Officials identify gunman in Sikh temple shooting

Officials identify gunman in Sikh temple shooting

OAK CREEK, Wis. (AP) – Officials on Monday identified the gunman they say killed six people inside a Sikh temple in Wisconsin as a 40-year-old Army veteran.

First Assistant U.S. Greg Haanstad in the U.S. Attorney’s office in Milwaukee identified the shooter, who was shot and killed by police outside the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin, as Wade Michael Page. The ex-Army man was reduced in rank before his discharge about 12 years ago, according to a defense official who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to release information yet about the suspect.

The official told The Associated Press Page that Page entered the Army in 1992 and was discharged in 1998. The official said the man had been busted in rank from sergeant to specialist, but gave no reason.

When the gunfire at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in suburban Milwaukee ended Sunday, seven people lay dead, including the gunman, and three others were critically wounded in what police called an act of domestic terrorism.

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Officials identify gunman in Sikh temple shooting

An act of domestic terrorism.

Not to take anything away from the victims in Wisconsin, not in any way, but why is this being called an act of domestic terrorism when a crazed American shoots up a Sikh temple killing 6 people but when a crazed Muslim shoots and kills Americans at Ft. Hood that’s called an incident of workplace violence?

“He did not speak, he just began shooting,” said Singh, relaying a description of the attack from Satpal Kaleka.

Kaleka said the 6-foot-tall bald white man – who worshippers said they had never before seen at the temple – seemed like he had a purpose and knew where he was going.

I am fairly certain that Wade Michael Page knew what he was doing, and had some sort of plan to carry out his actions.

This is not something that just happens as a spur of the moment fling … ‘well goldarnit Charlene-Marie, I just had me a thought and I think I’m gonna load up the guns and go shoot up that Sikh temple down the road right after you fix me some breakfast, oh, and get me another beer too while yer at it there hun…”

No, this was a planned action as opposed to being a target of opportunity.

Authorities have not provided further details about Page nor suggested a possible motive, including whether he specifically targeted the Sikh temple.

The scenario I wrote about above is the most plausible one I can think of. I would take bets that IF the full truth is ever divulged the fact will be that this Wade Michael Page had some serious HATE working towards Muslims and saw the Sikhs as just some other type of Muslim, which they are NOT!

I have great sympathy for the families of the victims in Wisconsin, I truly do. They did nothing to deserve this attack, one that I am going to speculate a bit and say; I would be surprised that as more information on this Wade Michael Page comes to light there will be evidence that he didn’t know the difference between Sikhs and Muslims.

It is a fact that there are quite a few lesser intelligent white Americans that are just too stupid, too racist and too driven to violence by hatred to know the difference or to care that there really IS a difference.

Here in Texas we call people like that *IGNORANT WHITE TRASH*.

Here is what the Sikh religion believes: Sikhs are expected to embody the qualities of a “Sant-Sipāhī”—a saint-soldier. One must have control over one’s internal vices and be able to be constantly immersed in virtues clarified in the Guru Granth Sahib. A Sikh must also have the courage to defend the rights of all who are wrongfully oppressed or persecuted irrespective of religion, color, caste or creed.

Muslims, on the hand, are taught by their Quran to lie to the Infidel and to kill him if he does not convert to Islam or pay *Jizya tax*. BIG difference…

To Sikhs all over the world, I am sorry your people were attacked like this; please don’t believe that all Americans look upon you in the same way as did this attacker.

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10 Responses to Officials identify gunman in Sikh temple shooting

  1. I’ll wager this guy was aiming at Muslims and made the serious mistake of thinking Sikhs are Muslim. They are not, by an stretch of the imagination. Sikhs have their own religion, Sikhism, and believe that life is precious — as opposed to Islam and its practice. A commonality is the turban on some males and I’d believe that was the thread that made the shooter think they are one and the same.

    I repeat: they are NOT.

    This was a tragedy. The only good part: the shooter was killed outright. No trial.


  2. Well, so much for my HTML. . .


  3. Texasperated says:

    It is true that Wade Page was a veteran (discharged under less than honorable conditions). Yeah, so was Lee Harvey Oswald. Why his veteran status is being set forth so much in the news is no mystery. The guy is (was) a skinhead. The MSM has once again managed to bury the headline. Why would they make his supposed veteran status the key factor? Remember the EO from two years ago that would have kept veterans with PTSD from owning firearms?

    Keep your powder dry

  4. Katie says:

    He was poor white trash. A Neo-Nazi and was kicked out of the military for his association with Nazi groups. He was so dumb that he didn’t know a Sikh from a Muslim. But with his type, it wouldn’t have mattered.

    My sympathies and condolences are with the families of the murdered, the Sikh community, the officers who lost one of their own and another fighting for his life.

    • TexasFred says:

      I wasn’t aware that an Officer had died…

      One Officer was seriously wounded but I can find no info at this time referencing him as dead…

    • TexasFred says:

      OAK CREEK, Wis. — The police chief of a Wisconsin city where a gunman opened fire at a Sikh temple says the suspect shot the first officer on the scene eight to nine times with a handgun at close range.

      Oak Creek Police Chief John Edwards says the suspect ambushed the veteran 51-year-old officer outside the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin on Sunday morning. The gunman was later shot to death by another officer.

      The wounded officer remains hospitalized in critical condition Monday morning.

      Edwards says the officer waved off colleagues who tried to come to his aid outside the temple, telling them instead to go tend to the victims who had been shot inside.

      The officer is a 20-year veteran who Edwards says was a tactical team leader for years.

      Chief: Sikh temple shooter ambushed officer

  5. mrchuck says:

    Sikh’s served in the British Armed Forces with absolutely distinct honor.
    In fact, they made the finest guards of the Generalship.In hand to hand, up there with the best.
    This stupid skinhead white man was exactly as Katie described him.
    The police force around here, would of stopped and “field interviewed” him as soon as they saw his skinny ass meth head and body!!!
    May the Sikhs find peace in their souls and in re-incarnation.

  6. Texasperated says:

    Kudos to Police Lieutenant Brian Murphy for his heroism and selflessness. Precisely the opposite of the gunman and very much in line with the honor and duty and heroism of the Sikh soldier.

    Keep your powder dry

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