Is An Executive Order a Law that Must be Obeyed?

Is An Executive Order a Law that Must be Obeyed?

Presidential SealThere’s talk that President Obama will ignore Congress and issue Executive Orders to implement new gun regulations over against the clear reading of the Second Amendment to the Constitution. Is an Executive Order a law? Will we be obligated to obey it?

Executive Orders have a long history. Republicans and Democrats have issued them. Only a few of them have been overturned by the courts.

Neither Republicans nor Democrats do much about Executive Orders they don’t like since both parties issue them. This is how the Washington game is played.

Republicans and Democrats like Executive Orders on difficult issues because it stops the legislative process that they’ll have to participate in and eventually vote yes or no. They can always tell the voters back home, “Well, I would have voted against that if the President hadn’t issued an Executive Order. Golly gee willikers, now my hands are tied.” Right.

An Executive Order is only valid if it’s done within the jurisdictional authority of the President’s constitutional authority. To rule against the Second Amendment is not a presidential prerogative. If it is, then the President could turn his attention to the First Amendment and issue an order that newspapers can no longer criticize him. Conservative talk radio would die a quick death if the President issued an Executive Order saying that the freedom of speech had to be limited in several ways, one of which was negative political speech, especially about him.

Is An Executive Order a Law that Must be Obeyed?

The President can’t use an Executive Order to abolish the Second Amendment, that is a great thing to know, but does Obama, the Congress and Senate and the Supreme Court know that? Do they believe it in their hearts?

I can’t speak regarding what our FEDERAL level officials know or believe, even the GOP has taken a LEFT turn of late. Here in Texas we have a RINO Senator, John Cornyn, our Senior Senator, he goes with the direction the wind blows more often than not.

My recently elected Congress Critter, Pete Sessions, has left me with serious doubts, you see, his first vote was a vote FOR the Obama Tax Plan, the *fiscal cliff*, and now I am a bit *put out* with the good Congressman, he has to prove himself in MY opinion.

The one person elected to the Federal level that I do believe in is Freshman Senator Ted Cruz.

Cruz was sworn in and he hit the ground running! He immediately came out blasting Obamacare, the Obama Tax Plan (fiscal cliff) and any measure against the U.S. gun owner, the Bill of Rights or the Constitution.

It gives me great confidence to know that men like Ted Cruz are standing and fighting for us on the National front but this Second Amendment fight will have to be conducted on the STATE level as well.

I am in contact with my STATE officials and my LOCAL officials too for that matter, the thing is, the Tenth Amendment is OUR Amendment, and most of my LOCAL officials are on the same page as I am where guns and gun control are concerned.

Yesterday I spoke with Cindy Burkett (TX-113), Cindy is my Texas Congressional member and she is a Pro-Guns Lady too! I sent Cindy a link to this story: Wyoming lawmakers propose bill to nullify new federal gun laws, and I also sent it to my Texas State Senator, John Carona (TX-16) and to Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott.

I made them ALL aware that the others had received it too, open and honest. AG Abbott is VERY Pro-Guns and gun owners and has already vowed to go to Court to block any Obama gun BS.

I also sent that link to all of my family and friends, I can only hope that they too will use it to inspire their STATE officials to follow the lead that Wyoming is setting!

A lot of people do a lot of TALKING, they post on social networks, they write a comment on Facebook or to the pages of a blog, they say things like, “I wish MY State was like Texas.”

I have to ask those individuals; If YOUR State isn’t like Texas, you need to ask yourself WHY. Don’t you have a lot of hunters and gun owners in YOUR State? Why aren’t they ALL standing up? What are YOU doing to make things different in your State? I mean YOU personally?

I am tired of people hitting the LIKE BUTTON on Facebook and that being all they do; I am tired of a few folks coming on the blog to tell me what a wonderful job I am doing for Texas and sending emails asking me if I would please write a post to help them and THEIR State.

I live in Texas, I know how things WORK in Texas, I am NOT at ALL familiar with the laws of the other 49 States, or 57 States if you’re an Obama supporter.

My nom de plume is TexasFred, that is indicative of my living in Texas. I can’t do a lot in the grand scheme of things where YOUR elected officials are concerned, most of those that are State officials have no real use for the opinion of people that are not constituents.

What I can do is set the example for those that want to get involved.

Call your elected officials, get out and meet them and let them get to know YOU! That way they can make up their minds about how *REAL* you are or are you a flake and a moron that just wants to gripe.

Write and email your elected officials. Your Federal officials may be like mine; one out of three being worth talking to, but your STATE officials are the ones that can most affect what happens in YOUR State, get to know them and stay in touch with them.

I DO know this; some elected officials truly love to hear from their constituents, they take advice, weigh the information and then act on the issue; some don’t give a damn, they will vote whatever THEY think is best and don’t care what the voters think.

Those are the Representatives that can, and SHOULD be removed. Congress can be changed every 2 years, and I know a certain U.S. Congressman that seriously needs to keep that fact in mind.

Remember this America; if YOU are a voter you need to get active in your local and State political scene.

If you’re NOT a voter you need to play this neat little game called *Hide and GO SCREW YOURSELF*; you have NO right to gripe about anything!

Get in touch, stay in touch, let your voice be heard; that is the biggest problem in America today, people think their opinions and votes don’t count, but they do, and as long as you present yourself professionally, if your elected official is worth their salt, YOUR input will be appreciated and welcomed.

We send people to Congress to represent US, as in We, The People, but those in the Halls of Congress MUST know what it is that We, The People want.

If the majority of their constituents want a certain thing to happen and said Congressman repeatedly votes against the wishes of his electorate, remove him/her and replace them with folks that WILL listen!

It’s that simple, and remember; those in government work for us!

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8 Responses to Is An Executive Order a Law that Must be Obeyed?

  1. mrchuck says:

    My representatives in Washington D C know exactly what I believe in and must conduct business accordingly.
    Otherwise, I will not vote in their favor.
    Time for John Cornyn to be replaced.
    I agree that “he” now has changed to a liberal. VOTE HIM OUT!

  2. Hgpsurf says:

    Fred…I vote but my state is not at all like Texas. This state went 72% I believe for Obama and I know my vote is only a protest vote. We have people in Congress right now who promised in their campaigns to “help advance the policies of President Obama”. Makes me puke! As I have let you know, I plan on moving to Montana where my vote will make a difference and that state needs every conservative vote it can get.

  3. Longstreet says:

    Fred: My conservative democrat Congressman voted AGAINST the Obama Tax Plan! Mike McIntyre. I kid you not!

    BOTH my Senators voted for it! Burr - Republican and Hagan - Democrat

    See why I changed to Independent?

    I have been “involved” all my adult life. I have lobbied in the legislative building, in meeting rooms where committees are are meeting, and by practically every form of communication. From the courthouse to the statehouse Hell, I had Senators and Representatives visiting me in MY office.

    They HAVE to KNOW that you are gong to hold their feet to the fire. It is important that we keep our politicians looking over their shoulders all the blessed time. They MUST know that we are dogging every step they make — else we get exactly what we have in DC today.


  4. Katie says:

    If a law (or treaty) violates the Constitution than it is illegal and you don’t have to obey it. This is doubly true with Executive Orders.

    Keep your powder dry.

  5. Patrick Sperry says:

    My good friends and associates beat Texas to the draw..? In Wyoming no less? Well yes, we did, and yes, I did actually have some input on it. But, this battle is far from won friends.
    Please, support the local affiliate’s of GoA and NAGR. This was a collaborative effort, and Anthony Bouchard did the sweat work on this.

    He is one damned good man and patriot, and some outside support would really help.

    That said, we are truly at a crossroad in our survival as a Republic. People such as him and Fred are the ones that will make a difference. However things work out.

  6. Right Handed Cowboy says:

    I guess we sre going to find out how legal Obama*s executive order is in very short order. But as for me, I think not.

    I guess I dont have. Nuttin to worry about, I lost all of my weapons to the depths of Lake Amistad when my BOAT flipped over.

    Damn I hated that……oh well,

    Great Post Fred….

  7. LD Jackson says:

    I haven’t a clue as to what Obama is going to do, but I fear he will perceive some kind of executive authority to do what he wants. He has already said it would be easier to get things done if he didn’t have to deal with Congress. He has shown himself to be more than a little willing to go around them. Whatever he does, we have to push back against his unconstitutional use of the authority of the Office of the President.

  8. Steve Dennis says:

    Executive Orders were supposed to be used to help implement and existing law not to create new laws, and especially not to override a constitutional amendment. But you ask a great question; does the Congress and the SCOTUS understand this? After Robert’s decision on Obamacare I am not so certain anymore. If there is nobody willing to stop Obama it seems like he will do whatever he wants.
    You are also spot on about people who complain yet do nothing! People need to stand up and fight back, they need to become involved as best they can and let their voices be heard.

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