News from The TexasFred World

News from The TexasFred World

Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated. Some folks on the left, and probably a few that are assumed to be on the right will really hate that.

I haven’t died, I am NOT in prison, Obama and Company haven’t locked me up, yet. :?  

I haven’t stopped blogging, but I have slowed down a bit, with good reason.

As most of you know my son and daughter-in-law got out of the Law Enforcement field a while back and became insurance adjusters for a national contracting company that works with a major underwriter on nationwide catastrophe claims.

The money is tremendously better and so far, no one is shooting at them.

They spent 9 months working claims in upstate New York recently, claims stemming from storms and the hurricane that raked the east coast, before returning home to Louisiana.

Then my son was deployed to Mitchell, S.D. for about three weeks on a *catastrophe* assignment. The people in that area had suffered a huge hail storm with lots of damage, but once that assignment was finished, as he was about to be released to return home to await another assignment, he was sent to Dallas for a LONG TERM assignment at the company claims call center in Irving, TX.

The recent storms in North Texas and Oklahoma have generated a lot of work, and the call center where he works covers a huge area of the central and south eastern United States.

My son is staying with us during the Dallas deployment and for the last few days we have been getting things set up and helping him find his way around the DFW area, so, NO blogging.

Later next week his wife and 2 of my grandsons will be up to visit for 3 or 4 days, so, again, NO blogging.

Family has got to come 1st, and with the way my kids work, and given the fact that they live quite a ways from us, I am taking full advantage of this opportunity to spend time with the son/daughter-in-law and 2 of the grands. There is such a distance between where they live and where we live, it’s tough to get to visit sometimes.

The political, police and military world will survive without me for a few days, I am sure.

Blogging will be *spotty* at best, but I am needing the break anyway.

I have been suffering some serious *burn out*.

With the upcoming battle for the White House shaping up the way it is, and with the world of crime not seeming to ever go away, I need to recharge MY batteries a bit and re-load for the coming fight that ALL Conservatives and responsible GOP members must be ready to wage in the coming months.

My children are grown. My son has 2 boys, my youngest daughter has 2 boys but my oldest daughter has never married and we don’t have any grands from her, but the thing is, MY kids and their spouses are Conservative, Christian voters.

My grandsons are being raised in a Conservative and Christian environment, by parents that are gun owners and gun users, safe and responsible gun owners, they are being raised to assume the mantle of Conservative leadership later in their lives. THAT is why I am so involved politically and with Law Enforcement support issues.

My kids can stand on their own, and they DO, but my grandsons, and many other children like them, are the future of this nation, we can invest in them or we can invest in failure.

It’s up to us, the parents, grand parents, aunts, uncles and responsible American adults all over this great nation, it is our job, and OUR responsibility to raise this next generation of leaders to love and cherish this nation as we do.

We, the Mom’s and Dad’s of this nation, are responsible for passing a nation of prosperity and greatness to our children, and their future generations. Let us get busy like never before, because my friends, we have some work to do!

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7 Responses to News from The TexasFred World

  1. Katie says:

    Full House Fred. Grand kids over kids.

  2. Bunkerville says:

    Enjoy the break and get ready for the “big push”!

  3. Bluebonnet Sue says:

    I’ve been wondering what happened to you! Enjoy being with your kids and grands! Making good memories will help sustain your family through thick and thin!

  4. Take the time you need.

    Come back swinging with both fists.


  5. Steve Dennis says:

    We’ll be here when you get back. Enjoy the time with your family and you are right, family is more important than anything else. The break will do you good, I am sure.

  6. Naw, I aint buying it. Fred died, started shooting a 9mm. Started actually liking redheads that are under 30 years old, and thinks that the Aggies will indeed take over the NFL.

    Have some good time off Brother.

  7. Charley says:

    Recharge away Fred – enjoy your family time. It sounds like you have some great kids, and the grandkids are more fun. Enjoy the break:)

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