Obama proposals face quick opposition in Congress

Obama proposals face quick opposition in Congress

Sad Obama 150WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama set up high-stakes clashes over guns, immigration, taxes and climate change in a State of the Union address that showcased a newly re-elected president determined to mark his legacy, facing off against a deeply divided Congress with Republicans eager to rein him in.

At the center of it all was a fight over the very role of government, with Obama pushing a raft of new initiatives to improve preschool programs and voting, boost manufacturing and research and development, raise the minimum wage and lower energy use. “It is our unfinished task to make sure that this government works on behalf of the many and not just the few,” he said.

Republicans who control the House and hold enough votes to stall legislation in the Senate were just as quick to declare that the government helps best by getting out of the way. SOURCE

Once again the most ignorant, arrogant, inept and narcissistic Socialist in America runs off at the mouth and shows us that he really is the most ignorant, arrogant, inept and narcissistic Socialist in America.

That’s it … that’s all I have for Barack Hussein Obama. I detest this person, I have no respect for him, I mean NONE! He is a stain on the FREE FACE of America and has besmirched the Office of the President to the point that I have little, if ANY respect for the office itself, and those are words I never thought I would say.

Barack Hussein Obama is nothing more than a Chicago crook that got some good press coverage. He used his RACE to work the press and the press loved it.

Obama learned his craft, that of a community organizer, at the knee of his mentors, Communists and Socialists that are/were dead set on the idea of destroying the USA.

They found a willing foil in a young Obama, a willing dupe that ate up the teaching of Marx, Lenin, Alinsky and people like Bill Ayers and Frank Marshall Davis. Last night the words that Obama spoke confirmed everything I have just put forth; Obama is a Liberal Socialist of the 1st order.

“More government isn’t going to help you get ahead. It’s going to hold you back. More government isn’t going to create more opportunities. It’s going to limit them,” Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., said in the Republican response Tuesday night. “And more government isn’t going to inspire new ideas, new businesses and new private sector jobs. It’s going to create uncertainty.”

Marco Rubio speaks the truth! It seems the only thing Obama knows is to respond to each and every situation with more government and more taxes.

And once again I am of the opinion that Obama is on the verge of trying to completely go around the U.S. Congress and take control of the USA, running it by Executive Order. That will be the only way Obama can accomplish even a little bit of his agenda unless Congress goes absolutely crazy.

My Congressman, Pete Sessions, had this to say:

Pete SessionsWASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Congressman Pete Sessions (R-TX), Chairman of the House Rules Committee, tonight released the following statement in response to President Obama’s State of the Union address:

“In tonight’s address, President Obama once again touted his ostensible commitment to job creation and fiscal responsibility. Unfortunately, the American people have heard these empty campaign promises for the past four years. Instead of turning his rhetoric into responsible action, the President’s policies have burdened our economy with unprecedented levels of spending, record deficits and debt, and inevitably high unemployment. It’s time for a new direction, not retreaded policies.

“As Congress faces several upcoming fiscal deadlines, I urge the President to join House Republican efforts to address our nation’s spending crisis. We have voted twice to replace his sequester with responsible spending reductions and reforms that will begin to trim down our deficit and ultimately balance our budget. Instead of proposing job-destroying tax hikes on hardworking families to pay for Washington’s unrestrained spending, the President should chart a new course for his presidency and promote pro-growth policies that will get our fiscal house in order.

“In the 113th Congress, House Republicans will continue to provide common-sense solutions to the challenges of our time. It is my hope that in the President’s second term he will finally join our efforts to get our nation’s spending under control so we can get Americans back to work, provide certainty in the marketplace, and create a brighter future for generations to come.” SOURCE

I know Pete is sincere in his hope that Obama will “finally join our efforts to get our nation’s spending under control so we can get Americans back to work, provide certainty in the marketplace, and create a brighter future for generations to come”, and I hope he is correct too, but I am not nearly as optimistic as Rep. Sessions.

Pete Sessions is a great guy, a real Conservative, a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and American freedom, but I have found out another thing about Pete Sessions; he is a fighter!

I have gained a lot of respect for Pete. I communicate with him and his staff on a regular basis and I KNOW for a fact that Pete is working his butt off to counter all of the BS that pours from the Obama regime.

In summation; Congress has to fight Obama and his stupidity on ALL fronts. I hope the Senate will do so as well, but with the Democratic control of the Senate I don’t see a lot of good coming from that Hallowed Hall for some time yet!

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14 Responses to Obama proposals face quick opposition in Congress

  1. Bunkerville says:

    He is just getting started. Nothing to hold him back now. He defies the court rulings that go against him. He will put in cap and trade via the EPA. Take lead for our ammo. We ain’t seen nothin yet as the saying goes.

  2. LD Jackson says:

    If you read my post this morning, you will find I didn’t even make it through the entire speech last night. About 15 minutes and I was done. I can’t stand listening to Obama lecturing the rest of the country as if we are a bunch of children. He had nothing to say except the same song and dance of tax and spend. The only response he has to anything is tax and spend. Government, government, and more government. If we lose control of the House in 2014, our goose is surely cooked.

    I am glad to see people like Rubio and Sessions standing up to him, but I can’t help but wonder if it is a lost cause. The media isn’t about to let Obama near a real question from a real reporter. Zero accountability!

    • Right Handed Cowboy says:

      You nailed it LD, that is the issue, absolutely no accountability, if this is a Republican, they would have been run out on a rail…

      Just look at Clinton’s impeachment..compared to Obama Clinton is an alter boy and NOTHING is gonna be done to stop Obama. Benghazi did not get it done nor did fast and furious. Now the Southern Border is WIDE open, we are in serious trouble my friend. What is it going to take…. Please someone tell me.

  3. mrchuck says:

    Did not watch it, on purpose.
    Same old communist, Marxist bullshit.
    I kept watching another black terrorist get bar-b-qued out on the West Coast mountain range.
    I enjoyed this. Miss smelling the smoke and camaraderie though,,,,,

  4. Hgpsurf says:

    Obama is not going to change so we need to keep opposing him on all fronts. If Americans don’t wake up immediately we will go down the drain. Is being a Communist country really what we want….really?

  5. Gary says:

    President Obama put a rosy spin on several accomplishments of his administration in his 2013 State of the Union address.

    *The president claimed that “both parties have worked together to reduce the deficit by more than $2.5 trillion.” But that’s only an estimate of deficit reduction through fiscal year 2022, and it would be lower if the White House used a different starting point.
    * Obama touted the growth of 500,000 manufacturing jobs over the past three years, but there has been a net loss of 600,000 manufacturing jobs since he took office. The recent growth also has stalled since July 2012.
    * He claimed that “we have doubled the distance our cars will go on a gallon of gas.” Actual mileage is improving, but Obama’s “doubled” claim refers to a desired miles-per-gallon average for model year 2025.
    * Obama said the Affordable Care Act “is helping to slow the growth of health care costs.” It may be helping, but the slower growth for health care spending began in 2009, before the law was enacted, and is due at least partly to the down economy.

    *The president also made an exaggerated claim of bipartisanship. He said that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney agreed with him that the minimum wage should be tied to the cost of living. But Romney backed off that view during the campaign.

    Also: Nugent: GOP ‘Has Lost Their Scrotum,’ Democrats ‘Ruthless’

  6. Katie says:

    I didn’t watch the POTUS last night. In fact I knew exactly what he would say. Just more taxing and spending. The RINO party will cave and fold. And in the end we get shafted once again.

  7. BobF says:

    The sight and sound of the Jug-Eared Jackass makes me physically ill so I didn’t watch.

  8. TexasFred says:

    I garnered all of my info for this post from the news… We watched the Westminster Kennel Dog Show…

    There is only one or 2 things I would listen to from Obama, him saying *I quit* or *Guilty Your Honor*… Either way, I’m good with it…

  9. Robert says:

    Ya know, I watched the SOTU in 2009 just so I could have something to base my anger on. I found Obama to be a great speaker and one hell of used car salesman. People ate all of his Bullshit up like it was fresh out of the oven and dripping with A1 sauce.

    After the last couple S.T.O.U addresses I’ve learned that it’s just a highly televised campaign speech with ZERO substance. The only thing I know is that he’s planning a lot worse than what he said. He can’t say what he really wants to do or even his democrats would leave him.. Well, other than Pelosi and SJL…Well, any black democrat actually and he’s pretty much got carte blanche with CA’s dems. But ALL THE OTHERS WOULD ABANDON HIM. So he’s just going to nip around the edges and then he’ll get his wish… From the sheep.

    Rubio did a good job of picking apart the bullshit but it doesn’t matter anymore. The MSM is on the dole and they are keeping the sheep in the corral for the boy king.

  10. Bat Catcher says:

    I refused to watch him, as he makes me physically ill. I can read about it, but not watch the Great Liar speak! He has done nothing but talk in over 4 years.. Just one campaign speech after another!!!

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