A Texas Gun Owner shares his view regarding guns, ownership, sanity and personal responsibility

A Texas Gun Owner shares his view regarding guns, ownership, sanity and personal responsibility
TexasFred Commentary 2

As soon as the dust settles over the recent shooting in Connecticut the left is going to SCREAM about gun control, banning guns and taking away freedoms from MILLIONS of honest, legal and sane gun owners that have done absolutely NOTHING wrong.

The GUN didn’t do it…

Insanity is the root cause of ALL of these recent incidents of mass murder, and the stability of the human mind is something that no one can judge at the counter of a gun store, unless the potential buyer is a blathering idiot.

Gun bans, weapons bans and magazine bans are NOT the answer, mental health is the answer.

According to sources the Colorado shooting suspect, James Eagen Holmes, was a brilliant science student.

Now sources are saying that Connecticut shooter Adam Lanza was brilliant but remote.

These men were brilliant? Maybe by some definition, but I am thinking that their cheese slid off of the cracker!

Similarities perhaps? Coincidence? Maybe, but what if there is a serious issue at hand and these thought to be brilliant people were truly nothing more than NUT BAGS and no one had the intestinal fortitude to come forward and say so?

That seems to be the case in both shootings; Holmes mother knew immediately that the Police had the right guy, but she had failed to say anything prior to him going on a rampage, or if she did, nothing was done.

If Lanza was *brilliant but troubled* why didn’t his mother get involved and help her Son to help himself? Didn’t SHE see it? Didn’t SHE care about her son?

In every case of mass murder the perpetrator is generally ruled to be insane to some degree. Does that insanity not show up to the public? Do friends, neighbors and loved ones not SEE what is going on?

Or do they succumb to that which is destroying our nation? The disease called Political Correctness! I am NOT one that suffers from PCness, I speak my mind and am unafraid to do so.

Are some people too afraid to speak for fear of trampling the rights of their loved one?

You know, once in a while some plain speech and old fashioned truth is exactly what is needed. Plain speech and truth have gone by the wayside. Americans are too concerned about *offending* than they are with doing the RIGHT thing.

Not too terribly long ago I knew a young guy that made a post on his Facebook page saying something to the effect of, “Sometimes I feel like getting my gun and just killing a bunch of people…”

Maybe it’s because I have some knowledge in the matter, maybe it’s because I wanted to be a good citizen and protect the people of my town, whatever the case may be, I called a friend that’s a Detective on our local Police Department and made him aware of what was going on and the Police got involved.

I don’t know where that young man is today but I do know this, he’s not a threat to our local community because I took it upon myself to intervene as soon as I saw a problem.

I don’t know what took place in the Lanza home, I don’t know if we ever will, but obviously there is one thing that didn’t happen and that is something called parental intervention, and an intervention may well have saved 26 lives on Friday!

I have long believed that an insanity plea in Court is often an attempt to get out of your troubles by taking a trip to the local *nut house* and is not necessarily a person that is insane at all.

But I have to believe that any person that could commit MASS MURDER in such a fashion, especially against the most innocent and unprotected, the children of this nation, has got to be possessed with a special kind of insanity and evil!

There is a multitude of cliches that apply to the coming gun debate and all are true, but the bottom line is this; no *gun ban* is going to work. For one thing; it is damned near impossible to ban and remove all guns from the hands of the American people, for any number of reasons, the least of which is; the American people are NOT going to just roll over and hand you their guns.

The best way I can explain the idea of a *gun ban* not working is this; think about the WAR ON DRUGS and the glowing success that has been.

Not to take away from the efforts made by our Narcotics Officers and such, but the drug flow into this nation has not, and WILL NOT BE stopped regardless the effort. It’s the same with guns.

And back to the cliches; when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns.

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5 Responses to A Texas Gun Owner shares his view regarding guns, ownership, sanity and personal responsibility

  1. NativeSon says:

    The ONLY way for a gun-ban to work (or for that matter for the “War on Drugs”) is to do away with the ENTIRE US Constitution!!! As long as “we the people” have rights drugs, guns, fill-in-the-blank, will continue to be available whether they are “legal” or not. I used to believe that (extinction of US Constitution) would never happen…PCness and the current administration are making me rethink…

    Stay safe, STAY ARMED (redundant I know) and Stay Alert!

  2. PatriotUSA says:

    Excellent post Fred and I will add this into what I putting together for PC. Agree with you 100%.

    I will send you link and maybe you can email it out for me. I know blogger sucks but stuck with it for now. It will be quite revealing and of interest to your readers and people you know. I always wait for the first dust to settle and the facts start to filter out from other conservative sites that report the TRUTH!

    Connecticut has some of the strictest gun laws in the country and how well did that work. One armed individual might have stopped all this but no, we cannot have that can we.

    Thanks again.

  3. Katie says:

    Amen Fred!!! No amount of gun control short of getting rid of all gun ownership will satisfy these people. It is not the guns that kill but the insanity of the madmen that kill. They would do the same with IEDs, Homemade bombs, knives, any number of ways without guns. Heck 3,000 people were killed by box cutters.

    Let us get rid of the idea that getting rid of guns will get rid of violence. They did that in Australia 5 years ago and violent crime is up by 6000%. It is not guns, it is criminals that need to be dealt with.

  4. Texasperated says:

    Around 2000 years ago, the story goes, the infants of an entire town were wiped out in a single night and the culprits never did find the infant they were looking for. And as the report goes, not a single shot was fired. To this day the incident is generally known as “the slaughter of the innocents.” Dastardly deed then and now. But it doesn’t take a gun to do it.

    Keep your powder dry

  5. There is sometimes an element of violence in autists. People often don’t want to mention that, but it is a fact. An autist’s brain works differently, and sometimes that difference takes a violent turn. See THIS as substantiation for what I’m saying in this paragraph. It DOES happen, but it’s not pc nowadays to say so.

    I wonder why Adam Lanza committed these vile deeds when he did. Could his mother has realized that she needed to get help for him or to confine him — and he found out? I think that it is possible that she was finally planning an intervention. I don’t know for a fact, of course, but I do think that it’s a possibility. Of course, the law is not on a parent’s side to effect an intervention in the case of an older child. Here in Virginia, it’s well nigh impossible to effect an intervention with a child at age 15. I kid you not! My cousin tried with her child, and the school counselor and the police department stopped her because the child refused help. A nightmare ensued, and violence was indeed involved. Nobody dead, thank God.

    Or did somebody at the school piss him off — there was apparently some kind of altercation with him at the school a day or two before — and Adam Lanza’s autistic brain just “went off”? Autists do often overreact. I’ve seen it happen myself; I do work with a few students on the autism spectrum.

    All of what I’m saying here won’t make a damn to the liberals. They’re going to screech about gun control. And you know what? They just might succeed this time — the horror in Newtown is that awful. Remember what happened after the maiming of Jim Brady, Press Secretary to Ronald Reagan?

    The answer this time is not “gun control.” The answer has something to do with the erosion of our nation’s moral compass. THAT is the root cause of what happened in Newtown.

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