Obama offers to meet with new Egyptian President Morsi

Obama offers to meet with new Egyptian President Morsi

President Obama has invited Egypt’s new president to meet him in New York when the United Nations General Assembly convenes in September, an administration official confirmed to The Hill.

The invitation to Mohammed Morsi, a member of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, a group with a violent past, could raise concerns among lawmakers who have questioned continued U.S. support for Egypt.

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Obama offers to meet with new Egyptian President Morsi

So, Barack Hussein Obama is going to meet with Mohammed Morsi. Obama is reaching out to Morsi and wants us to believe that Morsi is some kind of reasonable Muslim leader and wants to promote Arab Spring.

I wonder if they will speak in Arabic. It would probably expedite matters greatly since, according to the story above, Morsi is a leading figure in the Muslim Brotherhood.

Make of this what you will, Egypt not an ally, but also not an enemy, Obama says in wake of protests. Obama goes on to say, Egypt is a “new government that is trying to find its way.” And he warned that if the Egyptian government takes actions showing “they’re not taking responsibility,” then it would “be a real big problem.”

“A real big problem”? Wow, some more of that *condemned in the strongest possible language” diplomacy I suppose. We have 3 Embassies that have been attacked; we have a DEAD Ambassador and 3 dead staffers, and all we hear is lame rhetoric from the Obama regime. It’s like Obama is afraid to act in defense of the United States.

You don’t suppose he’s afraid he may kill some of his kin do you?

Morsi says Egyptians reject ‘unlawful’ attack on US Embassy, adding that he had asked Obama “to put an end to such behavior” referring to the film that sparked the rash of attacks.

Obviously, Mohammed Morsi has NO concept of the First Amendment, but sadly, I have to wonder, will Obama actually take some sort of action against persons that make films and draw cartoons or write political blogs that offend the delicate sensitivities of the Muslims and the Muslim Brotherhood?

Would it be beyond the realm of possibility for Obama to actually try to overturn the First Amendment, indeed, the entire United States Constitution since that document, and the freedoms it espouses, offends Muslims?

Barack Hussein Obama is going to meet with Morsi, think Muslim Brotherhood, as he throws Israel under the proverbial bus and insults Benjamin Netanyahu. Obama won’t meet Netanyahu over Iran row.

Do you remember when Michelle Obama said, For the First Time in My Adult Lifetime, I’m Really Proud of My Country”?

It breaks my heart to say this, but for the first time in my entire life I am ashamed of my country, it’s so-called leadership, and I am astounded at the large number of people that claim to be proud Americans and still offer undying support for Obama and Company.

We can remove this despicable person in November, but it will take the efforts of at least 51% of this nation to do so. Time is short my friends, please don’t hesitate to HAMMER your friends and neighbors on the dangers that Obama presents.

If those friends are true lovers of freedom and America they will support you and the effort to remove Obama.

If they don’t support you, if they don’t seek to remove Obama from office, they are NOT your friends and are as much a part of the problem as is Barack Hussein Obama himself!

Down with Islam in America and down with Barack Hussein Obama!

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11 Responses to Obama offers to meet with new Egyptian President Morsi

  1. mrchuck says:

    Obaka said years ago, that he would always be a muslim when things go bad.
    His many interviews in past years always brought to light that he is and always has been a muslim.
    What does it take for America to believe this?
    There must be a lot more dumb Americans than I thought.

  2. Katie says:

    OK if you are not a friend, what are you then? You have to be an enemy. But to Obama the only enemies the US has are Republicans, Christians, Jews and Israel.

    He would do better to cancel the meeting with Morsi, cancel his appearance on Letterman and meet for hours with Netanyahu. But he will not.

    Dear God, please don’t curse us with another 4 years of Obama. I beg of you!

  3. minuteman26 says:

    Suggest it is time for another Crusade to rid ourselves not only of the Islamists threatening the free world, but also the Communists that are among us. Both are Godless heathens.

  4. ng4779 says:

    The first adolescent POTUS to declare a new category of nation: Frenemy!


  5. Bunkerville says:

    Valerie Jarrett was born in Shiraz, Iran to American parents. She speaks Farsi and French. She should be able to handle the conversation with Morsi dont you think? She is running everything else.

  6. sdkar says:

    The most conflicted people in the world right now are the members of the Secret Service. They have sworn and oath to uphold the US Constitution as well as an oath to protect the president. There is no way these men can do both.

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