Colorado suspect was brilliant science student

Colorado suspect was brilliant science student

DENVER (AP) - James Eagen Holmes came from a well-tended San Diego enclave of two-story homes with red-tiled roofs, where neighbors recall him as a clean-cut, studious young man of sparing words.

Tall and dark-haired, he stared clear-eyed at the camera in a 2004 high school yearbook snapshot, wearing a white junior varsity soccer uniform - No. 16. The son of a nurse, Arlene, and a software company manager, Robert, James Holmes was a brilliant science scholar in college.

The biggest mystery surrounding the 24-year-old doctoral student was why he would have pulled on a gas mask and shot dozens of people early Friday in a suburban Denver movie theater, as police allege.

In the age of widespread social media, no trace of Holmes could be found on Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter or anywhere on the Web. Either he never engaged or he scrubbed his trail. SOURCE

There are a lot of things wrong with the story of James Eagen Holmes, not the least of which being ‘In the age of widespread social media, no trace of Holmes could be found on Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter or anywhere on the Web’, especially after 2 of the biggest TWITS in mainstream media identified *Holmes* as a TEA Party member and cast aspersions on the TEA Party and ALL legal gun owners with their nonsensical accusations. Story Here

Of course Brian Ross and George Stephanolpoulos were left with their asses hanging in the wind, they had NO *line* on Holmes, and apparently, the gentleman they were seeing on Facebook was a 54 year old TEA Party organizer with a similar name.

Great reporting ABC News.

All day yesterday, and I am sure again today, and likely for some time into the future, every aspect of James Eagen Holmes life was, and will be examined in great detail. Our local news here in the Dallas area was SO desperate to get in on the newsgasm that they found some guy that had attended the same *middle school* as James Eagen Holmes. Never mind the fact that the guy told them, repeatedly, and I paraphrase, “I was there at that school 6 years before him, my family was acquainted with HIS family but that was a LONG time ago.”

Everyone that has ever read this blog knows, I insist on journalistic integrity, I hold myself to very high standards. I stick to facts in my commentary, but when you are writing about a breaking news story of this magnitude, well, once in a while you just have to sift through the BS to get to the heart of the matter.

Apparently, in their desperation to *GET IT OUT THERE*, the mainstream media blows off the rules of GOOD journalism and plays for sensationalism instead.

So, let’s get to the heart of the matter; at the time of this writing there are 12 people lying DEAD because James Holmes went CRAZY and used guns as his method of showing us just how far out there he had gone, and because of HIS choice of weapons, now ALL gun owners are once again in the crosshairs of the anti-gun cabal.

Gun control, it’s not so much about GUNS as it is CONTROL, and that leads to headlines like these: Gunman Kills 12 in Colorado, Reviving Gun Debate and Calls for gun control stir little support.

Yes indeed, the media is touting gun control in one story and in the next story they are crying over the lack of support they, and their anti-gun brethren are finding.

Here is what the media and the anti-gun people just don’t get; there are over 150 MILLION gun owners in the United States, ONE of them went crazy and killed and wounded a large number of citizens.

ONE out of over 150 MILLION!

Maybe that’s the reason that so many Americans have seen through the BS rhetoric of the anti-gun cabal, they KNOW, that by an incredible majority, nearly ALL gun owners in this nation didn’t go out and kill anyone.

Let me pose this question; if gun owners were the violent and murderous people that the anti-gun lobby portrays them to be, wouldn’t it stand to reason that these violent gun owners would take direct and decisive action and eliminate ALL of these anti-gun folks?

Well, we haven’t, and that in and of itself pretty much destroys the argument of the anti-gun crowd.

I have a retired Law Enforcement friend that goes by the moniker of Tex, and this is what Tex had to offer up in comments on the post from 7-20-2012.

Let’s just examine some facts:

AR15 $800-$1500.

Two .40 caliber Glocks at about $500 each.

Remington 870 Marine Magnum $700.

Tactical ballistic body armor with plates $3000 to $5000 (if you could find it).

An unemployed PhD student from out of State drawing unemployment and driving a car with Tennessee plates registered to him, but no word he ever lived in Tennessee.

A University that brags it has more research grants than any other (I wonder what Federal Government is financing that research).

Witness statements that someone else opened the door for him but police refuse to comment and continue to attribute the violence to a lone gunman.

Immediate calls for more gun control.

Why doesn’t this add up?

Now there’s something to think about!

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6 Responses to Colorado suspect was brilliant science student

  1. mrchuck says:

    Some of the answers may be found when the police get into this killer’s apartment.
    Nothing new about a “lone wolf”, planning and doing mayhem like this.
    Where is his girlfriend? Or is he a gay caballero?
    The answers will come out soon.
    CIA psychiatrists will get the answers.
    Heck, back in the early sixties, I would of already had all the answers you would need.

  2. minuteman26 says:

    The UN Arms Treaty is up for a vote on the 27th. Call me a conspiracy nut if you want, but I have a gut feeling this may have been orchastrated by Obama/Soros to gain support for said treaty. The shooter ain’t dead. He gave up too easily. Did someone promise him something? We have a bunch of evil people running the current federal government. Timing of this is too suspect.

    • Katie says:

      The last UN treaty went down to grand defeat (LOST). This new one will find the same outcome.

      But I fear that if Obama gets a second term, he will outlaw by Executive Decree all guns in the US.

      • TexasFred says:

        That would be his worst mistake to date! That gun grabbing shit might work in YOUR area of America, but here in Texas it’ll go over like a turd in a punchbowl..

        All I can tell him is; COME AND TAKE IT! :twisted:

  3. Cary says:

    I do believe most of your readers, Fred, would give up their arms at the same rate as myself: 180 to 240 grains at a time, in very quick succession.

    And then I’ll start giving up the edge of my knives a microscopic bit at a time, too.

    Tex asked some very good questions, and I would like to know the answers, if the lamestream media ever figure out how to research a story correctly again.

  4. BobF says:

    I just came across something of interest, especially where the speech was given. Probably nothing to it.

    In 1925 Adolf Hitler formed his own personal bodyguard called the Schutzstaffel (SS). The SS was a major Nazi organization under Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party. The SS grew from a small paramilitary unit to an elite, powerful, force that served as the Fuhrer’s “Praetorian Guard’ the Nazi Party’s “Shield Squadron” and a force with as much political influence as the regular German Armed Forces. Built upon the Nazi racial ideology, the SS, under Heinrich Himmler’s command, is said to be primarily responsible for many of the war crimes perpetrated by the Nazis during World War Two.

    In Obama’s speech in Colorado, back in 2008 he said this:

    “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

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