ObamaCare MUST Be Repealed

ObamaCare MUST Be Repealed

I received this in my email this morning. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is a great guy, he is a fighter for what is RIGHT and for what is good for Texas. Read this message from AG Abbott and then please read my commentary below that.


Three years ago today the president signed ObamaCare into law. And three years ago today I filed suit in federal court to stop it.

Today we know the Supreme Court upheld the law in a 5-4 vote, declaring the insurance coverage mandate legal by another name: a tax.

ObamaCare is a massive tax on employers and their workers. And a little known provision is just now getting attention that is devastating to businesses: a $63 fee on employers for each person they insure (as opposed to the tax they will pay if they refuse to pay for insurance.) The Wall Street Journal recently shined attention on this massive fee hike; read the full story here.

I have only begun to fight, but I can’t do it alone. If you agree we should not surrender our freedom or our income to federal overreach, please help us grow our team today by 3 people.

By identifying like-minded conservatives, they can join in the call for Congress to defund ObamaCare until Washington has dealt with the deficit. This effort is proudly championed by our own Senator Ted Cruz.

ObamaCare comes at a cost of $1 trillion to our deficit. But there’s a greater cost: freedom lost at the hands of a growing federal government. The larger Washington looms in our lives, the less freedom is left for our citizens.

Take a stand for freedom today. Who else can join us in this fight?

For Freedom,
Greg Abbott

I agree, ObamaCare MUST be repealed, and if you’ll notice, AG Abbott isn’t begging for money, all he wants is support, moral support!

I am NOT naive, I know that money makes the world go around. It takes money to get anything done today, it takes money to keep this blog open, and yes, I do run a once a year funds drive and I count on a few occasional donations to help out the cause, but I am retired and live on a fixed income.

I have made it very clear to ALL of my elected officials; I don’t have ANY disposable or extra income, but I have this blog. It is a well read blog and I have some very wonderful folks that read my writings.

These friends and readers are Conservative patriots and are up against the wall financially too, but they support ME and this blog and I, in turn, use the blog to support the people, issues and causes that I feel are worthy of support.

Greg Abbott isn’t asking for your money, all he wants is your support!

My new Senator, Ted Cruz, has a staff that is begging for money, almost to the point of sounding like the proverbial *bill collector*; “I see we haven’t yet received your donation of $150, $100 or $75 to help us fight this ObamaCare issue…’

I have received 2 such emails in as many days and this morning I again responded to one and told them, in NO uncertain terms, the *duns* stop or MY personal support of Sen. Cruz will diminish accordingly.

I work my tail off on this blog, I support Texas, the USA and Conservatism in every way I can and I will continue to use the blog to do so. I don’t BEG for money, I don’t send out email after email asking for money to support this, that or the other, and I will support Sen. Cruz with this blog, but elected officials need to realize, some of us just aren’t in a position to drop hundreds of dollars into their coffers every time they ask for it.

Make no mistake; I seriously appreciate every donation I get and if I have any left over cash I use it to support a cause that needs it.

The repeal of ObamaCare isn’t a cause that needs money, at least not in MY opinion. All this needs is for Americans to light up their Congressmen and Senators phone lines, emails and snail mail boxes DEMANDING that they work to repeal ObamaCare and free the American people from this travesty.

Votes my friends, that is all that is needed, and if our Senators and Congressmen have to be PAID with donations to vote for a repeal of ObamaCare, well, we may need to look at having others take THEIR place come next election.

One other thing; while they are working to repeal ObamaCare, maybe they could try to find a way to repeal Obama too. Just sayin’…

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4 Responses to ObamaCare MUST Be Repealed

  1. Hgpsurf says:

    Yup, you’re right. Sign an online pledge for the Tea Party or any other organization and you are on their targeted donation list. I get requests for money every day from the likes of Rand Paul and Michelle Bachmann and I wish they would stop. One of the worst is the NRA, which I very strongly support. However, if I donated to them for every request they make I would be broke.

  2. TexasFred says:

    Just had this brief back and forth with Texas AG Greg Abbott on Twitter. It really makes it all worthwhile when you KNOW that folks like AG Abbott are reading what you write!

    Greg Abbott@GregAbbott_TX
    @TexasFred-Thanks for your great post!

    @GregAbbott_TX My pleasure Sir, just calls em like I sees em.. :)

  3. LD Jackson says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more about the way many politicians beg and grovel for money. That’s one reason I refuse to give them my email address. Once on their list, no matter if you have given them zero dollars or $100, they want more and more and more.

    I don’t mean to sound defeatist, but I can’t help but wonder if the fight to repeal Obamacare is already doomed. The legislation has been allowed to become the law of the land, regardless of its actual constitutionality. Every few days, we hear about more of its implementation. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t fight, but I wonder if its a losing fight. I sincerely hope it is not.

  4. Patrick Sperry says:

    The NRA founded the “Crisis of the week!” fundraising strategy. Anyone wonder why this Life Member doesn’t give them a dime?

    Moral support is in fact all that should be needed. Kick the bastards out that voted for it. Same for any that refuse to get rid of it. Then start taking apart virtually everything else that halfrican and his cronies have pushed.

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