Buckle Up Buttercup – We’re in for a Hell of a Ride

Buckle Up Buttercup – We’re in for a Hell of a Ride

It is beginning America; prepare for a full-fledged assault on the Second Amendment, our gun rights as individuals, that which the media in their ignorance calls *assault* weapons, ammunition and magazines that hold more than a small number of rounds.

These are only the headlines from a couple of news sources. I have often heard it said that a word to the wise is sufficient. I will have some words for you right after these news stories. I hope my readers are paying attention!

Gun control debate begins to simmer after massacre

WASHINGTON (AP) – Democrats say meaningful action in the wake of the school shootings in Connecticut must include a ban on military-style assault weapons and a look at how the nation deals with individuals suffering from serious mental illness. SOURCE

In Town at Ease With Its Firearms, Tightening Gun Rules Was Resisted

People in the rural, hilly areas around Newtown, Conn., are used to gunfire. In one woodsy stretch, southeast of downtown, the Pequot Fish and Game Club and the Fairfield County Fish and Game Protective Association, where members can fish in ponds and hunt pheasant, lie within a mile of each other, and people who live nearby generally call them good neighbors. SOURCE

Rifle Used in Killings, America’s Most Popular, Highlights Regulation Debate

It comes in black, tan and camouflage. A pink version was once raffled by a gun store to raise money for breast cancer research.

Favored by target shooters in competitions and by hunters who stalk small game and sometimes deer, its customizable features — stocks, grips, sights, barrel lengths — are endlessly discussed in online forums. It ranks high among the firearms bought for self-defense. SOURCE

‘These Tragedies Must End,’ Obama Says

NEWTOWN, Conn. — President Obama vowed on Sunday to “use whatever power this office holds” to stop massacres like the slaughter at the school here that shocked the nation, hinting at a fresh effort to curb the spread of guns as he declared that there was no “excuse for inaction.” SOURCE

Car bomb kills 17 people in market in Pakistan

PESHAWAR, Pakistan (AP) – A car bomb exploded in a crowded market in Pakistan’s troubled northwest tribal region near the Afghan border Monday, killing 17 people and wounding more than 40 others, officials said. SOURCE

Nowhere in ANY of these stories is the REAL issue addressed; the MENTAL ILLNESS of Adam Lanza.

No person that is NOT insane could perpetrate such a heinous act of violence against the most innocent and helpless victims among us; the children. But GUN CONTROL is going to be the panacea that saves us ALL!

In case you don’t already know this, the guns used in Newtown belonged to the mother of the shooter. Adam Lanza didn’t OWN these guns, he didn’t BUY these guns, and from several sources it appears that Lanza may have been very mentally unbalanced.

There are already laws on the books that are supposed to keep guns out of the hands of those judged to be insane, mentally unstable and under-age. Lanza was 20 years old, he couldn’t but a handgun LEGALLY anywhere in the United States, and so, he took those of his mother, murdered her and went about the business of snuffing out 26 innocent lives.

This is the kind of thing that MUST be addressed; HOW do you keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill?

Here is the reality of the matter; you can’t keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill any more than you can keep them out of the hands of criminals.

Convicted felons aren’t supposed to have guns, of ANY kind, but they do.

Heroin and meth are ILLEGAL all across the USA, but we have a drug epidemic in this nation that is beyond comprehension. We also have drug addicts that are in possession of guns; that’s already ILLEGAL; for drug users to possess guns. So, how can these addicts, felons and mentally unstable folks get guns if they are already prohibited from such?

Last night Barack Obama spoke at the service for the victims in Connecticut, he gave a campaign speech for crying out loud! Obama knows it’s not about THE GUN, it’s about the user of the gun, and Obama is intent on some kind of highly restrictive gun ban.

So, let’s just ban ALL guns, you know, because Prohibition worked SO WELL from 1920 to 1933, and it stopped everyone from drinking.

And I suppose you’re wondering what the bomb in Pakistan has to do with this post.

I have been to the homes of a few of my readers, but only a few. I can promise you this; I can walk into YOUR house, right now, and with the products that YOU have in your kitchen, garage, storage shed or carport, I can make you a bomb that will do serious damage to structures and cause a lot of death and injury if set off in the right place.

Do we outlaw all cleaning products, fertilizer, gasoline, diesel, laundry detergent and the like? Do we ban ALL animals so their blood can’t be used in the manufacture of napalm?

How about we ban ALL cars, trucks and motor vehicles? That should make it impossible to ever detonate a CAR BOMB … right?

All of that sounds pretty silly when you think about it but SILLY is what the Dems, Libbers, Progressives or whatever else you want to call them sound when they start talking about banning or restricting guns.

A gun ban does one thing; it opens the door to potential fortunes being made in the BLACK MARKET of gun dealers. Or should I say additional fortunes? Because the Black Market is alive and well in this nation.

People know what’s coming, don’t think that many aren’t already prepared to deal with it and make money from it. So go ahead Obama, Holder and Company, try your best to remove guns from the hands of Americans.

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16 Responses to Buckle Up Buttercup – We’re in for a Hell of a Ride

  1. Katie says:

    I’d love to see the left try to repeal the 2nd Amendment. It is the only way to do it. Does any of us really believe that the left can get 3/4 of the states to ratify that amendment? Heck they couldn’t get an Equal Rights Amendment passed.

    The left will scream today and all this week, but will go on to another cause as soon as the publicity stops. It always happens.

    BTW, the left keeps bringing up Jared Lee Loughner. His parents were politically active and every time a cop would arrest him, his parents pitched a fit. A few cops were fired for it.

    If the cops had the balls to put Loughner in prison or 51/50 him, 6 people would be alive today.

  2. You and I both know the movement to remove firearms from America has a lengthy history. As well, you and I know this may be the crux that heightens that push. Oathkeepters, like myself, had best be prepared.

    The push is on and the pressure will increase.

    The wrong tool in the hand of a mentally deranged person is an equation for destruction and violence — no matter the TYPE of tool utilized. And, in the hands of a mentally unbalanced individual, a butter knife is a terribly-dangerous weapon.

    The push is on and the pressure will increase, most definitely.


    • TexasFred says:

      When we ALL know Officers of the Law that are arming themselves with weapons, not of department issue, it’s a wake-up call for me… I know several that are, have and will..

      I have guns, I need more AMMO! I believe that AMMO may be the only REAL area that the Feds can hit us with that would actually work.. Make ammo prices SO high that no one can buy it…

      • BobF says:

        Amen Fred. Ammo is what they’ll go after. I’ve told people that for years. This will be the argument: Guns are covered by the Constitution but it doesn’t say anything about ammo. Went to a couple of my favorite ammo sites last night and they’re running out fast.

  3. Bob Mack says:

    We don’t need better controls on guns … we need better controls on politicians.

  4. Red Hot says:

    I think the NRA is wise not to comment in the moment as this will only ramp up the dialog. Seeing which GOP members of Congress cave in to this media frenzy and social pressure will be instructive for me. The Second Amendment is the only guarantee we have to preserve the other individual rights we have under the Constitution.

  5. mrchuck says:

    The rifle used by Adam Lanza was a “Bushmaster 223″.
    I was in WalMart this morning and they had a new BushMaster 223, in stock, for 895 dollars, plus the Texas tax making it 971 dollars out the door..
    I bought it immediately.
    Beautiful. factory box and case. M4 carbine,,,collapsible stock, 16″ bbl.
    Remington, made inIlion, NY,,,, makes it on contract for Bushmaster.
    So,,,,why did I buy it???? Well,,, that was the EXACT weapon used in this latest killing, done by insane Adam Lanza.
    It is an investment, being it is the “exact weapon” used.
    Macrabe, you say,,,,. I don’t think so.
    I already have my own personal Kel-Tec SU-16a in this caliber that I “retired” with.
    Also the best price for ALL ammo is also at Walmart.

    The current president of the USA will use this tragedy for ALL it’s worth to push for dis=arming the USA,,, so it will be easier for the communists to overthrow us.
    Remember that patriots,,,, and Constitution lovers.
    molon labe,,,,oath keeper,,,,,mc

  6. TexasFred says:

    The problem isn’t that Americans love guns, the problem is that many YOUNG Americans have no respect for LIFE… They see their *action hero* get killed in numerous movies and come back in a new flick the next month… They get killed many times in video games, but all they have to do is hit the re-set button and they get another life…

    The life we live is the ultimate reality show, and these kids need to realize, there are no *do overs*, in real life death is final and the show is over…

  7. Longstreet says:

    Does anybody remember it was a bunch of religious nuts with BOX CUTTERS that took out two sky scrapers and the lives of nearly 3,000 people on 9/11? BOX CUTTERS!!!! NOT GUNS!!!

    I am convinced Obama will issue some kind of Executive Order through ATF, DHS, or another of the alphabet agencies, to make a move on our weapons. Seems to me we need to lean on our Representatives in the US House to be alert for it and cut off the funds for that agency. The House controls the purse. They have the authority to do that without the Senate’s input or approval.

    The patients are truly in charge of the asylum!


  8. ablur says:

    Nobody is reporting that the mall incident in Portland was actually stopped by a private citizen was a concelled carry, who threatened the shooter who then ran, hid and killed himself.

  9. sdkar says:

    It is articles like this that make me disgusted.

    Sandy Hook survivor’s dad to NRA: Help make U.S. safe for kids

    A father of a child who survived using the death of these children to make a political statement.

    This is disgusting. If the pyscho that did this couldn’t get his hands on a gun, I bet we would still see a school full of dead children, only they would have been clubbed or chopped up with a bat or a machette.

    I wish the media would report everytime an armed citizen halts a robbery or murder and stops some scumbag from committing horror.

    I am sticking by my guns (pun intended) when I say that the key to getting this country back is by taking over the media. Conservatives need to buy up the news rags and TV stations so that Fox is not alone in reporting the truth. That MSNBC is the minority and is marginalized.

    Anyway, this guy wants to keep his country safe for his children…what does he think the 2nd amendment is? It is exactly for that purpose. No lone psycho or gang of lunatics can come even close to the numbers of dead innocents when compared to the tyrants that have taken over countries by force. Hell, Just two tyrants in the last century (hitler and stalin) have killed more children than EVERY lunatic in America since 1776,

    No one keeps more children safe than an armed citizenry. As unfortunate as all of these senseless killings are, it is sadly, the price that is paid for freedom.

    Every time police try to take psychos off the streets, some liberal scumbag lawyer fights ferociously for this person’s rights to be free so that they can kill again. These murderous losers are painted as poor victims, but a legally armed and law abiding civilian is to be labeled as a menace and a danger to society. I just don’t get it. I guess common sense be damned, it’s all about the message that bolsters a tyranniocal govt’s need for more power and increased ability to take over our country as soon as all the requirements are put in place.

    Will this incident be viewed in history as the moment when our 2nd amendment was stolen from us? I am sure of one thing. If obama and his ilk manage to remove the 2nd amendment, it will not be long before a complete and tyrannical takeover will follow.

    Even if guns become outlawed, how will that play out? Will law enforcement have the stomach to take guns from citizens? Will our military? Will obama be able to create a domestic civilian enforcement “workforce” (like hitler’s brownshirts/SA/SS) that will have sworn allegiance to obama and NOT America?

    I know for a fact that my guns will NOT be taken from me and if need be, I will do my party in preserving our tree of liberty. I am fully prepared to live by (and die) for freedom. And I am sure I am not alone. Of course, maybe I am just paranoid and a pessimist. I bet there are some jews living in 1940′s Germany that wished they and many others had been a little more paranoid about hitler’s intentions.

    Anyway, to believe that taking guns away from citizens will stop this nonsense if just plain stupid. The list of lessons throughout history is quite long and has taught us that this silly notion does not work, and in fact, will have the opposite effect. Taking the staff from the shepard who only wants to protect his sheep from attack by wolves will only result in more dead sheep.

    The raw and non-sugar coated truth is that the 2nd amendment is NOT about hunting or even personal self defense from criminals. It’s about defending ourselves against tyrants who want to try and remove our rights granted to us by GOD.

    If obama and friends intent is to protect and preserve the lives of Americans, then they should never attempt to revoke the 2nd amendment. If this is undertaken, I can guarantee that civil war will ensue and way too many Americans will be killed. The Civil War was not a shining moment in the history of America and every death during this horrible war was tragic. Any attempt to remove the 2nd amendment will be done by those that are either horribly ignorant or those that hate America and truly do wish to tear this country apart.

    Either way, the death of these children is horrible. The only thing worse than the killing of these innocents is the actions of those that will try to use this event for enacting gun control.

    My opinion of obama is not high and I feel in my heart that his intentions are not what is best for America. I believe that obama is willing to do anything in his power to re-make America into his vision of a socialist/communist utopia. Despite all that history has taught us about these types of government, there exist those that still want to desparately try it. Obama hates freedom, hates capitalism, hates democracy, hates christianity, hates jews, hates whites and hates America. That is why he has hidden who he is and his history from all of us. Because if we could see his past, his education, his writings, his classes, and his origin, the world would know who he really is.

    I really do hope I am wrong. I hope I am simply way too much of a pessimist and I just simply do NOT understand obama and liberals. I really do. I hope a hundred years from now, history will not show obama as the downfall of America. But until then, I will remain wary and suspicious and most of all, I will remain ready.

  10. Nowhere in ANY of these stories is the REAL issue addressed; the MENTAL ILLNESS of Adam Lanza.

    I published a post on that topic today. My take may not be the usual one. My conclusions are based on decades of research that I’ve been doing on the topic of autism.

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