Texas rejects 2 key parts of health-care bill

Texas rejects 2 key parts of health-care bill

LOS ANGELES — Texas turned down an expansion of Medicaid coverage and said it will not create a state-run health-care insurance exchange, joining the chorus of states that are rejecting two key parts of the Obama administration’s health-care overhaul.

In a letter to U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius released Monday, Texas Gov. Rick Perry laid out his objections.

“If anyone was in doubt, we in Texas have no intention to implement so-called state exchanges or to expand Medicaid under Obamacare,” stated Perry, whose bid for the GOP presidential nomination fell flat this year. “I will not be party to socializing health care and bankrupting my state in direct contradiction to our constitution and our founding principles of limited government.”

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Texas rejects 2 key parts of health-care bill

I realize Rick Perry shot himself in the foot during the Presidential debates recently, but I have to say, Rick Perry is a good Governor.

Perry has a lot of FIGHT in him, he has shown a wide streak of rebelliousness that I find very refreshing. The Democrats HATE Rick Perry, can a man get a better endorsement than that?

I think not.

Last month, the Supreme Court upheld most of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, President Obama’s signature legislation that was narrowly passed by Congress and has been widely opposed by Republicans.

Last month the libber Justices handed Barack Hussein Obama what many on the left consider to be a huge VICTORY. Last month, a once well respected and largely believed to be conservative Justice, John Roberts, outed himself as an Obama lackey when HE cast the deciding vote in favor of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or, as most of us call it, ObamaCare.

A while back I was listening to that jug-eared Kenyan talking about ObamaCare and he said he really liked that name. Do you know WHY? He said he likes it because “Obama DOES care”, and you know, I’m sure he does, but about WHAT?

Obama cares about Palestine, he cares about Islam and its practitioners, he cares about the socialization of America, he cares about GUN CONTROL and we ALL know he cares about his narcissist self, so, all things considered, yeah, Obama cares … about everything Conservatives stand against!

I have read several opinion pieces stating that Obama pressured Roberts to cast that vote to uphold this bastard called ObamaCare. I can’t confirm that in any way, I don’t know how anyone that isn’t privy to conversations between Obama and Roberts CAN confirm such, but given all the *back room* BS that DOES take place in D.C., it is not at all out of the equation.

Let me point out something that several of my blogging cohorts have made an issue of recently, particularly Bloviating Zeppelin and American and Proud. Both have hammered on the idea that Barack Hussein Obama has got to go, simply because of the incredible damage he could do to the USA with Supreme Court nominations. Both of those gentlemen are 100% correct in that assessment!

Look at the tiebreaker decision by Chief Justice John Roberts and the importance of SCOTUS nominations becomes glaringly apparent. Sadly, as stated previously, Roberts was believed to be a staunch conservative.

The next vote the SCOTUS casts may be a bellwether regarding Roberts and the direction his position as Chief Justice is going to take.

And again I say, ALL elected and appointed officials should be subjected to term limits.

Can you imagine the consequences if Roberts really has made a *left turn* at his young age? We could be stuck with him for MANY years to come!

In rejecting the two pillars of the health-care law, Perry argued that adding millions of Texans to the Medicaid program would create a financial burden. According to state figures, about 2 million people would be added to Texas’ Medicaid rolls in the first two years. According to the state, the expansion would cost $27 billion over 10 years — numbers disputed by Democrats.

Of course the Democrats dispute the numbers, they are not Dem numbers. That is the hypocrisy of the Dems, no one is correct except them, and that’s that!

Most Dems are basically stupid. Most Dems believe that money really does grow on trees or can just be printed and distributed at will, and hey, the Feds are paying for this big old debacle called ObamaCare, so why should all of us EVIL Conservatives be concerned?

It’s FREE … right?

I am SO glad my folks didn’t live to see what the Democratic Party has become; they would have BOTH become HARD CORE Conservatives in less time than it takes to type this missive.

In conclusion; Barack Hussein Obama has got to go!

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7 Responses to Texas rejects 2 key parts of health-care bill

  1. mrchuck says:

    When, just when will someone release all the documents showing Obama to be born in Kenya.
    His mother was in Kenya just a “few”days before birth took place.
    The Hawaii certificate is blatantly fake! Proven!!!
    So,when is this charade going to be finally over?
    After the election?
    The socialist democratic party MUST keep it hidden forever, or everything Obungler has ever done,,,will not hold as law.
    So, vote this negro king OUT OF OFFICE THIS NOVEMBER.

  2. ng4779 says:

    This is a very honest assessment as to how Barack’s Tax would screw the states.

    It was written last year to identify why the states could not possibly implement ObamaCrapCare fairly. Perry, Jindal and the rest of those governors that refuse to place the exchanges understand what this will do to the states.

    Anyone wishing to argue that RomneyCare is the same thing needs to read this link:


  3. Katie says:

    Texas is one of 27 States that will not follow the Obamacare law. That is over 1/2. Get a few more and secede from union. This time we can succeed at it. The majority of the military will be on our side.

  4. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    @ Katie:

    Great, secede from the union. Then Mexico takes over Fornicalia. Sheesh.

    And yes, we’re ONE Supreme Court jurist from overturning the First, Second and any other amendments up for bid via cases to come.


  5. donna says:

    And here I keep hearing how Perry just doesn’t understand how low income folks NEED this bill. And how he just doesn’t get how uninsured patients are driving health care costs. People don’t understand that no one can afford the extra $500/month that will be taken out of their paychecks (someone’s gotta pay for it) or the monopoly granted to the insurance companies and the healthcare industry that balloon the prices so much.

    *Sigh* You can’t fix stupid, I suppose. Not even with duct tape.

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