A message from U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX)

A message from U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX)

Texas Independence Day

While battle raged at the Alamo 177 years ago, a free Republic was born when delegates from across Texas met to declare their independence from a Mexican government that had “ceased to protect the lives, liberty, and property of the people, from whom its legitimate powers are derived.”

The men who declared Texas Independence knew with every fiber of their being what the price of liberty was, and that same appreciation of liberty still guides the Lone Star State today. We owe it to those who sacrificed it all to fight back whenever freedom is threatened.

I hope you have a happy Texas Independence Day, remember the brave Texians who laid it all on the line, and always stand for liberty.

To ALL of my Texas friends and neighbors, Native Texans, Texans by choice, those of us that LOVE Texas and the freedom that Texas stands for; Happy Independence Day!

Not all of us were blessed by being born in Texas, many Texans came from other places, I am one of them. I was born in Shreveport, but that’s about as close to Texas as you can get and not really be IN Texas.

Even so, I got here as fast as I could; my folks moved to Odessa, TX when I was 6 months old and the pattern was set. I have lived in Texas most of my life and I doubt that I will ever leave Texas, not alive anyway.

I am sure that causes great pain for a few Libtards that are terribly out of place in this wonderful state called Texas, especially one that recently told me that Texas didn’t need angry Republican people like me with all of my Conservative ways and went on to say that I should LEAVE Texas and go back to Louisiana. By the way, I am NOT a registered Republican, I am, and always will be an Independent Conservative, just sayin’.

You see, that person has vowed that they and their fellow Libtards are going to turn Texas into a *BLUE* state in 2016. I don’t think they want ME in the fight. :twisted:

In response to their pathetic plea for me to leave Texas I will say this; NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

Regarding the belief that the Libbers will turn Texas *BLUE* in 2016, I will say, as have many other Texans,”Over my dead body”, and this bears remembering; we haven’t played Cowboys and Libtards yet!

Texas, Conservative and Freedom loving, the best combination on earth.

People fought and died to free Texas from Mexico, many of them were adopted Texans, but they fought and died for Texas and its freedom, and we’ll do it again.

And for all of you True Texans that weren’t BORN here but are here because you want to be, and are dedicated to Texas Freedom, I offer you this:

Honorary Texan

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17 Responses to A message from U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX)

  1. dinosaur863 says:

    some excellent thoughts from Sen Cruz and also yourself……I’ve only been here for 3 years, but will never call anyother place home………cause I’m where I wanna be!

  2. Texasperated says:

    Like you, Fred, I was born elsewhere and got here soon as I heard about it. But I do not regard myself as an “honorary” Texan. I’m Texan through and through. Lived here (as have you) longer than the majority of “native” Texans.

    Keep your powder dry

  3. mrchuck says:

    Jim Bowie was from the State of Louisiana and died fighting at the Alamo with his knife in his hand!
    Texas Fred,,, you are our modern day Jim Bowie, fighting for our rights with your pen.
    Your insights and blog, cut through the liberal and socialist diatribe as quick and clean as a any Bowie knife.
    And when it comes time to “fish or cut bait”, all you Texas Fred readers and supporters are welcome to come to the Texas border and be computer “frisked”, and pass into God’s approved sanctuary.
    If you are a Obama supporter,,,,forget about entering the State of TEXAS.

  4. Right Handed Cowboy says:

    Happy Independence day to you my friend. You may be born elsewhere Fred, but like me are dyed in wool Pure Texan through and through. Thank you for your leadership and your sheer determination to return our nation to core values and to keep Texas out of the hands of those Libtards who wish to destroy Texas as well as the United States. As long as I draw a breath I will walk side by side with you to stop the bastards.

    Again, Thanks for a job well done.

  5. himself9 says:

    I move from Fritch, Texas to Colo. in 1979, but have never considered myself as a Coloradian. Texas is the home of my heart.

  6. LD Jackson says:

    Well, my twin brother and I were born in Arkansas, but Mom got us back across the border to Oklahoma as soon as we were able to travel. I am pretty fond of the Sooner state, but if I had to live somewhere else, Texas would be my choice.

    • TexasFred says:

      My folks were in the oil business and we lived in OKC for 6 years, my Freshman year in H/S they retired due to my fathers health and went back to Louisiana… 4 years later I was gone to Texas again… I went home… But, like you, if I had to live somewhere besides Texas it would undoubtedly be somewhere in Oklahoma…

      Twice in my adult life, due to circumstances beyond my control, I was forced to live in Louisiana, but as soon as was possible I left and came right back to Texas!

  7. Katie says:

    If Texas ever goes blue then the nation is over.

    The best times of my life were in Texas. First at Basic Training in San Antonio, then in advanced training in San Angelo. Both great Texas cities.

  8. Top John says:

    It’s what liberals do, Fred; they turn their own states into cesspools and then migrate to states with better economies and less crime. They refuse to admit that the reason certain states have better economic conditions and less crime is due to a conservative state government and populace. Liberals then proceed to turn their new home into the same type of shithole that they left behind. Liberals are like a virus.

  9. Capt Ron says:

    Here, here, gentleman! I applaud Senator Cruz for taking this stance publicly, and I will support him and his office 100%. He is giving faith to the Republican party once again, even though I deem myself an Independent conservative more.

    I’ve lived on both coasts and in Seattle during my Navy term, and I came back to Texas because there is no place better. I’m born and raised in Texas, and proud of it.

    Fred, keep it up, and remember I have your back.

    • TexasFred says:

      Thank you Ron, and as always, I have yours!

      For folks that don’t know, Capt. Ron is my friend and neighbor, he lives across the street from me. Ron and his wife are the best neighbors you can ask for, we don’t bother them, they don’t bother us and we’re always there for the other if the need arises… And we have guns! :twisted:

  10. myfoxmystere says:


    I admire many things about Texans. One of the most amusing things I recently got a kick out of was the feud between Governor Rick Perry and “Gubenor Moonbeam”. Moonbeam cawed out (or was it clucked out) “he’s barely a fart!” Rick Perry has a brain; moonbeam Jerry has a diseased pea brain. Rick Perry inspired Iowa Governor Terry Branstad to join in the business hunt.

    I have plenty of fun irritating libtards and libturds on my blogs mystere’s moonbat slayer club and mystere’s moonbat spanker. As you know, I live in Orange County, which is a bastion of Conservatives in California, along with Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego and Imperial Counties. I am staying in California to help turn it from a blue state to a red state.

    I presume you heard about the Berkley libtard Gordon Wosniak, the kook who wants to tax emails to funnel money to the US Postal Service that has gone bankrupt all thanks to the big FAT bloated pensions

    I have a field day poking fun at libtards and libturds on my blogs mystere’s

    • myfoxmystere says:

      By the way, my Android is acting up. That’s what caused some of the typos. As for that Berkley bozo Wozniak, I delivered some great swipes on my blog mystere’s moonbat slayer club. Oh yeah…moonbeam and Hugo Chavez are some of my latest moonbats to get exposed.

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