage.

According to the sheriff’s office, the very leadership of that community are actually the ones who turned these people in.

Unfortunately, these kinds of abuse cases happen way too often in McLennan County, not just in spiritual communities.

Homestead Heritage says they were actually trying to help these individuals when they sexually abused the victims.

People who live nearby also told KCEN from their experiences. Members have always been kind and hard working people in their community.

“None of the people we’ve had to deal with were ever in a leadership position of any kind within the community, they were people that we were trying to help. And also we exposed and reported all those people,” said Dan Lancaster, Minister of Heritage Ministries.

“This case is no different than some of the other cases that involve child molestation throughout the county. The only difference is that this case involved in some form of fashion homestead heritage,” said McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna.

“It makes me mad that they’re picking on somebody that’s not bothering anybody. They’re to theirselfs and they don’t bother you,” said Linda Lucas, a neighbor of Homestead Heritage. (emphasis mine TF)

WFAA’s story also alleged that the community is locked up, but Homestead has told KCEN the members are free to come and go as they wish.

Homestead Heritage sees more than 60,000 visitors, which include tourists, locals and even school children each year.

Full Story Here (with video)
Homestead Heritage Community Faces New Allegations

I personally don’t know what goes on at Homestead Heritage, I have not been there nor have I spoken directly with any that have, but I DO know this, abusers hide behind many facades.

This may not be a *fair* comparison, but it’s one that most folks will understand; dope movers will deliberately sacrifice a load of dope once in a while, a smaller load, and they sacrifice the person hauling that load of dope, simply because they figure that if the DEA and other agencies are busy looking at that *sacrificed load* they might miss a bigger load.

That load will be one that isn’t going to cost them all that much money, and while that load has folks occupied, they slip the HUGE load through, the one that makes Mucho Dinero!

Good analogy or bad, I think you can see where I am going with it. My only hope is that the authorities get to the bottom of this. If the folks at Homestead Heritage are not guilty of abuse, physical or sexual, leave them alone and let them get along with their lives.

If they ARE guilty of committing acts of physical and sexual abuse against children; HANG THE BASTARDS!

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  1. Horse whip untill naked, then fully tar and feather, and only then hang them. No drop, a slow pull, and video tape it for other baby rapers to watch as they await trial…

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