Romney death threats, riot warnings worry Republicans

Romney death threats, riot warnings worry Republicans

Despite the majority of news media outlets ignoring the story, a law enforcement source claims that the Tweets by Obama supporters calling for the murder — assassination — of Mitt Romney increased in their numbers and in their severity after Tuesday night’s presidential debate. Other supporters are threatening civil unrest in U.S. cities should Obama lose the White House.

The police source said that it’s widely known in the law enforcement and intelligence communities that President Barack Obama’s rabid supporters say they will kill GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney if he defeats Obama in the election less than three weeks away. Many believe they are empty threats, but remain concerned.

“These people posting threats are merely blowing off steam. They are people who take the opportunity to say things anonymously on the Internet that they would never dream of saying in public,” says former police officer Iris Aquino. “There are threats made against Obama by neo-Nazi and white supremacists on the Internet. The only difference is the news media and the Secret Service take those threats seriously.”

While police commanders remain silent on the issue, rank-and-file officers claim the scuttlebutt in their stationhouses is that Obama supporters are planning riots in cities across the nation if Romney wins while anonymous Twitter users are making death threats against Romney.

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Romney death threats, riot warnings worry Republicans

If WHITE people were making death threats against Obama the Secret Service would be beating down doors to find and arrest the threat makers and the stories would garner front page headlines.

Why then are not hearing the stories that tell us that how the Secret Service is going after those that make death threats against a WHITE man running for POTUS?

Why is the Mainstream Media not telling you about the distinct possibility of riots in American cities should Obama lose? Why are they not telling the American people about the Black gangs that are attacking and beating WHITE people at random?

Wave of black mobs brutalizing whites
White Reporters’ Beaten by Norfolk Black Gang
Black Biker Gang Attacks White Trucker
Racist Black gangs are targeting White men
Black Gang Attacks On Whites In South Africa And The U.S.
Black Gangs Profile, Attack White Teen Student

The list is LONG, and it goes on and on.

So, why is it that the Mainstream Media is silent about those attacks? Why are they silent about the threats made by people like Black Panthers leader King Samir Shabazz when he says Whites ‘should be thankful we’re not hanging Crackers by Nooses…Yet’?

The national media is in the tank for Obama my friends and they will NEVER speak a word against *The Chosen One*, his supporters, those that would RIOT in American cities if Obama does lose or the Black Panthers. The media is scared SPITLESS that they will become targets of these ANIMALS. Yes, I did say ANIMALS, be glad that’s as far as I took the descriptive of these people.

I have predicted for some time now that win or lose, we WILL see Blacks riots in the streets, riot if Obama wins because they feel empowered and riot if Obama loses for no other reason than sheer stupidity. They would believe Obama was defeated simply because he is Black. They are too stupid to see that Barack Hussein Obama is nothing at all like the bill of goods they were sold in 2008.

In the minds of MANY Blacks in America the only reason for Obama to lose would be because those RACIST WHITE DEVILS wanted him gone, thus giving these people the right to riot, burn, rape, destroy and generally disrupt the nation.

Oh well, we have to have an opportunity to thin the herd every so often, this would be that opportunity if these people take it to the streets of America.

All I can say is Deo vindice…

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11 Responses to Romney death threats, riot warnings worry Republicans

  1. Bluto says:

    I love how Fred cuts to the heart of the matter, “an opportunity to thin the herd…”. And I say, well it would be a good start.

  2. Dick Robie says:

    Personally, I am sick of Race being an issue. It should not be-character and policies are the issue.

    Yes, we should be concerned about such threats. We should be on guard. Where is the Secret Service in this?

  3. Katie says:

    Have Blacks ever rioted in rich neighborhoods? No. They will riot in their own slums, destroy the businesses there, burn homes and businesses, then demand that White America rebuild their neighborhoods so they can do it again.

    Here is a solution: Let them riot, then let them rot in the burnt out slums they created.

    • TexasFred says:

      I’m all for letting them riot and destroy everything where THEY live, but you know as well as anyone that no matter WHO the POTUS or party is, they WILL get rebuilt, it’s called urban renewal.. And WE pay for it…

      • Katie says:

        That is the trouble. If they had to stew in their slums they might either get smart and work for a better future or die off.

  4. BobF says:

    Ted Nugent was recently singled out of a SS visit for not even making threats.

    They may riot in the big cities but they wouldn’t dare head to the rural areas where they would be met by a wall made with led and copper.

    • TexasFred says:

      Dallas and some of it’s *communities*, East Dallas, South Dallas, West Dallas, Oak Cliff and such, would catch all hell, out here where I live it’s that wall of lead so many people talk about…

  5. Always On Watch says:

    Romney is not Reagan, of course.

    But it seems to me that Reagan garnered a lot of these threats, too.

    I’m not sure that we’ll see widespread rioting. But I do believe that we’ll see pockets of riots as well as flash mobs and major trouble in some of our schools.

    Obama has actively been promoting both class warfare and race warfare, IMO.

    • TexasFred says:

      Flash Mobs — Exactly the reason why I carry a high capacity .40 and at least one spare magazine when I’m out and about… If my .45 was a bit smaller I’d carry it but concealment is an issue with a gun that big!

  6. minuteman26 says:

    Agree with your thoughts on this Fred. Obama had better hope nothing happens to Romney if he doesn’t want a civil war on his hands. No one will believe that some rogue idiot acting alone wouldbe the cause of an assination attempt based on the Obama regime’s record to date. The Commies in charge are now desperate and will try anything to stay in power.

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