The Day after Thanksgiving; Leftovers and Other Goodies

The Day after Thanksgiving; Leftovers and Other Goodies

There are many stories developing across the world right now and normally I focus on one or 2 and let my razor sharp political wit take them apart with in-depth commentary and a huge dose of *Anti-Spin*. Not so today, I am going to meander a bit, and look at several stories that can, and in some cases HAVE affected us here in the good old USA.

As most know, we had our share of server/host problems recently. It was nothing that we as a blogging conglomerate had done intentionally, it was nothing of server/host folks did intentionally and we weren’t HACKED. It seems we had outgrown the space we had allotted on the server and as such, we have been forced to purchase more server space to accommodate the number of hits we get on a daily basis.

Now that our move to a server that is one step from a dedicated server is complete, and after much intense work on the part of our server/host folks and my blogging cohort Bushwack at American and Proud, we are back in business, have very fast loading times and are now giving our readers the service they deserve!

Many speculated that we had been *hacked*, or that the Obama *thought police* had taken over our sites and done some nefarious deed. Not so, and being one that doesn’t play well with *conspiracy nuts*, I may have lost a couple of readers with my less than civil response to that foolishness.

One of the bigger bloggers on the ‘net today was hacked and suffered a temporary outage, Pat Dollard was hit, but in fine American Patriot fashion, he didn’t miss too many beats and he was right back in business. Site Hacked – The War On Has Begun.

It happens, there are hackers out there that run from the TRUTH like roaches that scatter when the light goes on, but it’s not just Conservative sites that get hacked, we have heard so many stories about the White House, FBI, CIA and God only knows who else getting hacked or suffering Denial of Service (DOS) attacks.

From a few days ago we have this: Hackers target Israel with millions of attacks as Hamas rockets continue to fall. This is what we all face if we are bloggers, pundits, reporters or whatever the case may be; if you offend someone, if you speak or write words that they don’t want to hear and disagree with, they will *hack* your site in an attempt to shut you up, thus denying you your right to free speech on your own site!

You can bet that these *hackers* would be screaming bloody murder if the same was done to them.

On to other matters; I remember when Egypt was considered to be an ally of sorts, not one to be trusted, but not one to be too terribly feared. Now I have to wonder, are we about to see an *Egyptian Spring* as Morsi grabs dictatorial powers in Egypt?

I guess it’s pretty convenient when you declare yourself above the law, above the reach of the judiciary and your Constitution. I’m only speculating but I would take bets that Barack Obama saw this happen and said, “Can I do that too?”

And speaking of Obama; now that the *Little Prince* has been assured another 4 years in office, Black voters look to leverage their loyalty. Does that translate into a demand for MORE free stuff? Maybe another cell phone perhaps? We can’t be having Obama supporters waiting to contact their *crack* dealer now can we?

Right on schedule Shoppers hit the stores on Black Friday in what retailers are hoping will be a rush that will put profits into *The Black*. Now I have to ask; *Black Friday* and *in The Black*, do those terms conjure up images of racism for the likes of Je$$ie Jack$on, Al $harpton and the NAACP? It seems that any time the word BLACK comes up, even in normal conversation, the above named *race baiters* immediately hold a presser to make claims of racism and demand reparations for the word BLACK being used.

And how long do you think a cease-fire will last when you have this? Gaza crowds surge at Israel border fence, 1 dead.

I have great respect for Israel but I have serious anger issues too. Israel is by and large a very benevolent nation, the Israelis want nothing more than to be left alone, and I can understand and support that desire. No matter what Israel does, regardless the effort and concessions that Israel makes, they are always pushed again and again.

I wish that Israel would, once and for all, wipe the Palestinians off the face of the earth and then make it known that what just happened was merely a *warm-up* for the main event!

That about covers MY issues of this day, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, I know we did, and I hope that this time next year we still have something to be thankful for!

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8 Responses to The Day after Thanksgiving; Leftovers and Other Goodies

  1. Bob Mack says:

    Now that it appears the Egyptians are initiating Arab Spring II against Morsi and the MB, can we expect the Big Red One in the WH to promulgate his usual “we love democracy” blather? No, I didn’t think so …

  2. OregonBuzz says:

    Well, we have Christmas to look forward to with the hope that peace on earth, at least our portion of it, will reign. My own personal belief re Israel is that the next time the camel shaggers launch a rocket Israel should level the place. Unfortunately that would probably provoke WWIII. My father, a WWII survivor, always said that WWIII would start in the Middle East. The traitor in chief, talking out of both sides of his mouth and his nether end, is not much help in that regard.

  3. Katie says:

    I guess that Egypt will not be happy until they have a Mullah ruling them like Iran. Anybody else will be thrown out as soon as they go up against the Mullahs.

    I am beginning to believe that Obama will find a way to have a 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc… terms. In fact, I don’t believe he will ever leave the office of President. God help us with that.

    Went out yesterday for dinner, so making my turkey today. The house smells wonderful and it is so wonderful not to fight the crowds.

  4. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    I heard a logical and accurate analogy recently regarding Israel and Gaza/Hamas:

    What would the US do if Mexico were to begin lobbing rockets into San Diego?

    You KNOW the answer to that one — perhaps absent this current president.


  5. Robert says:

    And I hope everyone enjoys our new and improved service.

    Morsi is on a fence. One side is angry Egyptians, the other side is peaceful Hamas…

    Black friday? Racist bastard! The politically correct term has been changed to “Trample and stomp Friday”

    How long will the truce last? Good question, I’m betting it will last until Fox news or a blogger reports that a rocket or 100 was launched at Israel. NO WAY IN HELL will the MSM report it now that Queen Hillary has waved her hand over the entire region.

  6. the unit says:

    How bad will it be when our foundation and country crumbles…Can’t find words to describe how bad to lose liberty and freedom? Or even be able to imagine it? It’s this bad…WARNING… video is gross, but that’s how bad. When and if it all comes crumbling down. I and all here give warning, beware.

    Final Destination 5 Bridge Collapse (1080p) - YouTube

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