Ron and Rand Paul hold joint tea party rally in Texas

Ron and Rand Paul hold joint tea party rally in Texas

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Ron Paul told thousands of supporters in his home state Sunday that they “have infiltrated the Republican Party” in the name of liberty.

The GOP presidential hopeful and congressman from Lake Jackson near Texas’ Gulf Coast appeared with his son Rand, a U.S. senator from Kentucky, outside the Texas Capitol. Members of the rally crowd screamed themselves hoarse while sweating under the unrelenting afternoon sun.

“The revolution is working,” the elder Paul said. “We have infiltrated the Republican Party and we will convert the Republican Party into defenders of Liberty.”

Texas holds its presidential, congressional and state legislative primaries May 29. Paul has attracted big crowds on college campuses in many states, but hasn’t won any presidential caucuses or primaries.

He has 93 delegates to the national Republican convention, according to an Associated Press count, compared to the 859 held by presumptive GOP nominee and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

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Ron and Rand Paul hold joint tea party rally in Texas

The title line of this post was NOT written by me, but WOW, *a JOINT Tea Party rally* and Ron Paul? All on one line? Tell me someone in the media doesn’t have a great sense of humor! :P

For quite a long time I have made my feelings regarding Ron Paul and the TEA Party very clear. The TEA Party has been fully compromised by Ron Paul and The Paultards.

The TEA Party has, once and for all, rendered itself totally USELESS!

Ron Paul has oatmeal for brains concerning having infiltrated the Republican Party, even the most incredibly stupid GOP base to date isn’t so stupid as to embrace Ron Paul.

And Dr. Paul, standing up for FREE DOPE isn’t what makes you a defender of liberty.

Paul hit major Libertarian themes, talking of runaway government spending devaluing American currency and envisioning a world in which the U.S. Federal Reserves control of monetary policy is obsolete. He promised to send U.S. troops home from foreign conflicts and stamp out over-regulation of everything from health care policy to milk production.

Don’t forget the FREE DOPE! You know, Libertarian beliefs being that it’s OK as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else and all.

The crowd frequently interrupted him with cries of “President Paul.” And when they chanted “End the Fed,” Paul smiled and said, “That is a very good idea.”

He later added that, “We want to take care of our own business, and get the feds out of our lives.”

It may be a good idea in the demented mind of Ron Paul and the Paultards.

The ONLY point I can even begin to remotely agree on with Paul is the part about *audit the Fed* and getting overbearing Federal control out of our lives, past that, Ron Paul is an idiot!

Both Paul and his son endorsed another speaker at the rally, former Texas solicitor general Ted Cruz, a tea party favorite who is one of four major senatorial candidates vying for the Republican nomination to replace retiring U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison.

“The establishment is on the run. They are scared,” Cruz said. “Career politicians in both parties just want to hold on to power.”

Cruz said the tea party “tidal wave” that began in 2010 is still going strong. He said he wants to get rid of the U.S. Departments of Education, Commerce and Energy, and the National Endowment for the Arts, and that he’d “most like to eliminate the IRS,” doing away with federal income taxes levied by the agency.

Ron Paul implored the crowd to “send Ted to the Senate because Rand needs help.” Rand Paul said Cruz could beat back a federal “nanny state” where “38 federal agencies are armed,” including SWAT teams controlled by the Department of Agriculture.

Ya know, I have been arguing with myself for some time about Ted Cruz vs David Dewhurst in the U.S. Senate race here in Texas, and the Paul campaign, along with the TEA Party, have settled that decision for me.

To date I have not said one word about Cruz, good or bad, that is about to change!

Ted Cruz: China’s legal mercenary

Trial lawyer Ted Cruz represents thieves from a Chinese conglomerate in its attempts to deny justice to an American entrepreneur. Ted Cruz’s profiteering has aided, and continues to aid, a Chinese billion-dollar conglomerate, Shandong Linglong, in killing American jobs.

Ted Cruz decided to completely betray America in the ongoing struggle to combat intellectual property theft by Chinese companies. Even more shocking is the fact that Ted Cruz consciously decided to help decimate an American business and cripple American inventor and entrepreneur Jordan Fishman by further delaying justice.

Trial lawyer Ted Cruz: Defending Chinese intellectual property thieves in the courtroom

Chinese intellectual property thieves stole 74-year-old Jordan Fishman’s life’s work. The thieves were found liable on every claim at trial in federal court (Jury Verdict, 7/15/10). They were instructed to pay American inventor and entrepreneur Jordan Fishman $26 million (Court Order, 7/19/10).

Unwilling to pay for their wrongdoing, the thieving Chinese company hired the one man they knew who would accept the bounty against an American businessman: shameless legal mercenary Ted Cruz (Appearance of Counsel, 11/18/10).

Trial lawyer Ted Cruz knew in advance he was representing a Chinese company that a U.S. jury found had stolen Fishman’s life work. But the dollar signs in Ted Cruz’s eyes helped him make the wrong decision.

Ted Cruz took up the pirate banners as lead counsel for Chinese conglomerate Shandong Linglong and is trying to help destroy intellectual property theft victim Jordan Fishman (Texas Monthly, 10/3/11).

As a trial lawyer, “Ted Cruz will put profit over America.”

Much more here:
The REAL Ted Cruz

David Dewhurst is the one for me, and talking to the wife last night, she looked at me and said, “You know, I have planned all along to vote for Dewhurst, I was wondering why you were undecided.”

She’s a very smart gal my wife! :P

The national Tea Party Express sponsored Sunday’s rally, but the crowd wasn’t always ready to embrace the group’s message.

When Tea Party Express chairwoman Amy Kremer tried to sing the praises of Cruz to start the rally, she was met with shrieks of “Ron Paul! Ron Paul!” She finally responded, “You’re going to hear from Congressman Paul, I promise.”

That appeased the crowd for a bit, but when she continued to talk about the Senate race in Texas, her words were drowned out again by chants of “We want Ron Paul!”

To the TEA Party; Rowlett, Rockwall, Austin, Waco, and to all the National TEA Party groups, you have rendered yourselves useless in my opinion. Some of you sooner than others, but none the less, *ashes, ashes, we ALL fall down*, that should be the new tag-line for the TEA Party.

You have ALL either been taken over by Ron Paul and his supporters or you were co-opted by the mainstream GOP, OR, in the case of the Rockwall, TX Tea Party, you were founded to be an operational wing of the Rockwall Republican Men’s Club. So much for that non-partisan thing the TEA Party was founded on…

Yeah, *all fall down* suits the TEA Party quite well.

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  1. Katie says:

    If either of those bastards are on the ticket in any way not only will I vote for Obama. I will work to get him re-elected.

  2. Bluebonnet Sue says:

    Katie, Wouldn’t it be better to not vote at all rather than help Obama get a second term? IMO, he and his minions are much more dangerous to the country than Ron Paul and Ted Cruz.

  3. Patrick Sperry says:

    Funny how real Libertarian, and TEA Party principles always seem to get taken over by some damned moon bat or other. My apologies to all the honorable moon bats out there…

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