Mental illness issue surfaces in CO shooting case

Mental illness issue surfaces in CO shooting case

CENTENNIAL, Colo. (AP) – After defense lawyers disclosed their belief that the Colorado theater shooting suspect is mentally ill, victims and their families are questioning whether that argument will change the trial’s focus to him rather than his actions.

“They keep talking about fairness for him,” said Shane Medek, whose 23-year-old sister Micayla Medek died in the July 20 shootings. “It’s like they’re babying this dude.”

James Holmes is accused of opening fire in a movie theater, killing 12 people and injuring 58 others. His lawyers disclosed their belief that he suffers from a mental illness during a suburban Denver court hearing Thursday, when nearly two dozen news organizations asked a judge to unseal case documents.

Defense attorney Daniel King argued that the seal and a sweeping gag order ensure fairness. He also told the judge that the defense team needed more information from prosecutors and investigators.

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Mental illness issue surfaces in CO shooting case

Some people believe James Holmes is *faking it*.

They believe Holmes feigns mental illness as a cover to justify his actions in the Aurora shooting, and to allow him to go unpunished for those actions.

Those people are WRONG!

James Holmes may not be mentally ill in the traditional sense of the word, but make NO mistake, he IS a loon! He is criminally INSANE and I say that in full confidence. Here’s why; there is NO WAY IN HELL a SANE person could commit such a heinous act against his fellow human beings, and anyone that says this guy is *faking it* is in need of some mental health treatment themselves.

Is Holmes EVIL? You’re damned right he is. Is Holmes a genius? According to some of his associates, YES, he is … or was.

Regardless of Holmes IQ, he has slipped into some level of INSANITY, an insanity that drove him to booby trap his apartment and to walk into that theater and murder 12 human beings in COLD BLOOD, and to attempt to murder at least 58 others that were wounded.

No rational thinking person could read those facts and NOT see these acts as having been committed by anything other than a criminally INSANE person.

Also, I don’t believe that his insanity, be it temporary or permanent, should in any way keep Holmes from being held fully responsible for his actions.

If Holmes truly is off the charts crazy, lock him away in an institution for the criminally insane and keep him there until he regains his sanity and then charge him with multiple counts of murder and attempted murder take him to trial.

If his sanity is beyond reach and repair, let him sit and ROT in the HELL of an institution for the criminally insane.

Holmes, a 24-year-old former Ph.D. student at the University of Colorado, Denver, sat during the hearing with the familiar, dazed demeanor that he had in two previous court appearances. To people who have watched Holmes in the courtroom during those hearings and in photos and video, Holmes has appeared “seemingly out of it.”

‘Seemingly out of it’ or out in LaLa Land, in ANY case, Holmes should pay for his crimes and suffer the consequences for his actions.

Liberals argue against the death penalty for those judged to be below par in intelligence or IQ, they say that these people aren’t responsible for their actions and can in no way comprehend WHY they are being put to death.

Maybe so, but they were certainly able to comprehend exactly how to commit acts of murder. And why should it matter if they can comprehend the death penalty? Once they are dead and gone their comprehension level drops to exactly ZERO!

And you can bet the farm on this; whether a criminally insane genius or a misguided moron, application of the death penalty assures that regardless the mental state of the perpetrator, they will never harm another human being again!

I can hear it now; “There he goes again, that mean old TexasFred advocates the execution of mentally deficient criminals…”

Yes I do! If they have committed a CAPITAL murder(s), I don’t care if they have the mental capacity of an amoeba, execution will forever end their career as a murderer!

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4 Responses to Mental illness issue surfaces in CO shooting case

  1. Lee says:

    I concur 100%,,,If they murder and it is a capital crime,,,kill them,,,problem solved,,,,Ron White was talking about the same type of criminal,, the murder raped and killed a whole family,,,children all the way to GrandMa,,, but he was ruled insane because he liked to roll his shit into balls and eat it,,, Ron White said so what,,,, if he is insane and does not know that we are killing him, but it makes us fell better,, do it.

  2. Fact: Psychiatry is an inexact science.

    Fact: Psychiatrists, over and over again, have released sociopaths who resumed killing and other heinous behaviors.

    Fact: Sociopaths are incurable.

    Frankly, I resent my tax dollars being spent to warehouse Charles Manson and his ilk.

    Give ‘em a preacher and a Bible. Two weeks later, send them on to the Maker.

  3. I work/have worked with psychiatrists/forensic psychiatrists. They are occasionally as challenged as their clients.

    Holmes is Evil. Capital E.


  4. Texasperated says:

    Like “Watch” says. Send ‘em to God and let him sort it out.

    Keep your powder dry

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