Hurricane Isaac is headed for land!

Hurricane Isaac is headed for land!

Well, there is is boys and girls, Hurricane Isaac, in all his glory. Headed for New Orleans and predicted to hit 7 years to the day after Hurricane Katrina.

Lets just hope that the warm Gulf waters don’t bring Isaac to life like they did Katrina.

Of course we all know that Mother Nature is a fickle witch, Isaac could turn more to the East and miss New Orleans, or he could turn to the West and rip hell out of Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana, he’s just too far out to tell at this time.

My daughter-in-Law April is in South Louisiana, as are my twin girls Lisa and Sharon, and in that mix I have 4 grandsons and a grand-baby on the way, I know Lisa and April will both gather kids, clothes and dog and head OUT of the danger area if it looks like the part of Louisiana they are in is going to take a bad hit.

My daughter Sharon … well, I am not sure what she’ll do. If her step-dad was home they would be packing and getting set to go, but he’s working overseas right now, and Sharon will stay in place if her mother refuses to leave.

All I can do is hope that Isaac spares everyone a wicked blast, Louisiana can handle a little tropical storm or a lower Cat hurricane.

My son is still on assignment with State Farm and he’s nowhere near this storm, and a few other things to be thankful for, the 256th BCT La. Army National Guard isn’t off in Iraq, Governor Bobby Jindal has already declared an emergency and the wheels are in motion.

The best that can be said is thank GOD Louisiana doesn’t have another Kathleen Babineaux Blanco and Ray-Ray Nagin running the show.

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11 Responses to Hurricane Isaac is headed for land!

  1. The BoBo says:

    Amen, brother! And good luck and Godspeed to your kids over there - and lets hope those people in the cone actually decide to leave the city this time rather than wait for the gubment to come in and save them!

  2. Bunkerville says:

    My thoughts and prayers to your family. Of course now Obama can release our oil reserves, and Romney and the convention will make the last page of news.

  3. AmericanAngel says:

    I’m not going anywhere. I’m riding this one out. I’ll leave for a CAT: 3 or higher but tropical storm or possible CAT: 1, I’m staying home. As of now, April and the boys will be at the house with us because they live on the west side of town which floods with normal rain and I’ll be at work. I’ll keep ya posted!


    • TexasFred says:

      Well, I think you’re right in this decision, I don’t feel that your side of the swamp is going to take a HARD hit at all…

      Just stay in touch and keep your phone charged as you can…

      Love ya, Dad

      • AmericanAngel says:

        Will do. Working half a day tomorrow…. I’ll let you know as things progress here.

        Love ya too!

        PS. Thank you in advance to all who send up a few prayers!

  4. Katie says:

    My prayers are with those in the storms path. I pray that they will come through the tempest safe and sound. And will add your family to those prayers.

  5. BobF says:

    Thank God for Bobby Jindal who already has the gears in motion.

    Will be remembering your family Fred in prayers.

  6. Cary says:

    Prayers to the people smart enough to assess the situation and make wise decisions, condolences to the families of those too stupid to do anything but wait on the government to act.

    And, Governor Jindal? Remember you have an R while the mayor and the pResident have Ds - you realize you are square in the sights if anything goes wrong?

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