Christopher Dorner’s charred body is positively identified

Christopher Dorner’s charred body is positively identified

Cop KillerSan Bernardino County sheriff’s officials have positively identified the charred remains found in a mountain cabin Tuesday as being the body of Christopher Dorner.

Officials said they made the identification using dental records during the autopsy.

The announcement brings a formal end to the epic manhunt for Dorner, who was accused of killing four people, including two law enforcement officers. He was killed at the end of a hours-long standoff in a cabin near Big Bear on Tuesday afternoon.

PHOTOS: Manhunt for ex-LAPD officer

SWAT officers in the cabin standoff decided to use highly flammable “hot gas” canisters as a last resort after other efforts to persuade Dorner to surrender failed, according to law enforcement sources. SOURCE

So, Dorner is CONFIRMED as dead … AWESOME news, and I don’t care how it was accomplished either.

I am certain that the residents of the area can rest a bit better now, and to the Officers from the various agencies that were involved in tracking this guy down I say KUDOS, a job well done.

To the families of Dorner’s victims I offer my most sincere condolences.

That said; there are some SICK people in this world. There are many in this nation that hate our Police Officers. They hate all levels of Law Enforcement.

OK, this is a free nation and I don’t want to deny these people their hatred, even if I personally believe it is terribly misplaced.

And I am NOT a *blind* supporter of the Police. I am well aware of the fact that there are *dirty* cops out there. I am also well aware of Departments that engage in less than ethical activities.

Police Officers are not SAINTS, they are human beings given to all of the pain, pleasure, temptations and hardships that ALL humans face. The difference is this; MOST Cops accept those human traits for what they are and they go on with the job.

Most Police Officers represent themselves and their Departments with dignity and a sense of professionalism.

Despite the risks involved with being a Police Officer; the psychological stress of the job, the physical stress of the job and the many other contributing behavioral factors Cops face, most Officers exhibit a high degree of personal pride in what they do as well as a certain sense of compassion for the victims of the crimes and violence they deal with on a daily basis.

Apparently, Chris Dorner was NOT that kind of Officer.

Dorner has serious issues with the Los Angeles Police Department, and obviously, they had issues with him. He was fired from the LAPD and that left Dorner a bitter man that planned on taking his revenge on the LAPD and any Law Enforcement Officer that he saw as a *target of opportunity*.

Once Dorner fired that 1st round and killed his 1st victim, any legitimacy his claims of abuse and whatever else he complained about, went right out the window. Dorner became a savage murderer and was then hunted down like a dog and ultimately, he met his demise.

Christopher Dorner had FANS, he had fan clubs and fan pages on Facebook, he had people rooting for him, hoping he would continue his rampage and avoid capture or death.

A great number of people accuse the police, LAPD precisely, of murdering Dorner, of executing him in an extrajudicial manner. The following is only a small part of the comments on the original story from the L.A. Times.

Reid H Slaughter • Top Commenter • University of Northern Iowa

Chris did enough damage by himself, he didn’t need help.

Pinkerbelle Merrick • UNLV Graduate College

We’ll never know if that’s true or not Reid. He was murdered before he could have his day in court. Whatever happened to “innocent until proven guilty” in the US?

Obviously, this *Pinkerbelle Merrick* didn’t major in Criminal Justice. There is not too much of a chance of having your day in court when you initiate a firefight with the members of Law Enforcement.

And then there was this, the sheer stupidity of the comment is why I am using it.

Markus Messore • Clerk at Burgess Cafe Skidmore

I don’t care what crimes Dorner committed, the fact of the matter is that the LAPD broke the law during the extrajudicial murder of Christopher Dorner. An agency meant to uphold and enforce the law CANNOT selectively enforce them, nor may they go beyond them. The LAPD are not above the law, though they are repeatedly allowed to operate as such.

Another of those Dorner fans I presume … and again, a really DUMB one.

If the information I have is correct, the LAPD was NOT involved with the capture or death of Christopher Dorner, this happened in Riverside County and as I understand the situation, Riverside Deputies, State Game Wardens and California Highway Patrol were the Officers on scene.

There was no selective enforcement, Dorner initiated a gunfight, but his fans believe he was murdered at the hands of Law Enforcement.

An old Professor once told me, ‘Ignorance can be overcome, but stupidity is terminal.’

The Chris Dorner Fan Club people are beyond redemption.

Edit to add @ 19:07:22 2/15/13 - SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. (AP) - Fugitive ex-cop Christopher Dorner killed himself as the cabin he was barricaded inside caught fire following a shootout with officers, police revealed Friday while also confirming he spent most of his time on the run in a condominium just steps away from the command center set up to find him.

“The information that we have right now seems to indicate that the wound that took Christopher Dorner’s life was self-inflicted,” sheriff’s Capt. Kevin Lacy told reporters at a news conference. SOURCE

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8 Responses to Christopher Dorner’s charred body is positively identified

  1. Gary says:

    These asshats are pissed off because they were hoping for another Rodney King event that was taken from them. Any opportunity to get the word out that ‘whitey is racist’ perpetuates the divide and hatred amongst good American folk, strengthening the ‘victim mentality’ of these dependents of government.

    He [Dorner] would have been tried and found guilty, sentenced, and the riots would have ensued. Whether the LA Police are guilty of his accusations or not; what they did was effectively save the taxpayers a butt load of $$ that will be redirected back into the hands of the corrupt California Teacher’s Association.

    Glad to see him gone.

  2. Hgpsurf says:

    Dorner is dead and that part of it is over. It will never be over for the families, close friends, and co-workers of the people he shot and killed….never. Do his “fans” ever think of this? These idiots are the ones who voted for Obama.

  3. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    I AM in law enforcement and I’ll readily admit cops aren’t perfect and mess up. That said, I’ll not be shedding tears for Dorner.


  4. Katie says:

    These useful idiots (As the old Soviet Union used to call them.) believe that if a black man kills a white or Asian person, it isn’t a crime. I wonder if Markus Messore would write what he wrote if it was his daughter Dorner murdered. Or if he were a cop in a shoot out with Dorner. These idiots have an easy life. Been told the world revolves around them. They never failed at anything. Mommy and Daddy pay for everything this idiots want. They will always root for the criminal. Why not? They will never meet up with a Dorner. They hate the police, but if their car is stolen, home is rob, they are mugged guess who they will call first? The Police. And demand that they get their property back.

    The best thing is for everyone to ignore them. They speak out of the backsides and know nothing of the way the world runs.

  5. Charley says:

    Simple enough -the actions of the local LEOs saved the CA taxpayers millions of dollars!

  6. LD Jackson says:

    Chris Dorner got what he deserved. That doesn’t mean he was or wasn’t done wrong by the LAPD, but killing innocent people isn’t the way to right those wrongs, real or perceived. And like you said, he opened the door to a lot of things when he started the firefight with the police officers.

  7. mrchuck says:

    Just another chapter of black on white crime.
    Dorner was a “time bomb”, and LAPD knew it!!!!!
    Over 4 years after being dismissed, he went off.
    “nothing to see here,,,move on folks”,,, move on please,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  8. Patrick Sperry says:

    Just got to a stop, and saw a bunch of them on TV. Basically praising the asshat.

    Also, on late night radio, it was reported that Dorner was an obamanite. Figures…

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