Multiple people shot near Empire State building in Manhattan, police say

Multiple people shot near Empire State building in Manhattan, police say

DEVELOPING: Multiple people were shot Friday near the Empire State Building in Manhattan, the New York City Police Department confirmed to

Authorities said at least five victims were shot and that the gunman was killed. It was not clear if the gunman shot himself or was shot by someone else.

A law enforcement source told Fox News that it is unknown whether the shooting was “a case of a robbery or an act of terror.”

A fire department spokesman said it received a call about the shooting just after at 9 a.m. Friday and that emergency units were on the scene within minutes.

The spokesman had no information about the victims’ conditions.

The FBI confirmed to that they were on the scene investigating.

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Multiple people shot near Empire State building in Manhattan, police say

Wait! How can this be? Isn’t New York City a *gun free zone*, a highly regulated city that is anti-gun, one run by the most anti-gun Mayor in the United States?

So, tell me; how’s all that gun regulation working out for you Mayor Bloomberg?

There is only ONE good thing that can be said about this incident; the shooter is dead.

At this time there are not a lot of hard details, it’s a breaking story, but I have to say this, we are seeing another senseless act of violence, gun violence, and that is going to give the LEFT and the anti-gun cabal a lot more ammunition in their war against guns and gun owners.

Live reports are saying the shooter was a disgruntled former employee that had been recently fired. Why he decided to shoot the place up is something now known only to God, his reasons will go to the grave with him.

Perhaps it is nothing more than a random act of workplace violence, I don’t know and I am not going to even venture a guess, all I know is that there have been a lot of shootings recently, and for what it’s worth, they have happened in gun free zones or places where guns are not allowed.

Someone didn’t get that message I guess, and look for the left to immediately begin their pathetic howl to BAN ALL GUNS. Yeah, because that *gun free thing* has worked out SO well for them!

These shootings are destructive in more ways than just the loss of life. This may be a cold thing to say at a time like this but it is the HARD TRUTH; shootings such as this are not only bad for the victims, families and responsible American gun owners, they are bad for the economy in some areas of the USA.

Call to Stiffen Laws Worries Town Built by Guns

Almost 200 years ago, a young man named Eliphalet Remington Jr. forged his first rifle barrel at his father’s ironworks here in the Mohawk Valley. These days, the Remington Arms factory in this village, midway between Albany and Syracuse, is one of the few large manufacturers still prospering in a part of upstate New York that was once filled with them.

But now residents of Ilion, a community whose history and economy are indelibly linked to one of America’s more celebrated gunmakers, are starting to worry about Remington’s future. The recent mass shootings at a screening of “The Dark Knight Rises” in Colorado and at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin have galvanized advocates of tougher gun laws in Albany, and Remington has made it clear that such laws could prompt it to leave New York for a more sympathetic state.

While elsewhere the debate over gun control includes talk of balancing constitutional rights with public safety, here residents are most concerned with a little-discussed element of the gun industry: economics.

I am well aware that we have gun violence in Texas, but there are areas of this nation that have more gun violence in one week than Texas has in a month. When you figure in the fact that Texans carry guns it makes the anti-gun cabal look pretty silly because if you believe the anti-gun crowd you would think our streets would be running red with blood.

They are NOT!

If Remington Arms wants to move to a gun friendly state I am certain Texas would give them some great incentives.

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8 Responses to Multiple people shot near Empire State building in Manhattan, police say

  1. TexasFred says:

    Once again I have people asking me; what kind of gun do I need to buy?

    I’m going to tell them the exact same thing I have told others, there is NO WAY to recommend a gun to ANYONE in a comments section of a blog, Facebook or forum, and anyone that DOES, and tells you *this is what you should have* is full of shit…

    I have no idea what your skill level is, how big you are, what kind of hand strength you have or any of the much needed facts that go into buying a gun…

    Go to a gun range that rents guns, talk to the range master, give him all the facts and ask HIM or HER that question face to face…

    Then test fire a variety of weapons, and when you find one that makes YOU happy, that’s the gun for you…

    And don’t listen to ANYONE that tries to TELL YOU what you need. Ask for opinions, and tell them, you’re serious but you’re shopping, and don’t let em talk you into anything you’re not comfortable with…

    If a dealer is a GUN PERSON they will help you make a good decision and not just *make a sale*… If all they care about is making a sale, WALK AWAY!

    If you still have doubts, ask a gun owner, one that is a prolific gun owner and skilled shooter to help you, I am certain there are gun people out there that would readily accommodate a neophyte shooter and help them get the best gun they can afford and instill the safety and skills they need to use that gun confidently.

    • Katie says:

      Excellent advice Fred. And everyone should remember that over the years the guns you enjoyed shooting as a young man or woman can become uncomfortable to you. A variety of guns can be suitable for your needs.

      I recently discovered that my old over/under shotgun is not comfortable to shoot. I’ve changed to a side by side and received better results. (Went Grouse hunting, did very well.)

  2. Dick Robie says:

    I thought New York City had the toughest gun laws in the country. How could this have happened. Could it be that only criminals and nuts have guns in New York City because they ignore the law. Hmmmmmmmmmm! Mayor Bloomberg, can you answer that question. ???????

    • Katie says:

      Chicago has the toughest laws (2 dead, 16 wounded last weekend). But there is a loophole in NYC. Go out of state and buy your weapon. Daddy bought his shotgun in Virginia, shot in New Hampshire. Go figure!

      • BobF says:

        Katie, 19 were shot in Chicago just last night.

        I’m not sure what the NY loophole is. I just found out that when I go back to NY and my brother-in-law takes me to the range with him and lets me shoot his handgun, him and I are in violation of the law. Seems in NY to handle or shoot any handgun, you have to have it listed on your permit. Since I don’t have a NY gun permit, both of us could have been arrested. It’s unbelievable what those people in NY have to go through just to purchase a handgun. So far it’s taken my sister six months and she still doesn’t have it.

        • Katie says:

          Here in Crook County the ownership of a handgun has so much red tape on it that it is amazing that anyone can have one. Many of us have rifles and shotguns for hunting. While hunting brings home the meat, the guns keep us safe regardless of the law.

  3. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    If ANY business wanted to move, I suspect Texas would be friendly.

    Your advice above? Nicely phrased. As a former Rangemaster for my 2,000+ department, I had only one manufacturer to work with — Sig — and fitment caused various issues with manipulatory skills — or lack thereof.


  4. BobF says:

    One thing, Sikh Temples won’t be gun free zones any more. Many of them are getting permits to carry guns. I know of many churches that have members authorized to carry guns. In Missouri you can only carry concealed in a church if you have permission of the minister or leaders. Many ministers now authorize members with a CCW permit to carry while services are going on. I’m not familiarize with Texas law but I do know of churches in Texas that do the same.

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