GOP calls for broader gun rights, unlimited clips

GOP calls for broader gun rights, unlimited clips

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) - Republicans have strengthened the pro-gun-rights portion of their party platform, including a new call for unlimited bullet capacities in guns, in a defiant response to criticism that followed recent mass shootings at a Colorado cinema and an Arizona congresswoman’s gathering.

The 2012 platform, approved this week by GOP convention-goers who nominated Mitt Romney for president, also endorses “stand your ground” rights for gun owners. That legal concept, which says gun bearers don’t have to retreat if they feel threatened in a public place, drew national attention after February’s fatal shooting of an unarmed Florida teenager by a neighborhood watch volunteer.

Republicans traditionally embrace gun rights in their quadrennial party platforms. The one approved this week went farther than those of 2004 and 2008.

Gun control advocates see it as an audacious answer to calls for firearms restrictions after a gunman killed 12 people in Colorado last month, and another gunman killed six people in Tucson, Ariz., early last year. Gabrielle Giffords, then a Democratic congresswoman holding an outdoor meeting, was gravely wounded in the Tucson assault.

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GOP calls for broader gun rights, unlimited clips

Let’s talk about guns a bit; shall we?

The AP writer of this original piece is not a shooter, is NOT a gun person. How do I know you ask? Read the title to the story, GOP calls for broader gun rights, unlimited clips, NO REAL GUN PERSON ever calls a magazine a *clip*.

The is a *clip fed* weapon, it is a rifle, an M1 Garand to be precise, and it IS a *clip fed* weapon, that clip being restricted to a specific number of rounds due to the magazine being contained internally in the weapon.

This is a magazine for a *magazine fed* weapon

This is a pistol magazine, it is inserted into the grip of the pistol and is only limited in the number of rounds by the length OF the magazine, the manufacturers specifications or government regulation.

Many rifles are magazine fed, all so-called *assault rifles* are magazine fed.

Every time I read a gun post from the media and I see the word *CLIP* I know that the writer is a *no gun knowledge* twit. And I have, on occasion, heard supposed gun people call a magazine a clip. I immediately discount by at least 50% anything else they say concerning their *gun prowess* until they actually prove it to me.

I am happy to know that the GOP is at least lending *lip service* to Second Amendment issues, I hope they adhere to their words.

“Gun control only affects and penalizes law-abiding citizens,” the 2008 Republican platform said. This year’s platform adds: “We oppose legislation that is intended to restrict our Second Amendment rights by limiting the capacity of clips or magazines.”

An often repeated line is “When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns.”

That is the truth if it was ever spoken, and hammers home the “Gun control only affects and penalizes law-abiding citizens” line. Law breakers don’t care what the law is, it doesn’t apply to them, so they think, a GUN FREE ZONE is merely a suggestion and is considered a *target of opportunity* given the fact that only law abiding citizens will be in that GUN FREE ZONE unarmed.

The 2004 GOP platform said “law-abiding citizens” should have the right “to own firearms in their homes for self-defense.” This year’s platform supports “the fundamental right to self-defense wherever a law-abiding citizen has a legal right to be.”

It calls for federal laws “that would expand the exercise of that right by allowing those with state-issued carry permits to carry firearms in any state that issues such permits to its own residents.”

I don’t believe we need an addition of federal laws per se, just let the Second Amendment stand as written and leave LEGAL gun owners alone.

Dan Gross, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, said that, by making these changes, Republican leaders have “put themselves farther out of touch with their constituents.”

His group supports bans on large-capacity weapons, which it says are “designed to shoot a lot of people quickly and efficiently.”

If a lot of people break into MY house, I want to have the ability to resolve the problem quickly and efficiently.

Let me give you an example; here in Rowlett, right now, we have a group of Black males, 4 individuals if all reports are correct, that are doing daylight *home invasions*. If the Rowlett P.D. doesn’t catch them, a well-armed citizen probably will. All of MY weapons are high capacity weapons, and given current circumstances, I wish they were ever higher capacity.

There is only one thing I have to say to the anti-gun crowd, including Dan Gross of the Brady Campaign; I sincerely hope you are never robbed, raped, burglarized, stalked or otherwise threatened. If you ever ARE the victim of a violent crime, and survive, I am guessing that you’ll change you anti-gun opinion.

If not, like the man said; “You can’t FIX stupid!”

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9 Responses to GOP calls for broader gun rights, unlimited clips

  1. Texasperated says:

    You are exactly right Fred. Also happy to see you placed the term “assault” rifle in quotation marks. That is a term invented by the anti-gunners as you well know.

    If we really want to get “tough” on guns, let’s start in Rahm Emmanuel’s Chicago, where shootings take place on a daily (nightly) basis. Of course it is all gang-on-gang so it doesn’t get the headlines. But is it a coincidence that Illinois and Chicago in particular have some of the strictest anti-gun laws in the nation?

    I think you know I no longer live in my house in Rowlett. But my son does. He and his wife both have CHLs and “know how to use them.” The Rowlett 4 may not make it to trial if they hit the wrong house one time.

    Oh, and while the USMC did continue to use the M1 Garand up into the 60s, the Army used an M1 Carbine that was magazine fed. I still have a .30 cal rifle, but have switched from the 30-06 to the .308 (7.62 NATO) round. It still brings down a deer and anything else I have to shoot. But I still miss that distinctive *ping* the M1 used to make when the clip was ejected.

    Keep your powder dry.

  2. minuteman26 says:

    As the 2nd Amendment was primarily designed as a tool to protect the populace of this country from a tyranical government, would like to see the legal weapons an individual can own broadened. Should any government try to forcably impose its will; the citizenry should be allowed a chance to respond on an equal footing. A GOP andministration should start by legalizing automatic weapons, both shoulder fired and belt fed, see how that works and take it from there. It’s quite obvious that an Obama type (Marxist) government would have us all be serfs. The more heavely armed we are, the less the temptation.

  3. BobF says:

    In a newspaper forum on gun control, I had some clown tell me that Jim Brady was an expert on guns because he had been shot. I answered that if a person is in a car accident, does that make them an expert on cars? Also told him Ronald Reagan was shot by the same shooter and was diametrically opposed to Jim Brady’s position on gun control.

  4. minuteman26 says:

    The GOP would also do well to abolish the BATFE. They have been a rogue organization since their inception during the Carter administration.

    • Patrick Sperry says:

      Was formerly the ATF, a division of the IRS. Revenuers to those of us with a… “brewing” heritage.
      Gun Owners of America has been calling for their abolishment for years.

  5. Katie says:

    Right on Fred. The GOP is for Individual Rights and Responsibilities and the Donkeycrats are for Government doing everything for you. The Donkeycrats WILL take your guns from you. They did so in LA, Detroit, New York, Washington DC, Chicago, etc… And look at the crime rate. Soaring out of control. The population is terrified and the criminals are running the cities.

    The GOP is on the right track. We need to go further and ban the Donkeycrats idea of Gun Control.

    BTW: The M1 Garand is one of the finest weapons I have ever had the privilege to fire. No wonder my Daddy love that gun. Saved his life in WW 2 and was the best hunting rifle he ever owned. I am still pissed my brother got the gun after his death.

  6. sdkar says:

    Don’t single out the BATFE. From what I can tell, just about any federal agency created after the 1950′s has gone rogue. I dare anyone to name a single agency created in the last 50 years that hasn’t gotten too big for its britches, that still adheres to its primary reason for being and has not expanded to the point of lunacy. Name just one.

  7. Patrick Sperry says:

    Excellent post Fred! As to the comments; The “E” was added after several “incidents” so as to legitimize the agency, and because of some very well publicized blatant abuses.

    Any true legal mission that they engage in should be within the parameters of the FBI.

    Think about it folks. Alcohol, tobacco, and firearms are all legal, and or Constitutionally protected. It started out all about taxes, and tax collection. That is why they were under the IRS before 9/11.
    Abolish them, period.

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