Conservatives work to cull moderate Republicans

Conservatives work to cull moderate Republicans

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) - Frustrated by their inability to achieve some policy goals, conservatives in Republican states are turning against moderate members of their own party, trying to drive them out of state legislatures to clear the way for reshaping government across a wide swath of mid-America controlled by the GOP.

Political groups are helping finance the efforts by supporting primary election challenges targeting several dozen moderate Republicans in the Midwest and South, especially prominent lawmakers who run key state committees.

Two years after Republicans swept into power in many state capitols, the challengers say it’s time to adopt more conservative policies.

“If you don’t believe in that playbook, then why are you on the team?” declared Greg Smith, who is trying to oust a moderate incumbent from the Kansas state Senate.

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Conservatives work to cull moderate Republicans

Some Republican politicians bristle when a Conservative uses the word RINO, an acronym for Republican In Name Only.

These politicians tell us, “we have to work with these moderates” or, “we have to persuade them to become hard-core GOP”, and that’s all well and good I suppose, but how do you go about turning a spineless, Dem wannabe into a real Conservative?

Playing *nice* doesn’t win a war. Moderation is a good thing if you’re drinking or eating, it’s not worth a DAMN if you’re trying to save a nation. Standing in the middle of the road only gets you one thing; RUN OVER!

RINOs, Dem-Lite, whatever you want to call them, they HATE Conservatives and they hate what we stand for. They KNOW that we are fed up with promises made to win an election and those promises thrown in the trash bin as soon as the ballots are counted.

Recently I had a Congressman tell me, “You’re very demanding!” You know, I guess he got me with that one. BINGO! He nailed it and pegged me right away.

Yes I am demanding, and I make NO apology for it either!

I demand that our Congress and Senate follow the United States Constitution and the rights and laws it enumerates!

I demand that our elected officials support and follow an AMERICA 1st attitude.

I demand that our elected officials do the job they were sent to Washington to do!

You bet, I AM one demanding old hard-assed Conservative from Texas, and I will die a demanding old hard-ass Conservative from Texas.

I know that not all of my readers are from Texas or have Texas as their adopted home, that’s too bad too, so many of you have Texas in your hearts, but Americans everywhere need to be as demanding as I am! Hold their feet to the fire, DEMAND that this nation be put back on the straight and narrow and take pride in this nation.

Or get the hell OUT of it!

And for those of you that aren’t Texans, but have that TEXAS attitude:

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12 Responses to Conservatives work to cull moderate Republicans

  1. Longstreet says:

    AMEN, Fred! AMEN!

  2. Katie says:

    We will remove the JINOs. It will take a few years but they will be gone.

    • TexasFred says:

      Jews In Name Only I presume??

      I have never understood why so many Jews remain loyal to the Democrats, the same as Blacks, all the Dems have ever done is SHIT on Blacks and Jews and really shit on Israel..

  3. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    There’s a New Breed and an Old Breed.

    I stand with the NEW BREED.

    Allen West, Tom McClintock, Paul Ryan, et al.


  4. Bob Mack says:

    With half the nation now belonging to what Ann Barnhardt called the “Free Shit Army”, America’s (to borrow a phrase) no country for old RINOs anymore. We can’t afford ‘em.

  5. Cary says:

    The only reason to reach across the aisle is to cold cock a Democrap. or any other lefty, no matter what party they belong to.

  6. sdkar says:

    Where was the “reaching across the aisle” when the dems/libs pushed thru obamacare? Was there any conservative input on all of the presidential executive orders pushed thru during the middle of the night when they thought no one was looking?

    Dealing or negotiating with dems/libs is that same as negotiating with muslims. There is no give…just take take take. The libs make demand after demand and the second anyone says stop…that’s enough, they’re labelled as racist, they’re blocking progress, they hate poor people, they hate furriners, they hate (fill in the blank). obama has pushed thur every bad law he could with absolutely no input from real conservatives.

    Actual real American loving Americans want this to stop. They want these bad laws overturned. Just like a spoiled child asking for this and that…it’s time a grown up stepped in and said “NO”.

    Certain people stepped forward, claimed to be conservative, and asked conservative Americans for a job. These supposed Republican politicians not only asked, they begged for us to give them the chance of representing us. We took this chance and sent them to DC where they now get their big paychecks, cushy office, expense accounts, and all the other perks of being a big shot politician, along with a pension/retirement package that none of us will ever get. Now, they want to get upset when we expect them to actually earn their keep. They made promises and they damn well better keep them. We had a deal…they got theirs and it’s time they go to work and do the job they were hired for.

    Is that really too much to ask?

  7. Bunkerville says:

    This is your runoff day today? I have been looking for results. Hope you get your tea partier.

    • TexasFred says:

      I say this in ALL sincerity: FUCK THE TEA PARTY… The asshole that the TEA Party supports for U.S. Senator from Texas is a Canadian born half Cuban and his father was a Castro supporter…

      Fuck the TEA Party and Sarah Palin for spending so much time here in Texas pulling the wool over the eyes of desperate stooges…

  8. BobF says:

    The nightly news in Kansas City was talking about the battle between Conservatives and Moderates in the Kansas Republican Party. Some female moderate RINO was whining about how compromise will be gone if Conservatives win. Conservatives are fed up with compromises. Compromising is what got Congressional Republicans thrown out of congress and allowed Democrat control. By compromising, they adopted Democrat policies which failed the nation, and the Democrats just sat back while the Republicans took the heat and wrath of the electorate. Them stupid fools were set up and even today, many of them are too stupid to see it.

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