Congress OKs cliff deal, signaling future fights

Congress OKs cliff deal, signaling future fights

WASHINGTON (AP) - Congress’ excruciating, extraordinary New Year’s Day approval of a compromise averting a prolonged tumble off the fiscal cliff hands President Barack Obama most of the tax boosts on the rich that he campaigned on. It also prevents House Republicans from facing blame for blocking tax cuts for most American households, though most GOP lawmakers parted ways with Speaker John Boehner and opposed the measure.

Passage also lays the groundwork for future battles between the two sides over federal spending and debt.

Capping a holiday season political spectacle that featured enough high and low notes for a Broadway musical, the GOP-run House voted final approval for the measure by 257-167 late Tuesday. That came after the Democratic-led Senate used a wee-hours 89-8 roll call to assent to the bill, belying the partisan brinkmanship that colored much of the path to the final deal.

“A central promise of my campaign for president was to change the tax code that was too skewed towards the wealthy at the expense of working middle-class Americans,” Obama said at the White House before flying to Hawaii to resume his holiday break. “Tonight we’ve done that.” SOURCE

Congress OKs cliff deal, signaling future fights? Seriously?

The GOP members of Congress fell in with the Dems on this cliff deal, signaling future instances of rolling over and taking it as they surrender any semblance of Conservatism in their rush to RINOism.

John_CornynI expected my Senators, John Cornyn (RINO) and Kay Bailey Hutchison (RINO) to go for this deal dangled by Obama and Harry Reid. Thank God Hutchison is retiring in a few days, to be replaced by newly elected Ted Cruz, a man that claims Conservatism.

The proof shall be in the pudding as they say. If Ted Cruz is a Conservative he can be worked with, to the point that if Cornyn has finally angered enough people, Cruz could become the Senior Senator from Texas in his 1st term!

Now, back to the House of Representatives and their vote;

Most of the Congressmen in my part of Texas are Conservatives and voted against this Obama bamboozle, Joe Barton, Kenny Marchant, Jeb Hensarling, Ralph Hall and Louie Gomert all voted NAY, as well they should! These gents are Representatives from this area of Texas and are fine, upstanding Congressmen.

Mr. Sam Johnson has been my Congressman for a very long time, and even though Mr. Sam isn’t the best at communicating with his constituents, Mr. Sam is a Conservative, about as Conservative as they come, and he too voted against the Obama foolishness.

Pete SessionsSadly, we’re about to lose Mr. Sam Johnson to redistricting and it truly IS a loss. He is being replaced by Pete Sessions, a gentleman that reminds me of the *slick* used car dealers that lined Dyer Street in El Paso as they tried to bilk the Soldiers at Ft. Bliss.

Sessions talks a good game, but I am afraid it’s all talk; Pete Sessions fell in with the Dems and RINOs and voted FOR this debacle and LIE from Obama and Reid.

If you don’t know what your Congressional Representative did last night, you can see the results here: Final Vote Results for Roll Call 659.

Mr. Sessions, if YOU or your staff are reading this, be aware, I will be doing everything in my power to find a Conservative candidate to run against you in the next election.

My local readership is huge, and the power of the pen is mighty, and I am NOT at all of the opinion that Messrs Johnson, Barton, Marchant, Hensarling, Hall and Gomert took “the easy way out.”

That is exactly what I was told by Mr. Sessions, they “took the easy way out.”

I also have to say this, the 1st time I met Pete Sessions was at a political breakfast and I asked some seriously HARD questions, sane questions but the questions that no one else was asking and when the meeting was over Mr. Sessions looks at me and says privately, “You sure do expect a lot…”

Yes, I do…

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11 Responses to Congress OKs cliff deal, signaling future fights

  1. Texasperated says:

    So basically kicking the can down the road another two months was the hard decision. I got it now.

    Keep your powder dry

  2. mrchuck says:

    Politicians, no gumption.
    I was ready for the “so-called” trip over Niagara Falls in a barrel.
    Obamster, the halfrican, is causing ALL this.
    Damn him and all his Knee Grow supporters.

  3. TexasFred says:

    Mark Levin · 391,212 like this
    7 minutes ago · .

    I’m told Cantor’s office is leaking all over Boehner today, hoping to replace him as speaker.As far as I am concerned, Boehner, Cantor,& McCarthy need to go.All 3 of them.

    Maybe Mark Levin just doesn’t understand WHY a thought to be Conservative would vote FOR this bill…

    Mr. Sessions told ME that I didn’t understand and needed to be more educated on the bill…

    • Texasperated says:

      Eric Cantor — different rider, same horse and tack. Sorry, no sale here.

      Keep your powder dry

  4. Katie says:

    Why do I feel as if I have just been raped?

  5. LD Jackson says:

    President Obama has already mentioned those future fights. He plainly said he would not be negotiating over the debt ceiling with Congress, that if they refused to meet the financial obligations created by the legislation they passed, he would use his own authority to borrow the money. In other words, he will do what he does best, an end run around the other branches of our government.

    • TexasFred says:

      Here’s what truly scares me; ALL of these thought to be Conservatives rolled over and gave Obama exactly what he wanted on the *fiscal cliff* and are calling it *good business*…

      What are they going to do, and what are they going to call it when Obama wants to abolish the 2nd and trash the Constitution? Will they be OK with guns confiscation?? Will that be *good business* too?

      These asses have ALL got to go!

      • Patrick Sperry says:

        Okay with private property confiscation? Okay with taxation that is opposed by the general public? (obamacare) Okay with taxation at the request of the general feeding trough? Okay with search and seizure at the common basic level..? Not even a a Policeman?

        And just what did Reagan say about Libertarianism? Do your own searches for knowledge. I tire of the task.

        This retired Paramedic is really beginning to believe that a full blown civil war is our nation, and mankind’s only salvation for liberty and freedom.

    • Patrick Sperry says:

      LD, Fred touches on it. However the epic failure as a President..? Defies the very foundations of our representative republic. No, we are not a “democracy” as much as the Big Government authoritarians would like that. So we can surly expect some type of an “end run.” He has stated on many occasions that the Constitution is outdated. His actions reveal contempt if not outright hostility towards the Bill of Rights.
      Let us call it what it is, no bovine feces. This President and his cronies have committed treason. Treason has a price, and an outcome.

      Victory or death. No options. No Bovine feces or Lawyer talk.

      Texas may lead the way, but Wyoming has the Nukes! I see a split nation sooner rather than later.

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