Romney suggests Obama downplaying Mideast crises

Romney suggests Obama downplaying Mideast crises

PUEBLO, Colo. (AP) - Republican White House candidate Mitt Romney suggested Monday that President Barack Obama is downplaying crises unfolding across the Middle East by describing turmoil in the region as “bumps in the road.”

“I can’t imagine saying something like the assassination of ambassadors is a bump in the road,” Romney said in an interview with ABC News. White House spokesman Jay Carney responded that any assertion that Obama is minimizing the killing of a U.S. ambassador and other Americans serving overseas “is both desperate and offensive.”

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Romney suggests Obama downplaying Mideast crises

Of course Barack Hussein Obama is downplaying the current, or should I say, ongoing crisis in the Mideast, he doesn’t want to offend the Muslim Brotherhood, and of course Jay Carney believes that accusation of *downplaying* to be “desperate and offensive”. I’m surprised Carney didn’t play *The Race Card*, calling Romney a racist for saying so.

The Embassy attacks, the deaths of the Ambassador and others are indicative of the abject failure that IS the Obama regime, but Obama sees “bumps in the road.”

Some blogs and websites claim that Obama was given the news of the attacks and then went to bed. That is NOT something I can confirm but it is out there, floating around the blog world, and as the old saying is, ‘where there’s smoke, there’s fire.’

Senior diplomatic sources say the U.S. State Department had credible information, 48 hours prior to the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya and the embassy in Cairo, that American locations may be targeted, however, no warnings were issued, no “lock down” orders given, The Independent reports. SOURCE

The Obama administration is reportedly in talks with Egypt’s government to transfer convicted terrorist Omar Abdel-Rahman back to his home country. This would be a major foreign-policy blunder and an insult to the counterterrorism professionals who put the terror leader behind bars. SOURCE

Instead of standing steadfastly FOR America, Obama is a known apologist for ALL things America, all things that we are and all things we stand for. That is because the American way of life is not HIS way of life, we are NOT *his people*.

This was the story last week; The American Embassy in Islamabad, in a bid to tamp down public rage over the anti-Islam film produced in the U.S., is spending $70,000 to air an ad on Pakistani television that features President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton denouncing the video. SOURCE


The Obama regime reminds me of Oliver Twist, in a strange, deranged way; ‘Please Islam, like me, I am one of yours and I can deliver America to you, please Oh Great Imam, may I have some more radical Sharia?’

Deflection, shuck and jive, smoke and mirrors, lies, deception, that is ALL the Obama regime has, and if given another 4 years in office Obama will destroy the United States of America as he personally delivers what’s left into the hands of Socialism and Islam.

This nation is in a fix my friends, we either remove the problem or we suffer the most dire consequences imaginable. Barack Obama MUST GO!

If you’re not sharing these posts and views with YOUR friends, you should, not because it’s MY blog and I am seeking notoriety, but because it’s the RIGHT thing to do.

America 1st!

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11 Responses to Romney suggests Obama downplaying Mideast crises

  1. OregonBuzz says:

    Fred, we’re in that mode where we are preaching to the choir. All of us here are unified to one degree or another. That being said, I’m going all the way out on my own personal limb. Well, here goes:
    I believe that Zero is a Muslim. In belief and in his heart.
    I believe that he has one goal in mind in “transforming” America. He wants sharia law and all that goes with it. Islam and Communism have a lot in common. Both are totalitarian in nature. He is hoping that his handlers, David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett and the real head of the Democrat party, George Soros, will give him the next four years. I know I sound a bit cynical and perhaps even fatalist, but I can see it coming. I don’t think Romney/Ryan have a chance. I believe that for one reason only. I have no faith in the electorate, and even less faith in the integrity of the ballot box. Nonetheless, I will vote for Romney/Ryan, but I will keep on loading ammo.

  2. Right Handed Cowboy says:

    Your right but what Romney should had hammered the issue in a harsh home to drive the point home period.
    We all know what this POS stands for, yet people are still in love with this idiot, nothing new about this man and his henchmen who make Richard Daley look tame.

    Screw OBAMA

  3. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    Only the brain dead believe this pap. Unfortunately, the bulk of the United States is populated by the Walking Dead.

    The more people you MAKE reliant upon Free Cheese, the more you are assured that you HAVE the Free Cheese vote.

    Some stupid video RESPONSIBLE for an attack on American Concerns on 9-11-12?

    Right. That’s simply co-inky-dink.

    Romney is too “nice” to be president.

    That said, I’ll take him over Obaka on any and every level.


  4. presbygirl40 says:

    Fred, I’m sad to say I have to agree with every word you wrote. I am scared for our country. I’m praying multiple times a day that Romney wins. I’ve seen some positive items on Twitter, just hope they are true. Also read that someone (don’t remember who) said that even though O is a lousy president the black deal is more important! Really? Really? I hope they are all going to enjoy Islam and Sharia law if he wins due to so many peoples stupidity. I would bet they don’t have a clue what it is really all about. Horrendous part is we will all be in the middle of it too. I hate him so much. As a Christian I know I’m not supposed to, but he despises everything about us, about America. In large part due to a father he saw once and who was nothing but a drunk who had to have both legs amputated because of a car crash he had while drunk. Life is definitely not boring, but right now I wish it was.

    I found out today that, Cooper, my oldest dog’s kidneys are failing. We are talking a few days before I will have to let him go. Just couldn’t do it today when I didn’t have that in mind when going there today. I want to love on him a little while longer and really say good bye.

    Interesting that these two subjects are the most important to me right now. Ironic that O actually ate dog meat and I’m devastated that I’m going to lose my dog. Even that says something about him.

    • BobF says:

      Don’t worry, it’s ok to hate for the right reasons.

      Romans 9:13 As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated.

      • Bluto says:


        Hmmm…. It’s such a strong word.

        Funny, it’s not nearly strong enough when it comes how I feel about Muzzie O and his wife Patrick Ewing.

  5. Patrick Sperry says:

    What BobF said…

    This whole thing is really beginning to remind me of my family heritage. Authoritarian abuse by those that Laird it over us peons.

    My Family had Continental Marines in our ranks. For some very good reasons…

  6. donechute says:

    The Maobama Presidency is a sham-fake-un American load that has The Founding Fathers spinning…I ditto those who know Maobama wants to transform America into a Islamic Sharia Law nation of sheep…one only needs to look at how he was raised…who his early influences were and continued to be throughout his life till know…removing Churchill’s bust from the WH was another nail in our coffin… unfortunately because of The Progressive-Marxist movements 100 year assault on the Constitution and our American exceptionalism, The USofA has a lot of sheep feeding at its teet and drinking Obama’s kool-aid…

    We need Romney-Ryan voter turnout in a huge way and a large dose of Divine Intervention wouldn’t hurt US one bit either… and btw Mittens Romney need to start spending his $war-chest$ exposing Maobama for what he is and KICK SOME MARXIST ASS IN THE DEBATES!

    PLU from SSF

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