As The Liberals wage a War on Guns

As The Liberals wage a War on Guns

Make NO mistake about it, there is a War on Guns being waged in the United States, in some states more than others.

The three most restrictive states, and the biggest *pains* that gun owners face are California, New York and Illinois. The most restrictive anti-gun cities in the USA are, in MY opinion, New York City and Chicago.

Yesterday, Aug. 24, 2012 Eleven People were Shot Outside Empire State Building. Two individuals were killed, the shooter that attacked a man he held a grudge against and the man that was shot because OF that grudge. Sadly, the other NINE people that were shot were hit by rounds fired by the NYPD officers that engaged the original shooter.

Gun violence in places like New York City is NOT out of the ordinary and it gives the Mayor of NYC, Michael Bloomberg, all the ammunition he needs to continue his anti-gun campaign and to be one of the leading members of MAIG, Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

Maybe he needs to form a new organization; Mayor against Cops that can’t shoot straight. I believe he would find support in unlikely places.

So, New York City has a high profile shooting, made even more high profile by the way the NYPD Officers on scene exacerbated the body count, all in a highly regulated anti-gun city.

So, how do you suppose an even more anti-gun area, Greater Chicago, an area that is against guns and makes the ownership of a pistol all but impossible for the HONEST citizen, how do they explain these next headlines?

4 killed, 13 others wounded across Chicago SOURCE 

And this:

Breaking news 2 wounded in Bishop Ford Freeway shooting SOURCE

That is just what happened on Friday night into early Saturday morning, what does Saturday night hold in store?

Meanwhile, back in Texas, where nearly everyone has a gun and most of us carry a gun, I can’t find a report of ANYONE being shot and/or killed in the Dallas or Ft. Worth news.

To the people of New York and Chicago; tell me, and please, answer honestly, how’s that gun control thing working out for you?

You call us rednecks, Cowboys, cavemen, bitter REBELS that cling to our guns and to our Bibles. You say we own guns to make up for some *lack of manhood* or some such silly Liberal notion. Call all the names you like, I will protect me and mine as I see fit. You, on the other hand, can rely on the brilliance of Michael Bloomberg and Rahm Emanuel for your safety!

Wake up America! GUN FREE ZONES are only observed by those that obey the law. The BAD GUYS, the ones that will rape, rob and kill you, they don’t obey ANY law. Criminals LOVE a gun free zone!

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35 Responses to As The Liberals wage a War on Guns

  1. TexasFred says:

    OK, so it looks like the *hood rats* just couldn’t let a Friday night go by… The DMN was a bit LATE in posting this story, but they DID post it..

    Early this morning, near Rochester Park, police found man lying in street, shot to death

    So, ONE shooting in a town that has more GUNS than people?? Chicago and NYC need to take heed…

  2. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    You might also enjoy THIS at Hoodrat Gun Central, the loving and peaceful city of Chi-Town:

    BBC News - Nineteen shot in Chicago night of mayhem

    In — ahem — Mr Rahm Emanuel’s town.

    With, of course, the finest gun control Demorats can bring.

    And, oh yeah, that violence is committed by hoodrats of the darker persuasion.

    Also: “Victims ‘not co-operating.”

    Really?? Imagine THAT!

    That link? Yes, I found it in BRITISH media, NOT American media.


  3. Bloviating Zeppelin says:


    13 SHOT IN 30 MINUTES in Chicago!

    Really? The federal government wants to “crack down” on guns? Really??

    How about doing nothing more than enforcing the laws extant on the books?!

    - You could also apply that to ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION — !


  4. BobF says:

    A lot of so-called high profile shootings as we get closer to the election. For some reason, I don’t consider them a coincidence. I can’t put my finger on it but something smells fishy. All I know is when one of these shootings takes place, the anti-gun groups smile a bit more.

  5. TexasFred says:

    I guess the Dallas media, ie: The Dallas Morning News, is WAY slow on reporting the news…

    Police find man bleeding in street near Cedar Springs and tollroad, shot multiple times, just after midnight

    OK, *hood rat* number 2 has struck… So, 2 over night shootings in Dallas… Chicago is STILL way ahead….

    • BobF says:

      There’s the “good riddance” factor in the shooting of these hood rats. They’re going to happen in even in cities like Dallas and Kansas City where citizens are allowed to carry firearms to protect themselves. Thing is, they happen in the Hood where the crime is taking place; where drugs are dealt and abused. This is where no decent people venture to go.

      The places where even cops don’t go unless they’re in sufficient numbers; had a Detroit City Cop tell me that.

      Two gangbangers gone is two gangbangers less to cause trouble in the streets.

      The problem with Chicago and NY City is the hood rats don’t stay in the Hood, they venture into the Burbs for easy pickings. They know the overwhelming majority of people are unarmed and if they do have arms, they’re most likely locked up.

  6. TexasFred says:

    And it appears that Saturday night in Chicago is off to a roaring start!

    Police: 1 reported dead, 2 wounded in Chatham shooting

  7. Right Handed Cowboy says:

    I will agree with Bob, good riddance to the sewer rats. It is people like Mayor Michael Wombberg that does not have a clue about weapons and their proper use by people of responsibility. Michael Wombberg is a rich, snot nosed progressive liberal who truly believes that if you eliminate guns you eliminate the bad guys having weapons. Yes he really believes that bullshit. I would love to invite him to South Texas, I will personally drive him across the Border to Gun Free Mexico, where only the 7 major Cartels have weapons that were provided by Barack Hussein Obama and the Mexico Government. The cartels if you didn’t know also purchase military grade weapons from their very own Military. Yeppers, it is true. Now all that happens is the CARTELS murder innocent civilians who have nothing more than machete’s to defend themselves, very very long machete’s. So maybe Michael Wombberg will take me up on a guided tour of Gun Free Zones.

    I doubt it.

  8. The BoBo says:

    Looks like we were on similar tracks - I posted up a similar post yesterday just detailing all the recent shootings. I’ve tracked back to this post. One of my readers commented this morning that the reason for all of the high profile killings were happening in those areas were because they are gun free zones - and then a couple hours later your post comes out.

    Your spot on as always - and - yes - I’m back!

    • TexasFred says:

      Bobo, my old friend, I was very happy to see you back on Facebook and now here, I will set a link to you blog in my sidebar tonight!! :)

      • The BoBo says:

        Thanks, Fred! Much appreciated - glad to be back so I can further my goal of driving those libtards nuts! They’re coming totally unhinged already leading up to this election - I’m just nudging them over that cliff! :D

  9. Steve Dennis says:

    There is no doubt about it Fred, the left is waging a war on guns and they are using statistics from places with the most restrictive gun laws to do it, while ignoring the fact that places with less restrictive gun laws have less violence. Just last week here in New Hampshire a man witnessed another man break into his neighbor’s house and while his wife called the police he grabbed his gun, went outside and pointed his gun at the intruder and stopped the burglary. He and other neighbors subdued the man until the police got there and the story had a happy ending, yet this did not gain national attention and I think we all know the reason why.

  10. Katie says:

    Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden all made their people give up their guns. The people are not safe. The police take too long to arrive. Crime is up. Women are raped, elders killed.

    Switzerland has drafted every man age 18 and up. The nation gives every man a rifle, ammo, etc… There is very little crime in Switzerland. Very few women are raped, almost no murders. Shootings are very rare.

    What is the difference? Try to inform a moonbat of these facts and watch their heads implode?

    • TexasFred says:

      The Police DO take too long to arrive, but that’s not their fault really… NO city can afford to have enough Cops to affect 1 minute response, and if they did, would we really want that? A Police state of sorts?

      As long as they get here to haul away the body, or bodies as the case may be, I am OK with that.. .:P

      And even a ONE MINUTE response is too long if the shit hits the fan.. I carry a gun because a Cop is too heavy! LOL :P

    • BobF says:

      Switzerland was the only European nation not invaded by Hitler. You can’t invade a nation when each of its male citizens are armed and are proficient in the use of those arms.

      In January 1943, Jews insurgents in the Warsaw Ghetto fought back against the German Army. Only possessing a mostly handguns and homemade bombs, they held the Germans for four months. In April Himler ordered German troops to end the resistance for good and it took them a month to finally put down the revolt.

      Japan had an open door to invade the mainland US after the decimated our Pacific Fleet. Our Army was a joke and military experts estimated the Japanese would have reached the Mississippi River before logistics would have worked against them and they could be stopped. They never invaded because Admiral Yamoto, the architect of the attack on Pearl Harbor and an alumnus of the U.S. Naval War College and Harvard University, strongly recommended against it, saying “there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass”.

  11. PatriotUSA says:

    Switzerland yes, and sadly look at Norway and what happened just over one year ago.
    The Norwegian response to Breivik was appalling and all it would have taken was just one person to make a huge difference in the final body count.

    Had just one person been armed, Breivik could have been stopped and added to those who deserve to die for having hatched this plot. He was in in his own opinion and statements, trying to bring attention to what muslim immigration was doing to his country. That is not what this is about.

    Portland is the same as Chicago, New York etc with a dumb ass QUEER mayor who hates guns. Keep Portland weird is the saying but is is being done in innocent blood spilled and way too many shooting where the cops are at fault for just some of the same reasons as we saw in NYC.

  12. NativeSon says:

    As Fred already stated, ONE minute response time can be somewhere in the neighborhood of 59 seconds too late! I know a guy (cop) who shot a badguy (hoodrat) and the cops backup was upset with himself because he couldn’t get there sooner (to have kept the shooting from having to happen I guess…) Anyway, my friend told the guy not to worry, unless he had been in the backseat of the car, he (backup officer), was too far away!

    Spent 10 hours yesterday with the wife attending a CHL class-gonna be another armed woman on the streets of Tejas!!! :)

  13. NativeSon says:

    Fred, when you click on the link to the first DFW shooting and scroll down to the comments…some of those names and monikers are just priceless!!! (Or worthless, depending on one’s viewpoint!) :)

  14. NativeSon says:

    I guess I’m a little passionate about guns (unlike you :) ) Here’s some info I just came across:

    Finally, there are some 60 to 80 million gun owners in the United States who own close to 300 million guns, and approximately 0.01% of those guns is used to kill someone in a given year – with over half of those being suicides and a good many of the rest being justified shootings by police or people defending themselves. The vast majority of the rest are gang-bangers and drug dealers killing each other.

    Baltimore police report that over 90 percent of murderers arrested and 80 percent of murder victims in that city in 2011 had criminal records. The FBI says guns are used in crime a half million times a year, but Florida State University criminologist Gary Kleck reports that guns are used defensively over 2.5 million times each year – usually without a shot being fired.

    Also, of those 300 million guns, almost a quarter of them are semi-automatics capable of accepting magazines with 10 or more rounds. These types of guns have been common for over 100 years, and the only difference between those made 100 years ago and those popular today are that the newer ones are a little lighter, usually significantly less powerful and scarier (cooler) looking. A magazine – “high capacity” or otherwise – is little more than a box with a spring in it. It is not difficult or complicated to make or modify one.

    I bet the Chi-town stats are similar in percentages to Baltimore….

    • TexasFred says:

      You’ve seen most of my guns, you know my background and you KNOW that I have a really bad attitude towards *hood rats* and other assorted trash, but DID YOU KNOW? None of my guns has killed anyone?

      The last one I had that was used in a serious situation was a 1911 MarkIV Series 70 and it was lost to a divorce… I wish I had it back, just for old times sake… :P

    • BobF says:

      Good information Native Son.

  15. mrchuck says:

    Remember,,,, always “double tap”.

  16. TexasFred says:

    Maybe Dallas *hood rats* have more sense than Chicago *hood rats*, I have NO idea to be honest, but I thought that Rahmbo was going to make Chicago into Obama Heaven?

    1 dead, 16 wounded in shootings across the city

    You know, maybe he IS going to turn it into heaven … after ALL the *hood rats* shoot each other… :twisted:

  17. BobF says:

    We know who Bloomberg modeled himself after.

    “This Year Will Go Down In History. For The First Time, A Civilized Nation Has Full Gun Registration! Our Streets Will Be Safer, Our Police More Efficient, And The World Will Follow Our Lead Into The Future!”… Adolph Hitler 1935 ‘Berlin Daily’

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