Can VP selection really be a true game-changer?

Can VP selection really be a true game-changer?

GILBERT, Ariz. (AP) – When a little-known Alaska governor stepped onto the American political stage as John McCain’s running mate four years ago, the choice was intended to be a game-changer.

While Sarah Palin gave a boost to the Republican Arizona senator’s presidential campaign initially, her campaign overall had mixed results.

Now voters and election watchers are trying to determine if Republican Mitt Romney’s choice of Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate will be a game-changer in this year’s elections.

Those who have studied elections and vice presidential choices say the VP choice doesn’t do much, if anything, to affect the outcome most years.

But they say it can make a difference in a very close race.

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Can VP selection really be a true game-changer?

Of course the VP selection can be a game changer, so WHY do the Democrats feel the need to bring Sarah Palin into the mix? Paul Ryan is NOT Sarah Palin. Read on…

The Democrats are making messy in their panties over the Ryan selection. Democrat heads are nearly exploding because they KNOW that when Paul Ryan debates Biden, he will make Joe Biden look even more moronic than he already is. 

Democrats know that Mitt Romney is a facts, figures and money guy and that Paul Ryan only compliments Romney’s business side, and Ryan brings a big dose of ALL AROUND GUY to the race.

WASHINGTON (AP) – A senior political adviser to President Barack Obama is likening Mitt Romney’s selection of Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate to John McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin. SOURCE

The idea of Paul Ryan being a hunter and a Pro-2A guy is a huge plus in my opinion.

Sarah Palin is a big 2A supporter as well but that doesn’t make her a good choice for VP, a 2A supporter is a necessity in MY opinion but that in and of itself doesn’t make you a good choice for the position that is a heartbeat away from the presidency.

Palin DID bring a surge to the McCain campaign, but it was a brief surge. Palin opened her mouth and all that came out was *I like guns, I hunt moose, but I’m stupid* and many Americans were immediately convinced that Palin didn’t need to be in a position that might entail leading this nation.

In my opinion, Sarah Palin cost John McCain the race for the White House because, as time went on, all she had was a few catch phrases, and you can’t WIN with cute little snippets of *folksy* verbiage.

Sarah Palin is NOT running for office, and that is, in MY opinion, a good thing. The GOP needs to make sure that Paul Ryan isn’t turned into another Palin. If they do, the GOP can kiss it ALL good-bye.

There are other HUGE differences between Ryan and Palin, seriously.

    ● Ryan has BRAINS… Palin has EGO
    ● Ryan knows how to work the office … Palin knows how to QUIT her office
    ● Ryan hasn’t said by golly doggoneit you betcha once … Palin can’t talk without it
    ● Ryan will SERVE the nation … Palin serves Palin
    ● Ryan is grounded in reality … Palin should be on a *reality* show

I can go on and on, but you get the idea. :P

As this race progresses the Democrats are going to try and compare Paul Ryan to Sarah Palin at every opportunity, but that tactic is going to backfire on them and fail miserably. Paul Ryan is a great speaker and can think on his feet, Ryan isn’t a shrill Drama Queen with a voice that can peel paint, Ryan has served his state faithfully, he didn’t QUIT when the heat was turned up. I believe he will serve America the same way!

WASHINGTON (AP) – The idea behind Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan is to slow growing costs and keep the program more affordable for the long haul.

But it’s all in the details. The Republican-backed shift to private insurance plans could saddle future retirees with thousands of dollars a year in additional bills. SOURCE

The media spin is working overtime to support and re-elect Barack Hussein Obama. The Dems are going into full attack mode on Paul Ryan, but they are going to come up dry … unless you consider some of their asinine accusations as true and honest.

Here are a few that are already floating on the web.

    ● Paul Ryan has killed teens
    ● Paul Ryan shoved an old woman over a cliff
    ● Paul Ryan abuses puppies
    ● Paul Ryan eats baby kittens … raw
    ● Paul Ryan is going to end Social Security, killing millions
    ● Paul Ryan will end Medicare, killing millions more
    ● Paul Ryan is a big ugly poo-poo head and he smells bad

Yes indeed, the Democrats have an intense attack plan in place, and we’re going to hear the most incredible stories about Ryan and Mitt Romney that you can ever imagine.

Only the SICK and desperate minds of the DEMS and their mouthpieces, think Axelrod and Debbie Was-A-Man Schultz, could come up with the LIES that will be told about the Romney-Ryan ticket.

Ignore them and their LIES.

Watch and listen closely to what Romney and Ryan come up with as they plan on ways to turn this nation around, restore America to a position of respect and restore their pride of the American people.

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8 Responses to Can VP selection really be a true game-changer?

  1. I quantify this, TF, as Advanced PSH.

    That is: Pants-Shitting Hysteria.

    The Leftists believe Romney is Bad Enough, as he equates to the Prototypical Evil Capitalist. MONEY = EVIL.

    But Paul Ryan? Who ALSO knows his way around a budget, has proposed budgets in the federal government on a number of occasions, and will not simply “go along to get along” — ?

    Why yes, he DOES create Advanced PSH in Leftists, Demorats and the DEM/MSM everywhere.

    Expect ALL stops to be pulled, all bomb bay doors to be opened, all knives to be thrown and all ordnance to be dropped.

    It is WAR.


  2. Cruising up I5 today I heard Paul Ryan on the radio, as well as a lot of commentary. I got to thinking… Sometime last year when we were all talking about dream tickets I remember what mine was.
    Colonel Alan West with Paul Ryan. Half a cup beats the living hell out of four more years of the epic failure known as obama and biden.

  3. Steve Dennis says:

    I believe Ryan can make a difference in this race because he is smart, knows what he is talking about, and might be able to deliver Wisconsin’s 10 electoral votes. He is a man of substance and I think it will show on the campaign trail despite the media’s attempt to drag him down.

  4. LD Jackson says:

    Anyone, either Republican or Democrat, who tries to compare Paul Ryan with Sarah Palin, is a fool. They are nothing alike, for all the reasons you stated, plus more. We have a much greater chance of defeating Obama than we had with the doomed ticket of McCain/Palin. Thank God Palin is not on the ticket this year.

  5. mrchuck says:

    Two intelligent white guys with accurate and proven credentials.
    Both know how politics work.
    one half black communist organizer without his credentials being proven, but elected by the ignoramus blacks, mexicans, and fervent liberal democrats, and a vice-pres that is a mental defect due to age and too long at the public trough.
    Presidential Politics.

    This is what we have here now in the USA, both wanting to be elected.
    All that is missing is jugglers, magicians, carnival barkers and side shows.

    I find this sad, as this is really the tipping point for this Nation,,,The United States of America.
    So, vote Republican now!
    I keep hoping that something will happen to make Obama suddenly withdraw, and resign,, due to something in his past is brought to light, with evidence that is so damaging and irrefutable.

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