Barack, Michelle, Biden All to Skip Thatcher Funeral to Push Gun Control

Barack, Michelle, Biden All to Skip Thatcher Funeral to Push Gun Control

Margaret ThatcherFormer British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s funeral is April 17, but President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, and Vice President Joe Biden are too busy pushing gun control to attend.

A U.S. Embassy spokesman explained that Obama is unable to attend the funeral of our Britain’s Iron Lady and staunch U.S. ally during the Cold War because “this is a hugely significant week in terms of U.S. politics.”

The spokesman elaborated, saying that because the First Lady and Vice President Biden “are the president’s point people on gun control,” their attendance at Thatcher’s funeral is not possible either.

“This is a week when there is a lot of movement on Capitol Hill on gun issues,” the spokesman said.

In lieu of the President, the First Lady, the Vice President, or even a White House Envoy attending, Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) is sending “a U.S. delegation that will consist of two men who would be traveling as private citizens to the funeral already.” SOURCE

I don’t care too much, one way or the other, if the Brits are offended at anything the USA does or says. Over the last 2 decades the Brits have led the way in political correctness and the primer *How to lose your nation to Islam in one easy lesson*.

I don’t give a damn about what ANY Brit thinks, but this isn’t about the run of the mill Brit, this is about showing respect for Margaret Thatcher, one of the greatest and most dignified leaders this world has ever known.

Mrs. Thatcher is deserving of RESPECT, but RESPECT is something that Barack Obama and his administration have no comprehension of.

It seems that no Democrat, Liberal, Progressive, Left-minded free thinker, whatever it is that the Libtards are calling themselves now is incapable of showing respect for REAL leadership, as is demonstrated by their constant, continuing and unwavering support of Barack Obama.

I have long contended that Obama and his wife, I REFUSE to call him *President* and I REFUSE to call her a LADY, I believe that they are both not just LOW CLASS, I believe them to be of NO CLASS. I mean NONE!

It’s one of those things; you can take em out of the ghetto…

And I direct this at ALL Democrats, Liberal, Progressive, Left-minded free thinkers, whatever it is that you Libtards are calling yourselves; it’s about RESPECT.

Senate Finally Passes Thatcher Resolution, Despite Dem Attempt to Gut It

On Tuesday, the US Senate finally passed a resolution to honor recently deceased former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) had been holding up the resolution over the resolution’s word choice. Fighting him on that was Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). Menendez was reportedly offended by McConnell’s language, which Menendez thought insulted other countries.
McConnell, meanwhile, reportedly felt that Menendez wanted to water down the resolution to a very basic play-by-play of Thatcher’s life, ignoring the Falklands Island dispute and Thatcher’s role in the deployment of a nuclear deterrent in Europe. One GOP aide told The Hill, “The Democratic resolution attempts to black out history,” and said that the Democrats attempted to remove language quoting Thatcher as stating, “all attempts to destroy democracy by terrorism will fail.” SOURCE

Lady Thatcher has more class in her little finger than the entire Democratic Party does if you combined every last one of them.

Lady Thatcher had courage too; she had the courage to call terrorism for what it is, she stated her opinions, unafraid, and she had the audacity to be a real *hard-ass*, all the while being a LADY in doing so.

Rest in Peace Mrs. Thatcher, you will be missed.

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11 Responses to Barack, Michelle, Biden All to Skip Thatcher Funeral to Push Gun Control

  1. PatriotUSA says:

    One of the first things Obozo did was return the bust of Winston Churchill to the Brits.

    He and the Democrats are totally without class or remorse.

  2. BobF says:

    Lady Thatcher was one of our most loyal allies. Her and President Reagan led the fight to defeat the Soviet Union without ever firing a shot. Now matter how the British felt, she was by our side though thick and thin. Besides Obama not attending, it’s a shame neither of the Bush’s are attending either. To have this true Lady and Warrior for freedom be ignored by our past and current leaders is embarrassing to me as an American.

    Lady Thatcher not only deserves our respect; she’s earned it.

  3. Aunty Brat says:

    I am VERY glad that the Mouth In Chief nor any of his minions are going. Instead, two of Reagan’s contemporaries, who worked with Baroness Thatcher, are going.

  4. Hgpsurf says:

    Obama has no respect for Margaret Thatcher because she stood against his ideology. Many of us knew he would go after our guns in his second term and the only reason he waited was because he knew that stance might keep him from getting re-elected. The man is a pimple on the face of America.

  5. Katie says:

    If it doesn’t “honor” Obama he isn’t interested. Once again he will be speaking at a memorial service. This time in Boston. I wonder if they will hand out commemorative T-Shirts again?

    They all remind me of school on a Saturday. NO CLASS!

  6. Patrick Sperry says:

    The obama insults yet again another American ally on a most personal level. Nothing new…

  7. minuteman26 says:

    The Democratic party needs to come out of hiding and change its name to what it really is; the Communist party. All who voted for Obama are Communists whether they know it or not.

  8. LD Jackson says:

    I would say this is standard operating procedure for Obama and his entire administration. They really have no respect for anyone else, no matter how significant a role they might have played in world history. It is all about him and his agenda.

  9. Capt Ron says:

    I think everyone here have it correct. Margaret Thatcher stood firm against Communism and Socialism, and, side by side with President Ronald Reagan, did much to help the free world as it was to stand firm together.
    It was a great honor to serve in the U.S. Navy under Ronald Reagan. I met sailors from the HMS Sheffield in Kenya days before they departed for the Falkland Island campaign. Of the things talked about over a couple of beers at the Paradise Hotel there was discussion of Prime Minister Thatcher and what she had done for Britons. There was as much pride and admiration for her from those British Sailors as we Americans had for President Reagan. The whole free world should lament the passing of a truly courageous and freedom loving leader.
    Here’s to you, Prime Minister.

  10. mrchuck says:

    Barry Soetoro hates Great Britain as much or more than his corrupt Kenyan negro father did. And his father was a ritish subject.
    So, it doesn’t surprise me that Barry’s hatred has boiled over.
    Just another low-class action from our negroid leader.

  11. Hgpsurf says:

    Obama is bringing us together in that we all despise him. This is the only way he is not dividing the country. He has succeeded in uniting this group of people.

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