Before bloodshed in Gilbert, signs of abuse inside home

I don’t mean for this to sound cruel or heartless, but if you lay down with DOGS, you get up with FLEAS!

Lisa Mederos did indeed lay down with a despicable DOG, J.T. Ready was the scum of the earth. It’s a shame she didn’t see it before she allowed him into her life and to take control of it.

Before bloodshed in Gilbert, signs of abuse inside home

To most outsiders, nothing seemed amiss between Lisa Mederos and J.T. Ready.

But behind closed doors, friends say, Ready was cruel and controlling, once pouring a bottle of water over Mederos’ head because it was the wrong brand and another time ordering her beloved daughters to find new homes.

Despite outside appearances, Mederos, 47, was a domestic-violence victim, Gilbert police said. She had called police twice about domestic violence, the first time in February, when she reportedly complained that Ready had choked her six months earlier, police said. The report went nowhere, police said, because they had no probable cause for an arrest.

The second time would be her last: She called police in the moments before she and three other members of her household were slain Wednesday. Ready, the suspected shooter, killed himself, police said.

Neighbors and friends described Mederos as a stay-at-home grandmother who adored walking and decorating the house in the 500 block of Tumbleweed Road she had lived in for about 20 years.

Ready was a gun-toting member of the far-right National Socialist Movement who wore fatigues around the house, amassed a grenade stockpile and led armed vigilante patrols to the border.

Their public demeanor was unremarkable, neighbors said.

Ready had moved into Mederos’ home about six months ago, six months after the couple met. Neighbors reported the two smiled at them as they would pull into their driveway.

They exchanged pleasantries as they walked her dog and often shopped together, especially for antiques, neighbors said.

But others had noticed troubling signs before gunshots pierced the quiet of the neighborhood around 1 p.m. Wednesday and shattered the assumptions of acquaintances.

The dead included three generations of the Mederos family: Lisa, her daughter Amber, 23, and her 15-month-old granddaughter, Lilly. Amber’s fiancé, Jim Hiott, 24, was also slain.

Gilbert police said Ready, 39, who had a history of soured relationships, went on a rampage, shooting everyone in sight, then himself.

Moments before the shooting, Mederos had called 911 to report a domestic-violence incident, police said.

The relationship between Ready and Mederos displayed a familiar pattern, said Carl Mangold, a licensed social worker who has counseled more than 3,500 men convicted of abuse in Arizona: A man prone to violence blames the victim; she attempts to resist, and his abuse escalates; she attempts to end the relationship, and he punishes her for her defiance.

“Our investigation is directing us to murder-suicide,” police Sgt. Bill Balafas said Thursday. “There is no indication of outside players at all.”

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Before bloodshed in Gilbert, signs of abuse inside home

To the victims of J.T. Ready, I hope you are resting in peace.

To the fans and supporters of J.T. Ready; BURN IN HELL YOU NAZI BASTARDS!

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