Democrats want Latinos to become a voting force in Texas

Democrats want Latinos to become a voting force in Texas

FORT WORTH — Calling Latino voters an untapped resource, Democratic Party leaders urged their members Saturday to launch a door-to-door offensive to engage Hispanics on issues such as job creation and immigration.

“Hispanics in Texas are a game-changer,” said Gilberto Hinojosa, chairman of the Texas Democratic Party. “This is how Texas becomes blue.”

Texas Democratic voters gathered Saturday in downtown Fort Worth for a symposium aimed at engaging Hispanics, who account for roughly 38 percent of the state’s 25.6 million residents.

Hispanic voters tend to vote Democratic, and boosting the numbers who head to the polls could radically alter the national political landscape, Democratic leaders say. But doing so will require time and work.

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Democrats want Latinos to become a voting force in Texas

As long as they are LEGAL American citizens, I have NO issue with them voting, but I would like to point out the FACT that the Democratic party is going to exploit Hispanic voters much the same as it does Black voters and Jewish voters.

Let me reference back to Aug. 9th when I posted this wonderful piece of work from my great friend Alan Caruba: The Jewish Vote, the Black Vote, and Blind Faith. Alan might as well have added *The Hispanic vote* onto his story. It’s one in the same; the Democrats pander to the so-called minority vote, make incredible promises and then deliver nothing.

“There is no magical key, no message that will get us to the polls,” said Mary Gonzalez, who was recently elected to represent El Paso in the Texas House of Representatives. “What works is voter contact.”

Well, there’s that traditional and always reliable Tijuana Taxi; a barely functional bus, over loaded with Hispanics that have been rounded up and herded to the polls.

Chuck Rocha, a native Texan and Democratic strategist, pointed to polls showing Latino voters care about the economy, jobs and immigration.

Latino voters may care about the economy, jobs and immigration, but the Dems don’t truly seem to, unless it’s election time and FULL PANDERING mode hits.

“We all need a job. We all need healthcare,” said Rocha, a contributor to MSNBC. “We all love our kids and this country.”

Issues such as the Dream Act, which allows young illegal immigrants a path to citizenship, and the Affordable Care Act, which will provide insurance to millions, could help the party capture more Hispanic votes, said Texas state Rep. Armando Walle of Houston.

We DO need healthcare, all of us need healthcare, so, get a job that has insurance.

The Dream Act? More like a freaking NIGHTMARE in MY opinion. If you want to become a citizen, try this; come here LEGALLY and I will personally welcome you with open arms IF you come here to WORK and to be an American.

Republican lawmakers upset some Latino voters this year with a new state law that requires voters to show a photo ID.

Many Hispanics argue that the requirement discriminates against minorities, who are less likely to have a driver’s license and can have a harder time getting one.

You have to have a drivers license or some form of pictured STATE ID to do so many things it’s just not worth listing all of them again. The idea that having to obtain a license or ID discriminates against ANYONE is one of the biggest LIES the Democrats tell.

They were also angered by a new Arizona law that allows police to check a person’s immigration status while enforcing other laws.

I see this as a GREAT law and a GREAT effort. ILLEGAL is ILLEGAL, and if you are, too bad, so sad. If we had a U.S. government with BALLS you’d be deported.

To draw voters, Democrats touted the Promesa Project, a grassroots effort to reach out to young Latinos using social media and face-to-face meetings. The project will select 10 fellows across the state and train them to organize their respective communities and college campuses.

Wait … what? Young Latinos in college and with SOCIAL MEDIA but they can’t take the time or make the effort to get a STATE issued ID or license?

Among the party’s major priorities will be educating Latino voters about Republican Ted Cruz, a Tea Party-backed candidate who beat out Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst for the U.S. Senate race, leaders said. Cruz, a Cuban-American, will face Democrat Paul Sadler in November.

“We will remind them why Ted Cruz is disconnected from the Texas Latino experience,” Walle said.

And just so the dumb-assed Democrats that DO read here know, Ted Cruz was born in Calgary, AB. That’s Canada folks, he is of Cuban heritage. And so you know, I don’t like Ted Cruz, but he may be disconnected from your *Latino experience* because he came to the USA, became a citizen and works for the betterment of America, not just some Latino cause or the cause of furthering the Democratic Party.

Injecting a bit of humor into Saturday’s meeting, Rocha said pundits and policymakers increasingly discuss the Latino vote.

“The Latino vote has become the chupacabra,” he said, referring to the legendary creature. “Everyone’s talking about it, but no one has seen it.”

They had to wait until the LAST paragraph to tell the TRUTH, and then tried to pass the TRUTH off as a joke.

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8 Responses to Democrats want Latinos to become a voting force in Texas

  1. mrchuck says:

    This is serious!
    The illegal alien vote could wreck our hope of getting Romney/Ryan elected.
    Mexico is a SOCIALIST COUNTRY.
    Keep this in mind, because the illegals here are legal in their home country, and always vote Socialist.
    The illegals here will vote Socialist Democratic here also.
    You want Romney/Ryan, so do I.
    So keep the illegal mexicans here from voting.
    Remember,,,,you want any ID? then go visit one of those large mexican grocery stores painted in those garish colors, and get your new ID cards. They have all the machines to put your name on look alike driver’s license, social security cards, credit cards, etc.
    You will have a wallet full of ID that will pass AOK for voting!!!

    I know, I have seen them!!!

  2. LD Jackson says:

    One would assume minorities would have figured out the manipulation that takes place in the Democratic Party. One would be wrong. There is a reason why the Democrats continue using these tactics. They have worked in the past and they continue to work.

    Like you, I have no problem with legal citizens voting. I think all of us should do so. Illegal immigrants, on the other hand, should be prevented from voting, at all costs. The whining about voter ID laws disenfranchising minority voters is a load of bull.

    • TexasFred says:

      Larry, I am the grandson of an immigrant, that’s the part that so many can’t grasp, I abhor ILLEGALS, but come here legally, come here to become an American and someone that loves this nation and I truly WILL embrace you as a brother…

      Come here to take and take and take and still call where you came from *home* and I’ll talk about you like a dog…

      Once my grandfather came to Texas I am not aware that he EVER called Canada home, and I don’t think he ever went back, even to visit! He became an American and raised an American family…

      That is how it should be done! Might be why I have the intense feelings I have against those that come here ILLEGALLY…

      P.S. Glad to see you back!

  3. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    It’s this simple: illegal MEANS illegal.

    Plain and simple.

    MEXICO is one of THE most ethnocentric societies extant. THEY demand identification and THEIR immigration laws are clear, enforced and stringent. The last time I visited Mexico on a “Mexican Riviera” cruise on Holland America, we took a tour of Mazatlan in an SUV. The tour guide told us to “stay away” from the riff-raff asking for money on the sidewalk. They were “illegals” from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala and were scum, not worth a thing but draining from their society.

    Imagine that.


    • BobF says:

      Funny how Mexicans don’t like illegals in their country.

      Why is it that people from these Hispanic countries believe they can go into another nation illegally whenever they feel like it?

  4. GM Roper says:

    Hey Fred, great post! As you know, the Democrats have long exploited the Hispanics in Texas, legal and illegal. They are kept in poverty often to insure their vote with governmental largesse. The Hispanic founders of the Republic of Texas who put their lives and fortunes on the line at Goliad, the Alamo, and San Jacinto are doubtlessly roiling in their graves because their descendents often will take handouts rather than uphold their rich heritage.

    I know many, many middle class Hispanics in San Antonio, Laredo, Beaumont, Dallas/Ft. Worth and the Rio Grande Valley that fully agree with you regarding illegals and vote Republican or Libertarian, but it isn’t often enough to offset the efforts of the poverty pimps and the illegals voting.

  5. dbsuma says:

    I am so disgusted here in southeast Florida with illegals. Obama’s Executive Order just opened up a big can of worms for illegals to make more demands. Then you’ve got the Tequila Party picketing outside Joe Arpaio’s church demanding Bishop Olmsted to intervene and publicly condemn Joe Arpaio.

    Hopefully, the Senate will vote to close the Illegal Alien Funding IRS Loopholes.

    • TexasFred says:

      I can sympathize with your feelings about ILLEGALS…

      Sadly, the U.S. Senate isn’t going to vote to change ANYTHING until we get the Dems OUT of power there, re-take the White House and retain, and hopefully strengthen the House.

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