No explanation for police chief missing in Mexico

No explanation for police chief missing in Mexico

MexicoNUEVO LAREDO, Mexico (AP) — In one of Mexico’s most violent border cities, no one is saying what happened to Police Chief Roberto Balmori Garza.

It’s been a week since he went missing from Nuevo Laredo and the local news media have reported nothing, even after two of his brothers showed up murdered in a neighboring state on Feb. 17. One of them was an agent for the federal Attorney General’s Office.

City spokesman Juan Jose Zarate said the local government has no confirmation that Balmori Garza disappeared, only that he has not come to work.

He said the mayor, Benjamin Galvan Gomez, is still waiting for the chief to show up.

“That’s why we’ve put out absolutely no statement,” Zarate said.

SOURCE: The Houston Chronicle

The comments on the original piece from The Chronicle are about what you would expect from a place that is as highly saturated with ILLEGALS and the bleeding heart Libtards that support them.

Some of the comments are fairly decent, and quite to the point; don’t look for this guy to turn up alive anywhere, it’s just not going to happen. He has *gone missing* in a part of Mexico that is tightly controlled by Los Zetas. They are not known for holding Law Enforcement people hostage for ransom.

I’m only guessing on this but I would imagine that some might think the Chief may have gone over to *the other side* and that’s why he has disappeared. To those that would think so; you would more than likely be wrong. If Police Chief Roberto Balmori Garza had turned to *the dark side* he wouldn’t be missing, he would be getting a lot of money for his position of power and what that power could do to help Los Zetas.

Corruption in Mexico is so rampant that if an official can’t be *bought off* he simply disappears and someone else takes his place, and it doesn’t take too long for the idea to sink in that if you’re the new Chief, and you don’t *play ball* with the cartels, you too are quite likely to never be heard from again.

So, since we ALL know that Mexico is a corrupt dung heap, why then do we see this story and WHY hasn’t the lame-stream media picked up on it?

Mexican lawmakers have sent a demand for a list of gun owners in four border states to the United States Senate – as part of a push for tougher gun laws in their northern neighbor. Mexico has been rocked by an ongoing drug war that has left thousands dead.

The demand involves a registry for the states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. While California has some registration provisions in state law, the other three states do not. This comes on the heels of a push by the Caribbean Community for the inclusion of small arms in a proposed Arms Trade Treaty at the United States.

Gun owners in Arizona interviewed by KPHO expressed sharp disapproval of the demand, with some making references to Operation Fast & Furious, an ATF operation that allowed nearly 2,000 firearms to fall into the hands of Mexican drug cartels.

SOURCE: Soldier of Fortune Magazine

Let me make this VERY clear for those that have never lived in a U.S. border state; there are places where the Rio Grande delineates our border, but there are many other areas of the border that have no delineation other than a broken down barbed wire fence and the only even remotely looking like Border Security is a rancher with a rifle trying to defend what he owns.

I have a very special message for the Mexican government, and our own government too if they think that I am going to play this game; the dangers faced by U.S. citizens in Border STATES is very real, so pay attention you silly bastards, I HAVE GUNS, I know how to use them. If you want them, COME AND TAKE THEM!

Can’t get much plainer than that, and along these same lines, Janet Napolitano tells us The Border s more secure than ever.

This is one of the biggest BULL SHIT lies in the news today. Ask the people, Americans that live on the border, ask them how secure it is.

It’s NOT secure! Our border with Mexico is porous, weak and seriously undefended, and with looming cuts to Border Patrol it’s only going to get worse. See these links and I think you’ll agree.

Massive Pay cuts Looming for Border Patrol Agents
Border Patrol Agents Singled-Out Again for Huge Reductions in Pay
Massive Pay Cut Looming

I’m not saying that the reason a few numbers are down is because Border Patrol Agents are disheartened and unmotivated, but think of this; USBP has the most thankless job there is, the people they DO arrest and deport are back here before the Agents that work deportation duty are, the Agents are getting their pay massively cut and they WILL see the same ILLEGALS crossing the border again.

Think about all of this America, and then ask yourselves; how long before we have Police Chiefs, USBP Agents, rank and file Police officers and innocent civilians that either come up missing or shot dead as the violence crosses over into the United States?

And the Libtards wonder WHY so many of us, Law Enforcement and Civilians, as so well armed.

Additional reading: Brewer: Border not Secure, Drug Cartels ‘Ready to Come Across’

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9 Responses to No explanation for police chief missing in Mexico

  1. Right Handed Cowboy says:

    I live here on the Border as you well know Fred. When I was a young investigator assigned to vehicle theft, back in the day, we routinely went into Mexico and sought the assistance of the Mexican Police to find our vehicles, they gladly helped..but they also used our stolen vehicles as their police units because they had no police cars. Over the years that practice changed and they now impound the vehicles.

    The truth is that missing Police Chief is more than likely dead, because he would not co-operate, so they whacked him, that’s the bottom line.

    Yet Obama feels it necessary to whack the Border Patrol and screw the Agents and their families. All this does is PROVE once and for all Obama wants to have an open Border, and he will have it at the expense of about 4,600 laid off Agents if they do not agree with the cuts. The cuts are outlined in my post which I noticed you linked to, thank you Fred.

    I want to believe that sequestration will not happen, but at this point I do not is not going to effect Obama and his globe trotting bitch wife who carts around in her own private military jet and is paid $4,500 a month just to buy clothes, that is a joke in and of itself.

    I guess we will find out sooner than later..

    Keep Your Powder Dry Amigo

  2. mrchuck says:

    Well,,,imagine that, a mexican town’s sheriff goes missing.
    Probably tried to swim with more chain wrapped around him than he could carry.
    Falcon Lake fishes now have some more fresh food.
    Until this fake Marxist president of ours leaves, and we get a Conservative President in office,,,, we will never see any improvement. NEVER.
    Between all the negro Section 8 leeches and the welfare roles, and Peggy Joseph mentality types, Osama-bama-ding-a-ling dong will spend the treasury dry on those type of voters versus protecting any white rancher on our Southern Border.

    • Right Handed Cowboy says:

      Living down here as long as I have I can tell you this, if this Chief tried to swim as you say with more chain than he could handle, it was placed there by the cartel enforcers, for his failure to comply with instructions. So just maybe this Chief died because he had some honor and refused cartel orders, or he could have tried to rip off the cartel, no one really knows at this point.

      The good , decent and honest cop in Mexico is painted with the same brush as a crooked cop is, sad but true. Those guys have a way tougher job than some of us have here in the States because the Cartel operates in the open. They even have uniforms, with shoulder patches and magnetic signs indicating what Cartel it is. They have road blocks where they stop cars and search them for weapons and what not. I also can say this, not all Mexican Police Officers/Chiefs are corrupt. I have known and worked with many many good men.

      The problem is identifying the good from the bad, most good men end up missing and dead.

      So what happened to this Chief, no one knows, and those who do know will not talk, under fear of death of themselves or their families. They will do and say anything to save their family.

      That us just how it is…..its not going to change until the Mexican Government changes………..and that might be when hell freezes over.

      • TexasFred says:

        Mexico and change… Not gonna happen, the American people are standing up to the corruption of Obama and Company, and Obama’s bunch knows that we will fight back… Mexicans, as a whole, are disarmed, and some folks better pay attention, this could happen here if Americans are ever disarmed… A tyrant like Obama would run wild if we were unarmed and crime, on ALL levels, would run rampant…

        I doubt the Mexican Chief is in the river, a barrel of acid is more Los Zetas style…

  3. mrchuck says:

    I “worked” in Mexico for awhile and know first hand how and why their “law enforcement is controlled by “mordida”, the “little bite”.
    ALL PJF was corrupt. The local PJE lived on local “little bites”, as their State salaries were pitiful.
    I worked well with both,,,as they knew I had dinero for specific information and actions.

  4. LD Jackson says:

    My sympathies for Roberto Balmori Garza, as you are most likely correct. He is long dead by now.

    Concerning the demand by the Mexican government that the United States hand over a list of American gun owners who live in the four border states, I hope they ripped it up and sent it back in a self-addressed stamped envelope. The Mexicans have absolutely no right to that kind of information. And by the way, it’s their own fault they can’t control the gun violence, not ours.

  5. Katie says:

    The man rests with the fish as the Italians would say. This is nothing new, in fact it is a hazard of the job. I suppose the next in his job will be more willing to “look the other way” while taking a bribe unofficial pay raise.

  6. the unit says:

    Oh Cisco, Oh Pancho. Adios Amigo. ¡hola Obama. Welcome faster and furiouser.

  7. Top John says:

    Who in the hell is mexico to demand anything? Sad part is that our elected tormentors will probably consider betraying our lawful gun owners.

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