Suspicion in DA death shifts to white supremacists

Suspicion in DA death shifts to white supremacists

KAUFMAN, Texas (AP) - Suspicion in the slayings of a Texas district attorney and his wife shifted Monday to a violent white supremacist prison gang that was the focus of a December law enforcement bulletin warning that its members might try to attack police or prosecutors.
And less than two weeks ago, Colorado’s prison chief was shot to death at his front door, apparently by a white supremacist ex-convict who died in a shootout with deputies after fleeing to Texas. SOURCE

I seriously have to wonder just WHO is the source for news stories.

The story above says that suspicion in DA death shifts to white supremacists, but then I find this from local sources.

Search Warrant Sheds Light on McLelland Investigation

Investigators: No indication Aryan Brotherhood involved

Several people who are familiar with the case downplayed any possible connection to white supremacist prison gang the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas.

Investigators say they have found nothing to indicate the Aryan Brotherhood was involved. SOURCE

Perhaps someone misunderstood, maybe someone wrote it down wrong, who knows, but one thing is a certainty; these stories contradict each other and both use the same person as a source, Terry Pelz, a former Texas prison warden and expert on the gang.

Maybe there was more information that came to light, information that caused the AB to be disregarded, there are a lot of things *popping* in this fast moving investigation and I hope the media isn’t muddying the waters.

Detectives have declined to say if the Aryan Brotherhood is the focus of their investigation, but the state Department of Public Safety bulletin warned that the group is “involved in issuing orders to inflict ‘mass casualties or death’ to law enforcement officials involved in the recent case.”

Killing law enforcement representatives would be uncharacteristic of the group, Pelz said.

“They don’t go around killing officials,” he said. “They don’t draw heat upon themselves.”

They don’t go around killing officials as far as you know.

Things change, priorities change, the AB is not the most mentally stable bunch. I hate to disagree with an expert on the AB but maybe they changed their method of operation, maybe the *threats* have become a reality.

The key word to ALL of this is MAYBE. You see, none of us not connected to this investigation know anything more than what the media releases or we hear from contacts inside some of the agencies involved, and so far, the agencies involved don’t know who did this either.

I have had a lot of emails from readers all over the nation, offering their ideas on this and some have been right along the same line of thinking that most Law Enforcement personnel have, AB or Cartels, but I got a comment from one reader that really surprised me.

DA may have stumbled onto something related to “Fast and Furious”. Don’t rule out the Obama regime in this.

Well yeah, let’s just venture off into MOONBAT land and conspiracy theory.

I don’t play those games, I have NO love for Obama and his regime, that is a known fact, but to even suggest something that silly, that Alex Jones, took greatly away from the person making that comment, and my saying so may cost me a reader but I honestly don’t care. I deal in facts and in this case, some viable possibilities, not PrisonPlanet BS.

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19 Responses to Suspicion in DA death shifts to white supremacists

  1. Katie says:

    I just heard a report that it was the Mexican Cartels. They do target officials and their families in Mexico. And with Obama in office, they see the border as non-existent. Why not try and take over parts of the US. Especially if they believe the land was stolen from them.

    The AB are not only idiots, but they are never organized enough to try to do this. It could be they are fulfilling a hit though. Money is money and they need money.

    • TexasFred says:

      Yeah, OK, since you’re a Law Enforcement expert, OK… There is far too much *maybe* in ALL of this…

      Mexican cartels may well be responsible but Kaufman had no cartels cases working, they DID have AB cases… But what do I know…

      It could have been a disgruntled neighbor or employee, at this point in time no one KNOWS anything, not me, not you, not the media, all we have is speculation and educated guesses from those that DO know a bit about Law Enforcement..

      • Katie says:

        Not an expert just relaying what was told to me. I do know that when the Mafia puts out a hit, it can be outsourced out to a rival gang. Why not this time too?

        • TexasFred says:

          Yesterday I had a guy call me that had a *hot tip* he thought I might be interested in; he has a friend that has a friend that knows someone that works for the Kaufman Sheriffs Office…

          You base your comments on what someone told you? And you’re up in Chicago area??

          Maybe you need a friend that has a friend that knows someone… This ain’t Chicago…

  2. Right Handed Cowboy says:

    As you say there is no sense in heading into MOONBAT land and your right. The only ones who really know is Law Enforcement and they are not talking at this point and nor should they.

    However if you want to speculate and your post of the Cartels are spreading their wings here right in the quite little neighborhoods that we all call home. The cartels historically just love to make a big splash by killing someone of importance. They do it daily in Mexico. They kill Mayors, Governors, Chiefs of Police etc. This is how they SEND A MESSAGE. It has been quite effective. Just look at the media in Mexico. They are scared to death, literally.

    At this point the Cartels has all the money and they DO WHAT THEY PLEASE, and they WILL challenge you make them do otherwise.

    The Obama administration has literally done nothing to secure the borders. That is due to the fact that “The borders are now as secure and safer than they ever have been.” And you all know, or at least we who live on the southern most border know that what Obama and Napolitano say about the border is a blatant lie.

    The cartel is here and they are entrenched in our neighborhoods and it will be hard to dig them out. The Cartels Fred as you and I have talked about at length deal in scare tactics. They will dismember, and behead you and will make it known who did the deed. Remember the Hartley case, when the cartel assassinated an American on his jet ski. Murdered on the U.S. side to boot. The message…..stay away from this area, and people have, because they are afraid…message received.

    I am not going on record and say that it was the cartel, because it is not known, I will say the tactics are similar, because it was a well known politician someone with a title, District Attorney, but whoever it is, I hope they catch them sooner than later.

  3. Red Hot says:

    I have recently served as the Foreman of the Dallas County Grand Jury. Several of us who are veterans of grand jury service remarked this term that offenders are younger and meaner than ever before. There is a palpable trend of disrespect toward all authority and LEO are targets like never before. 17 year olds tattoo “F*&$K the PoPo” across their chests and idealize suicide by cop.

    In Kaufman, it can be little different since the same pop culture that glorifies drugs and violence is available to everyone. Whether these murders are perpetrated by gangs, cartels or copycats, they are all largely influenced by the same culture.

    There is talk in town that someone with a specific grudge against Mark Hasse and Mike McLelland has enlisted some of the young, souless thugs with a general disrespect toward police to exact his revenge. If this is the case, we are worse off than I believed at the end of my term.

    • TexasFred says:

      I just wish they would nail it down, for ALL the obvious reasons, but to shut up the *wannabe* cops too… Those that *arm chair* it but have never worn a badge or carried a gun in ANY capacity..

      I know who the LEOs and Legal folks are here, and I know who’s not, the LEOs and Law types have it going on.. 😛

  4. BobF says:

    One thing I do believe is that the liberal news media will do all they can to point the killings toward White Supremacists. They’re constantly trying to to link Conservatives in with these groups.

  5. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    Listen; I’m not there and I can’t say. I can only comment on my localized Fornicalia situation with regard to the AB and cartels and Nortenos and Surenos and MS13.

    And shit that happens here in Fornicalia isn’t necessarily the same shit that occurs in your state, because that’s just the way things are. Many things are simply localized.

    But let me say this: had a DA or a Judge or a combination of them been targeted, the Powers That Be would have lighted multiple fires under LE.

    On one hand: justified. On another hand: pisses me off.


    • TexasFred says:

      Well, the fires have been lit but so far there’s not too much other than a whiff of smoke…

      This whole thing is really strange…

  6. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    Bob F: by the way, are you the SAME individual who logs into the Hughniverse and its chat-room as Major Bob — ?


  7. Nemesis says:

    All I know is this; when I was in law enforcement no stone was ever left unturned and all wacko theories got a look in. I took death threats seriously and still do, even after being out of it for near eight years!

    There is scum out there who will stop at nothing once they get the notion in their head to kill those they believe put them behind bars for a nice little stretch or for whatever reason they take a fancy to. Those two guys recently gunned down and the prosecutor’s wife who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time are prime examples of the seething hatred the violent ex-con can harbor or the cashed up hit man takes on.

    Like you say Fred, its anyone’s guess at this time who or what criminal outfit did those notorious deeds. The cops will do their investigation and I know they will leave no stone unturned nor discount any wacko theory in the process.

    • TexasFred says:

      This AM they have a new *person of interest*… Seems he was a Justice of the Peace and got into trouble on corruption charges… Might be the one, I don’t know, but he looks like he’s be too damned dumb to pull it off if he is the one…

      All leads, yes indeed, but in Kaufman County if it’s not this disgraced JP, it really narrows the list..

    • TexasFred says:

      Also, I fixed the link to your blog so that now when you comment your link is HOT and goes directly back to it…

      That means NOW you have to get busy and make some posts! 😛

  8. Nemesis says:

    I see an invitation? Shot you an email Fred!

  9. Patrick Sperry says:

    Okay, let me get this straight. The AB doesn’t go after officials.

    The AB got it’s foothold in the Federal system after taking out several CaDOC people including a few that were outside the wire after they stepped in when the AB was having a bit of a tizzy with the M&M’s if I remember correctly. Plus, took out a prosecutor on behalf of the Gipsy Joker’s MC but I’m not sure if that was proved to be correct.

    Being on the outside looking in though I would agree. It has the tone and flavor of a Cartel hit.

    We are at war, as have often been said. Why not send in some Spec Ops Operators to take care of the situation. With or without Mexican approval. Maybe a few of the Hidalgo’s as well…

  10. BARR says:

    BREAKING! 04-04-13
    FBI Documents Connect Aryan Brotherhood with Mexican Cartels

    Considering McLelland was part of a task force that investigated the Aryan Brotherhood, and in light of the recent killing of Colorado prison chief Tom Clements allegedly by a member of a white supremacist prison gang, this theory that the AB may have been involved in the murders clearly has some merit.

    Yet in that coverage, the mainstream media has gone to great lengths to label ad-infinitum the Aryan Brotherhood as a “white supremacist” group, implying a racial motivation. The AB, even if involved at all, however, may have been motivated not by a “white supremacist” philosophy, but rather by something more mundane.

    Evidence suggests that the Aryan Brotherhood has morphed into what is primarily a drug-trafficking gang, and there is a more frightening possibility: that the Aryan Brotherhood is acting as a conduit, doing the dirty work for a Mexican drug cartel criminal insurgency into the United States.

    In November of last year, for example, an Aryan Brotherhood member went on the record stating that he had helped smuggle hundreds of pounds of methamphetamine across the border from Mexico.

    According to the Mexican newswire Notimex, the AB member “stated that he had some important connections with Mexican drug cartels.”

    On Tuesday of this week, a federal task force apprehended an Aryan Brotherhood “general” who “had ounces of crystal methamphetamine” on him at the time of his arrest.

    Moreover, since many Republicans and Democrats seek a compromise on immigration reform in short order, it is not surprising that politicians are themselves ignoring the possible connection between the murders and the Mexican cartels, with the notable exception of Governor Rick Perry.

    After all, if Americans were to find out that the Mexican cartels are operating on U.S. soil, it would likely change the immigration debate and could potentially delay a deal indefinitely.

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