Former CIA Director: Law Enforcement Didn’t Use Available Tools to Monitor Bombing Suspect

Former CIA Director: Law Enforcement Didn’t Use Available Tools to Monitor Bombing Suspect

James WoolseyAmbassador James Woolsey, who ran the CIA under President Clinton, tells Newsmax TV that U.S. law enforcement appears to have failed to use all of the tools at its disposal to monitor Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

“This is not an intelligence matter,” said Woolsey in an exclusive interview on Wednesday. “This is a law enforcement matter. It’s not the CIA’s business to try to prevent crime in the United States or arrest people or any of that.”

While the Federal Bureau of Investigation interviewed the 26-year-old bombing suspect, who was killed in last week’s dramatic shootout with police, they presumably concluded that the older brother did not pose a danger or risk to the United States.

Woolsey, who now serves as the chairman of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, said that the FBI might have been able to obtain a warrant under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to keep a watchful eye on Tsarnaev, particularly since Russian authorities had attempted to alert the U.S. to his ties with radical Islam.

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Former CIA Director: Law Enforcement Didn’t Use Available Tools to Monitor Bombing Suspect

To say that the system isn’t working is a drastic understatement.

9-11 was a direct result of another Democratic regime, that of Bill and Hillary Clinton (We ARE the President).

Our military and Intelligence service were cut to the bone under Clinton and have been cut nearly as bad under to most incompetent POTUS in American history, Obama.

George W. Bush gets blamed for a lot of things, I personally bear him NO ill will over the attacks of 9-11. Bush had NOT been in office long enough to have rebuilt the military and Intelligence gathering services.

The one thing I DO hold against Bush is this; the Intelligence community that let us down and allowed 9-11 to happen are also, for the most part, the same Intelligence people that advised Bush to go into Iraq, or agreed with him on his desires to invade Iraq. Many of those individuals were put into place by the Clinton administration and I have to wonder exactly where their loyalty lay as they gave Pres. Bush what turned out to be bad advice.

“The Bureau might have gotten a warrant from a FISA court and been able to follow what Tamerlan was doing for several years given the fact that the Russians had taken the trouble to warn us about him,” Woolsey explained. “I don’t know why they didn’t’ use the FISA warrant. I don’t know why they closed the investigation but it doesn’t look to me as if we — the law enforcement side — used the tools that they had under American law.”

The FBI and CIA don’t communicate, hell, the FBI suffers inter-agency communications failures, they don’t talk to each other, much less outside agencies, but the FBI was warned, TWICE, by the Russians, about these recent terrorist bombers, and did nothing.

Maybe the FBI didn’t want to believe the Russians, who knows, that battle goes back for several decades and disinformation was a strong tool of the craft.

The FBI was once considered to be the BEST of the best, now they fall under the Obama regime and the pathetic leadership of Eric Holder at DOJ.

It doesn’t matter who the Director of the FBI may be at this time, that person is, and will be ham-strung by Eric Holder and his Master, Barack Obama, and what we are seeing now is the best we can expect from the inept and incompetent leadership that IS the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama.

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4 Responses to Former CIA Director: Law Enforcement Didn’t Use Available Tools to Monitor Bombing Suspect

  1. BobF says:

    The Russians warned them about this guy and they didn’t take it to heart. The Russians (Pravda) also warned us about loosing our gun rights and what is Obama trying to do?

    After 9/11, I can’t think of any terrorist attacks taking place on American Soil during Bush’s administration. Since Obama, we’ve had Fort Hood, Underwear Bomber, Boston, Army Recruiting Station in Arkansas, and Benghazi; embassies are considered US Soil.

    Clinton holdovers were the downfall is Colon Powell as SecState. He tries to blame Bush but it was his lack of leadership in keeping the Clinton people in the State Dept. Any good military officer knows that when you assume command for an incompetent commander, you purge your staff of his people; Clinton was an incompetent. He has Osama handed to him and he turned him down.

  2. minuteman26 says:

    Barack Hussein Obama; inept and incompetent? Maybe. I truly believe he is a muslim and is enabling the ragheads in acheiving their goals here in the USA. Obama is a traitor and enemy of this nation.

  3. mrchuck says:

    Obastard is just a puppet.
    Strings pulled by other communists.
    I am still awaiting his removal, since he has no Birth cert, and phoney passport.
    One day, hopefully sooner than later,,all this will be acted upon.

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