Colo. shooting suspect used Internet for arsenal

Colo. shooting suspect used Internet for arsenal

DENVER (AP) - In a world where Amazon can track your next book purchase and you must show id to buy some allergy medicine, James Holmes spent months stockpiling thousands of bullets and head-to-toe ballistic gear without raising any red flags with authorities.

The suspect in the mass theater shooting availed himself of an unregulated online marketplace that allows consumers to acquire some of the tools of modern warfare as if they were pieces of a new wardrobe. The Internet is awash in sites ranging from, which this weekend listed a sale on a thousand rifle rounds for $335, to eBay, where bidding on one armored Special Forces helmet has risen to $799.

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Colo. shooting suspect used Internet for arsenal

Isn’t it amazing how the mainstream media is living up to its reputation as being an instrument of the LEFT? The Libbers and anti-gun cabal are, no doubt, very proud of their media for trying to make each and every gun owner in America looks like some kind of dangerous, murdering psycho.

The media is doing the bidding of the LEFT, they are furthering the idea that no one should be able to buy ammunition or tactical equipment on-line.

I am certain that the state of California ended all on-line purchase of ammunition, and I am certain California has outlawed all handguns with more than a 10 round capacity. So, given those facts, does it not stand to reason that California should never again have a mass shooting event?

One would think so.

“We’re different than other cultures,” said Dudley Brown, executive director of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, which advocates for firearms owners’ rights. “We do allow Americans to possess the accoutrements that our military generally has.”

Also, we allow accoutrements that our police generally have to do their TACTICAL work.

That, in and of itself presents a question in MY mind; why would a moronic IIIper in California get his panties in a wad because the POLICE can, and DO wear tactical gear when on an operation? Why would that present a problem? Tactical gear is merely the WORK CLOTHES of a Police Officer, much as it is with soldiers.

Gun rights activists like Brown celebrate that freedom, but even some involved in the trade are troubled by how easily Holmes stocked up for his alleged rampage.

First, this article from the AP appears, at least to me, to have been written by someone that has little knowledge of guns, ammo or their uses, that said; I am NOT taking up for, nor am I attempting to defend the actions of James Holmes, but why should he have not been entitled to free reign where the purchase of LEGAL guns, ammo and gear are concerned?

Holmes was not a felon. Holmes was not someone that had been found to be mentally deficient. Holmes, just like you and me, had EVERY right to buy and own those guns, ammo and gear. What Holmes did NOT have was a legitimate reason of ANY kind to commit the heinous actions he did.

Plain and simple; Holmes lost his mind, at least temporarily; there can be no other reason for his actions. Perhaps his insanity ran deep and was there for a long time, maybe it was a sudden thing, I have no way of knowing, and apparently, he set off NO red flag warnings to people that knew him.

Some have said that Holmes was different; who among us isn’t a bit different? Aren’t we supposed to celebrate the diversity?

Mental illness is a difficult thing to diagnose. My mother was a psychiatric nurse for many years, she ran a psych unit in a major hospital and later in a private hospital, and I have heard it said on many occasions; there is a VERY fine line between sanity and insanity. If Holmes exhibited no overt signs of his insanity, he was well within his rights.

Authorities say all of Holmes’ purchases were legal — and there is no official system to track whether people are stockpiling vast amounts of firepower.

And obviously, there is no official system to track whether people that are stockpiling vast amounts of firepower are SANE. I know folks that DO have vast stockpiles of weapons and ammo, here in Texas we call that being prepared for any eventuality!

On May 22, law enforcement officials said Holmes bought a Glock pistol. Less than a week later, he upgraded to a shotgun. The following week he bought an AR-15 rifle, versions of which had been outlawed under the assault weapon ban in 1994. But that prohibition expired in 2004 and Congress, in a nod to the political clout of gun enthusiasts, did not renew it.

Again the AP story points out that the AR-15 WAS on the outlawed list, a banned assault weapon. Here is a point to ponder; the AR-15 that Holmes had is called an assault weapon by uneducated gun grabbers. ANY weapon can be an assault weapon in the right hands. Luckily, Holmes was NOT the right hands; his AR-15 jammed on him, and for whatever reason, he didn’t know how to clear a JAM, otherwise, there would have been a lot more dead people in Aurora.

Possibly Holmes didn’t know how to use the AR-15 properly, maybe he had shot it quite a bit and didn’t clean it, that is a distinct possibility. The AR-15 of today is NOT what the media has described as the civilian version of the M-16, it IS the civilian version of the M-4 that our troops carry all over the world, and is a rifle that will function quite well with little maintenance. There are all sorts of possibilities in this shooting.

Colorado State Senator John Morse, a Democrat, said he wished the state barred large-capacity magazines and guns like the AR-15, but he does not expect the attack to make that likely. “The NRA has managed to convince the country that this has to happen to protect our Second Amendment rights,” Morse said. “As long as we let people buy these guns, we will bury our children.”

Rep Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY), whose husband was killed in a mass shooting on the Long Island Railroad in 1993, has proposed a ban on high-capacity magazines in Congress but acknowledges it has little chance of passage. She said she was horrified by the shooting but most shocked by the other material that Holmes allegedly accumulated — the bullets and combat gear.

“It befuddles me to think those things should be sold to the general public,” she said.

Isn’t befuddled a standard mode of operation for Democrats? :?

Colorado State Rep. Mark Waller cautioned against trying to limit purchases of ammunition. He noted that Holmes reportedly bought 300 rounds for his shotgun. “My 13-year-old son and I go out to the shooting range all the time,” said Waller, a Republican. “I buy more than 300 rounds of shotgun shells when I do that.”

And through the cries of BAN THE GUNS we hear a voice of sanity!

But gun enthusiasts caution against over-reacting to the massacre. Brown, of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, said he thinks citizen’s access to weaponry has made the United States “a stronger country.” And he doesn’t see anything unusual about many of Holmes’ alleged purchases.

“If I only had 6,000 rounds for my AR-15s, I’d literally feel naked,” Brown said. Then he totaled up Holmes’ firearms purchases: “Two handguns, a shotgun and a rifle. That’s the average male in Colorado.”

I have more than two handguns and more than one shotgun, but I guess I’m less than average on the rifle count. :P

As I have said in the past; gun control, and now, ammo control as well, has very little to do with guns or ammo, but has everything to do with CONTROL!

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11 Responses to Colo. shooting suspect used Internet for arsenal

  1. Charley says:

    ‘Seems as though, between The Ol Broad and myself, we have many “arsenals”. This is just more BS. A few years ago some congress critter and his gun grabber minions were trying to define an “arsenal” as more than one gun and a small amount of ammo. I wish I could remember who this was. Maybe someone out there does. John Morse and Carolyn McCarthy were elected as gun grabbers. May they be defeated soon. Gun control will not end this situation.

  2. minuteman26 says:

    Armorys are for arsenals. If you can’t fill an armory you don’t have an arsenal.

  3. Katie says:

    I can buy 100′s of rounds not on-line. In fact I don’t like buying on-line since you cannot tell if the product is good or not.

    But think of this: 12 dead in Colorado is just a very quiet Saturday night in Chicago. Chicago with the strictest gun laws in the nation. Yet the media is silent, where is the “good” Rev. Al or Rev. Jesse?

  4. mrchuck says:

    Holmes, the shooter is a kook, possibly insane, or so PISSED of with his life and society,,, that he struck out as his LAST expression with his life, parents, etc.

    Typical for losers in life that are just 100% pissed off with their existence.
    Gas him, inject him,, do whatever is legal to end his life on Earth, as quickly as possible.
    I would put him in a really small corral, with Brahmas bulls, and wait for him to be stomped to death,,, if it was me to decide his punishment.

    But then again,,,I am a god fearing warrior of the !st Order.

  5. sdkar says:

    If liberals want to invoke their gun control nonsense everytime something like this happens, then I think it only fair that everytime we hear about how someone, legally carrying a concealed weapon, stopped a robbery, rape or murder, we do the same.

    We should shout for legislation that requires every liberal gun idiot to get proper training for force them to carry a concealed weapon. I mean, if it could save lives, we should do it..right? Think of the children.

    If more good hearted people carried a concealed weapon and learned how to use it properly, crime and murder would drop to just about zero.

    Who cares if liberals think this is not right or who cares if they think guns are evil…they should BE FORCED to learn how to use a gun and carry one. Whether they want to or not has no bearing on this new law.

    This may sound stupid to liberals who think it to be idiotic to force someone to learn how to use and to carry a gun that does not want to. But they should know that their desire to disarm those that want to partake in their 2nd amendment right feel the exact same way when liberals scream about gun control.

    A bad thing happend, it could have been stopped if just one liberal at that theater was carrying a firearm, so there oughta be a law. More guns in law abiding citizens hand NOW!!!

    I am willing to make a deal just in the name of fairness though. You don’t try and take my right to carry a gun away from me and I won’t try to force you to carry a gun. Deal?

  6. Texasperated says:

    Well, I’m not going to disclose in a public forum how many weapons I have or how much ammo. There are some things we just shouldn’t talk about it public. Now having said that I WILL disclose that I have just short of more than I can afford.

    As far as the ammo issue, I have several types of ammo because a FMJ is right for some applications, a hollow point for others, a wad cutter for others, and when using certain kinds of targets, frangible ammo is best. It doesn’t take too long, especially if you have handguns and rifles of various calibers, to have a fairly decent investment in ammo.

    When I take a tactical training course it is not uncommon to go through 500 rounds in a three day course. In other words, the only place that having a couple of handguns, a rifle, a shotgun, and a few thousand rounds of ammo would raise an eyebrow is the local liberal newsroom.

    Keep your powder dry

  7. NativeSon says:

    I agree with this statement from one of the above sourced articles…”Rep Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY), whose husband was killed in a mass shooting on the Long Island Railroad in 1993, has proposed a ban on high-capacity magazines in Congress…”

    I AGREE, CONGRESS SHOULD NOT HAVE HIGH CAPACITY MAGAZINES-the rest of us, however, should have ‘em if we want ‘em :)

    (One would think a newspaper person could communicate in the English language-I doubt what they wrote is what they meant…)

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