US: Quds, Hezbollah training hit squads in Iran

Hezbollah training hit squads in Iran

WASHINGTON - Iraqi Shiite assassination teams are being trained in at least four locations in Iran by Tehran’s elite Quds force and Lebanese Hezbollah and are planning to return to Iraq in the next few months to kill specific Iraqi officials as well as U.S. and Iraqi troops, according to intelligence gleaned from captured militia fighters and other sources in Iraq.

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US: Quds, Hezbollah training hit squads in Iran

I have never been known for my *tact* nor my political correctness, and this is no time for me to even try to change my writing style.

The U.S.A. is in a seriously bad position in regards to being a World Leader at this point in time, I have personally witnessed our military and Intel services fall, in their numbers and capabilities over the last 20 or so years, and many Vets that served in the last 20/30 years have often remarked on that fact, and how the desecration of the military by the Clinton administration was one of the more powerful factors in their decision to end their time in service.

We face threats today that many Americans can’t even conceive. We have enemies all over the globe, and they come in ALL shapes, sizes, colors and religious persuasions, and their numbers continue to grow each and every day. The current crisis in Georgia only magnifies the truth of these words.

Since Ronald Reagan left office this nation has been in a steep dive into the depths of *One World Government*, and the Bush family has been leading the charge. The Clintons helped this decent to progress by literally dismantling our Intel services, and by their reduction of U.S. combat forces and their capabilities.

We now have to admit, there is nothing we can do in Georgia, even if we wanted to, we don’t have the military power anymore, it’s all been *down sized*. We have an all volunteer force, much smaller numbers, but very well trained and equipped, yet drastically undermanned to engage in a *BIG* fight. The level of dedication and patriotism of our troops is not being questioned, what I DO question is the leadership OF those troops, starting with the Commander in Chief.

The U.S.A. has been reduced to the role of toothless tiger, 1st by the ineptness of Bush 41, then by the Clinton debacle that led to our military and Intel services being emasculated, and most recently by the moronic *leadership* of Bush 43, a president that believes himself to be some sort of great leader, when he is, in fact, not capable of leading a troop of Boy Scouts on a hike.

We were once the protector of the world, of all that was good and just, today we have a president that can do nothing more than engage in bumbling rhetoric as he demands that Russia withdraw from Georgia. What motivation do the Russians have to listen to that weak rhetoric? Fear that we will declare war on them?? Does anyone even remotely believe that Russia will act out of the goodness in their hearts?

Any way the ball bounces, the election of 2008 is NOT going to produce a leader that can, or will take the U.S.A. back to that level of respect we had during the Reagan years. If anything, depending on the outcome in November, we’ll be in an even worse position.

Apathy abounds, fully HALF of this nation doesn’t have the fortitude to stand and fight in their own defense, HALF of this nation see nothing wrong with our own borders being violated, daily, by ILLEGALS and an assortment of other nefarious characters.

We can’t, or, more correctly, won’t secure our own nation, the world sees that, as do our enemies, as a weakness to be exploited, they KNOW that a nation that can’t, or won’t guard it’s own sovereignty, is a nation that is ripe for the talking. How can we be expected to protect and defend our allies that are in NATO?? How can we be expected to stand and defend Israel, our most valuable ally??

Iran is training assassination teams, and without a doubt, Russia is supplying the Iraqis and Lebanese Hezbollah with all the necessary tools to get the job done. And what do you suppose we can, or will do about it?? Send Condi Rice to Tehran with a strongly worded demand to *cease and desist*??

The leadership of and command decisions made by the Bush administration have been far less than stellar. Condi Rice, for example, while a brilliant and well spoken woman, is just a woman as far as Islamic governments, terrorists and insurgents are concerned, and as such, she has little or no influence, or value in an Arab negotiation process.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we, the people, are suffering the government we have given ourselves, the government we have allowed to take the reins of this nation, and the choices that we face in November will NOT make the position we are in just go away. If anything, the coming election will only worsen our plight in life and our respect as a once great world power.

Perhaps a really bad presidency, one even worse than that of Bush 43, maybe that will be what it takes to wake this nation up, my only hope is that we can survive the position that WE have gotten ourselves into and allowed to grow for the last 20 years.

God help us if we can’t!

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24 Responses to US: Quds, Hezbollah training hit squads in Iran

  1. Layla says:

    You are 100% on the mark. Aside from all this as a world power, now powerless, almost, our dollar abroad is only worth .69 cents.

    Yes, that is about all we are worth right now - and our government I would not give .2 cents for anymore.

    Yes, we can blame ourselves for voting these wing nuts in - but we wanted to believe the best in our politicians - it is they that let this nation down, not us - we did our patriotic duty and voted for them in good faith.

    What the hell Fred is their freaking excuse?

  2. Katie says:

    Hit squads aren’t very effective when you are being bombed from 30,000 feet by an F-16. That’s the best way to butter up any nation. Saturation bombing with incendiaries and don’t worry about the collateral damage. We didn’t worry about collateral damage when we firebombed Tokyo and killed a million Japs.

  3. TexasFred says:

    Maybe you should try telling the numbnutz moron in the Oval Office that Katie…

    I personally have no problem with taking out MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of the Islamic infestation that troubles this earth, but the PCness of our leaders, uh, so-called leaders, and the apathy of about half of this nation, pretty much dictates that when it comes to being a military power to contend with at ANY time in the foreseeable future, we’re fucked…

  4. Isaac says:

    Katie and Fred,
    There exsist a way to remove ANY opposition without letting your own men come to harm, its called carpet bombing. The US could have done it, but should they have? The goal was to liberate the people who have been enslaved by Islam, not wipe them out along with the terrorist. Brave troops gave their lives for that, so called “fire bombing” would undo it all don’t you think? Bush made the right call, hate me for saying this if you want, I agree that the war was not well fought at the start, but things are changing. I have no issue with bombing the shit out of terrorist, but the people who they imprison are another matter.

    Thats what makes America strong, I dare say any other country would not have minded doing so.

    On the other hand, almost everyone in Japan was blood crazed for the Emperor, I know that, my country was under their rule for 4 years during WW2.

    One more thing to add though, I don’t think any other recent president except Regan could have led America through 9/11 and still would have kept it strong.

  5. Isaac says:

    Sorry, did not finish my comment.

    Bush managed to keep us going tough, through a dark time, the fact that I in Singapore, and you in the US are typing in front of computers instead of being forced to watch some “death to the infidel” weblog means a lot if you ask me.

    Ok, enough ragging, sorry for the double post.

  6. Katie says:

    I wasn’t talking about Iraq Isaac, but Lebanon. Hizbollah has fortified itself in every civilian neighborhood. Saturation bombing as you call it will kill civilians, but will get Hizbollah too. You cannot hide behind civilians and then cry when those civilians get hurt. Civilians are not sacrosanct. They do not shit gold. There are many things you cannot do to them, but bombing the shit out of them is not one of them.

    It is time that those in the Middle East finally come to realize that their civilians will be targets if their nation goes to war. As it stands now, the minute a civilian gets a splinter from a bomb or shell they scream to the world holy murder. You cannot keep crying wolf over civilian casualties while hiding behind them.

    Excuse the profanity Fred.

  7. rgroland says:

    TF, you are correct about the decline of our military capabilities. In the 20 years I proudly served, I witnessed a draw back of numerous things. Budgets, training, quality of personnel to name a few. But let me say this, our men and women in uniform are the WORLDS BEST. I have seen my guys do more with less so many times!!

    Remember the armor insanity at the beginning of the second Iraq war. No excuse for not being prepared. We have tons of money to give to other countries, spend on the stupidest scientific studies, increase a worthless congresses pay, and on and on. The blame for this started with Bush41 and has gotten worse since.

    I wonder what it is really going to take to get this country to put down their lattes and Ipods and take a good look at what we have become. Soft and lazy from the top down. Just look back at the sacrifices Americans made during WWII. That would never happen today. Ration anything and some one would take it to court for a liberal judge to overrule!!

    TF, I wish we could find a real candidate who would bring us back to what we were and still can be. As you said, our twp choices leave way too much to be desired. Keep the faith brothers and sisters!!! Enough rants, my coffee is getting cold.


  8. Isaac says:

    The mad hadjis are wrong for hiding behind civilians, and yes, they do use that to cover their asses, but at the same time, how will it help to bomb the crap out of them? More will just pop-up, the way to win, is what Bush is doing, take the fight to them by showing that we are better.

  9. TexasFred says:

    Issac, I am going to say this and it may hurt your feelings, but that’s the way it goes…

    Every comment you make you refer to *YOUR* country, China…

    Well, this is MY country, America, the USA, I am 55 years old Issac, I have watched this nation go down the shitter and quite frankly, I don’t give a damn about China, Singapore or any other part of that region of the world…

    George Bush gave me pause when 9-11 occurred, and when we went to Afghanistan I thought that perhaps there was more to him than 1st expected…

    I WAS WRONG… 1 decent reaction does not make a president great…

    And Issac, unless you’re ready to hear what I REALLY think of Bush and his moronic decision to go to Iraq, you’d be well advised to let it drop…

    When the USA becomes YOUR nation, you will have a say in this group, until that time, you’re simply an opinion from another corner of the world…

  10. Isaac says:

    I suppose you are right Fred, just my view on some things. The US has kept my country free from commies during Vietnam, and Korea, if not for you guys, I would be under the commie thumb crying “death to USA” the whole day.

    Yes, I don’t have a real say, but I am one who thinks that most opinions carry weight. I do feel, that as a supporter of the USA, I should take interest at least, and talk to you guys who agree with me on most issues.

    I also agree that one good call does not make a persident great, but at least he was better than Gore, if he had won 2000, 9/11 may not have happened… the Hadjis would have launched a full scale invasion.

    BTW, Singapore is not part of China contrary to popular belief, we are just at the southen tip of Malaysia, but are independent from them.

  11. TexasFred says:

    Issac, this isn’t about Gore or the past deeds of America…

    This about the demise of America and how the American people have allowed this nation to fall to a 2nd rate power at best…

    Gore and/or Kerry would have been an even worse disaster, Bush was the lesser of 2 evils, I preached that 8 years ago, I preached it 4 years ago and I am preaching it NOW regarding John McCain, but none of the lazy-assed, NO GUTS apathetic U.S. voters will even listen…

    I have said my piece, for years now, concerning saving this nation, and very few have listened…

    Now we’re about to get fucked over even worse than before, but is anyone listening??

    Hell no, the STUPID are singing the praises of Obama, the even MORE stupid are claiming McCain can fix it, and that is pure bullshit, McCain is Bush the 3rd time around, nothing more…

    The nuance of American politics is something that may escape you, but, if I were from China I am pretty sure that this nation, as bad as WE have allowed it to become, would still look pretty good…

  12. Isaac says:

    I have to say Fred, you are spot on about America looking good, it is true all the way here. I am not sure how the “America is satan” campaign is going on in China, over here in Singapore, we are at least free from that due to you guys. The only issue I have though, is with guns and censorship in my country.

  13. Ranando says:

    I put the blame for the condition of our country solely on Bush, Cheney and the sheep that followed them so blindly.

    They attacked the wrong country, Iraq. They depleted our military in the wrong country, Iraq. They have waisted billions on the wrong country, Iraq. They waisted the lives of our soldiers in the wrong war, Iraq.

    Now we will have to back up eight years and deal with our real enemies.

    I applaud anyone who has ever spoken out against going to Iraq. It will prove to be the biggest blunder this country has ever done.

  14. TexasFred says:

    It’s not just Bush and Cheney, it was Clinton and Bush 41 as well…

    Clinton and the BITCH did more to destroy our military than anyone, Bush 43 took us from the REAL fight into his own personal vendetta… And has damn near bankrupted this nation in doing so..

    Obama WILL be a disaster, he’s a dumbass… McLame is a mad old man and he will be a mad, older version of Bush, nothing more…

    And the so-called Conservatives of this nation have, for the most part, sat on their collective asses and allowed it all to happen…

    How is it that Conservatives, folks that answered the call on ILLEGAL immigration and the Amnesty Bill, can be so damned STUPID as to allow the RNC to pawn off John freaking McLame on us??

    Anyone that sat by and accepted the *status quo* from the RNC and the bullshit from Bush, and never opened their mouth, made a phone call, wrote an email or letter to their Congressmen and/or Senator is NO BETTER than the Dems, the Dem Lite and the RINOs…

  15. Kate says:

    A bit O/T @Katie….. when you find those civilians shitting gold, you let me know. I’ll bring the buckets! Oh, and gloves too. :) And masks. Ah hell, I’ll make a bio suit! :)

    Back on topic: I don’t mind so much that we took out Saddam, my problem is how things have been handled since. That “mission accomplished” should have been just that. We got him, now let the bozos fix the problems he caused. Perhaps with a little advisement team, or some such. We should have put our efforts into Afghanistan, and Pakistan, from the looks of things.

    I don’t think this is a war that will ever end, until THE end. It is a war of religions. Us and the pedophile followers. It’s worldwide, and standing up against them makes us seem like the bad guys? Pfft! I wasn’t aware we ever cut folks heads off if they didn’t follow OUR rules.

    There was an article in the Atlanta Constipation this morning about folks in Georgia wanting their money back from the Edwards campaign. My comment: I wanna refund too from the RNC! They no longer represent us, and have lost the conservative base thanks to their inept ‘leadership’.

    Ok, rant over. :)

  16. Ranando says:

    I’m waiting for the tell-all books that will be coming from the likes of Condi Rice and General Petraeus and in my gut I don’t think they’re going to paint a positive picture of this Administration.

    I can’t wait to hear the Bush-Bots start bashing their Gods over what they might have to say.

    Sending a black women to deal with Arabs, what a Fucking Idiot.

  17. Kate says:

    Gonna be a sexist here: Sending a WOMAN, period, to deal with those nutsjobs? NOT a smart idea. A woman has NO standing with those people!

  18. dtodeen says:

    Maybe its time WE THE PEOPLE taker back!! Just saying!

  19. TexasFred says:

    Wait a minute Kate, you CAN’T be a sexist if you make a comment like that, you ARE a WOMAN, I can certify that as FACT..

    Calling you a sexist is like calling Sherry Shepard on The View a racist for calling other blacks *niggers* as a sign of affection…

    I think… :?

    I mean, isn’t that their premise?? It’s OK for a black person to say that word, in most any context, but whitey doesn’t dare say it, under ANY circumstance, or risk being called a bog dwelling redneck racist??

  20. Kate says:

    Heh. Ya might be right, but since I’m a WHITE woman, it might be ‘different’.

    Shoot, I’ve been called worse. Thought I might as well throw it out there first! LOL

  21. BobF says:

    Fred, you’re absolutely right when you say it was Bush 41 and Clinton. Ronald Reagan built the most powerful military on the face of the earth and Bush 41 started to dismantle it. Clinton accelerated it to pay for his social programs. Our mighty Strategic Air Command whose bombers and missiles held the Russian Bear at bay for decade is gone. The bombers sitting ground alert at SAC bases all over the US have gone to the bone yard and have been chopped into pieces. Our missile force is only a part of what it used to be. It took decades to build that force and properly train the people, now look at what we have. We’ve got nukes being mistakenly loaded on a B-52 and flown over US airspace. Missile launch control officers falling asleep on the job. USAF SecAF and Chief of Staff fired. And now, the Russian Bear is out of hibernation, is sharpening its claws, and is hungry. The Cold War is coming back my friends.

  22. TexasFred says:

    Bob, I know that, YOU know that, a lot of good Conservative folks know it too, that’s the VERY reason it escapes people like Bush 41 and 43, the Clintons, Obama and John F’n McLame, they’re NOT conservatives, hell, Bush 41 and 43 are barely RINOs, they lean way too far towards Demville than I care for, and McLame is nothing more than a pandering liar…

    That SOB is more of a DEM than most Dems…

    And again I say, I place ALL the blame for this BS we’re in on 41, Clinton and 43… And anyone that thinks McLame OR Obama can fix it is as crazy as a shithouse mouse…

  23. ablur says:

    The GOP hasn’t officially nominated the old man.

    Who would you want to thrust to the front of the line and demand the nomination? We can create on heck of a ruckus across the blogging world and clean to the top of the heap.
    Who should we promote?

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