White House, FEMA stand firm on denying West major disaster aid

White House, FEMA stand firm on denying West major disaster aid

Sad Obama 150WASHINGTON — The White House and FEMA stood by a denial of major disaster aid for West, the Texas town rocked by a fertilizer explosion, as Gov. Rick Perry tried Thursday to shame the president into relenting.

“I was on the stage when the president looked into the eyes of the people of West, Texas, and said we’re going to do everything we can to make sure you are taken care of,” Perry told reporters at the state Capitol. “This doesn’t square with that.”

In Washington, FEMA officials said the request was denied because Texas couldn’t justify why the state itself can’t afford $17 million toward emergency response and cleanup.

The state’s two-year budget, which takes effect Sept. 1, is $197 billion. Its rainy day fund is expected to hit $8 billion in 2015. SOURCE

Barack Hussein Obama, “We’re going to do everything we can to make sure you are taken care of…”

Do you remember several years ago when Jeff Foxworthy came out with his “Here’s Your Sign” routine?

He explained in his routine how some people were just plain stupid, and couldn’t be counted on for anything. He further explained that life would be so much simpler it stupid people were forced to hand a sign from their neck saying, “I’m Stupid”, and how that way everyone could see the sign and immediately grasp the fact that the person standing in front of them was pretty much useless.

Maybe it would be a great idea to make notorious liars wear a sign too, you know, because then it would be a lot easier to spot a LIAR and you’d KNOW that the person standing in front of you had no intention of telling the truth, can’t define the word truth, and most likely, even if they could define the word truth would never tell it, simply because to do so would go against everything in their being.

Barack Hussein Obama tells LIES Gov. Perry, I thought you knew.

Ask the people that suffered through Hurricane Sandy if Obama lived up to his meager promises, well, most people other than RINO Chris Christie with his ass-kissing and such.

Ask the people of Tuscaloosa how much help they got from Obama and Company.

Ask the good folks of Joplin how much help THEY got.

Ask the people of Moore, OK how much they have received so far, and ask them if they have ANY faith in the promises of Obama and Company when he told them that he was going to make sure they got all the help they needed to rebuild *Monroe, OK*.

Yeah, I know, it was MOORE but Obama, being the simple-minded idiot that he is, apparently didn’t have his teleprompter in front of him and he called Moore as Monroe.

That’s the guy in charge, but I also know, he’s a busy man and all, and what with us having 57 states, it’s pretty easy to confuse Moore with Monroe.

White House spokesman Jay Carney said FEMA uses “standard formulas” to decide whether an event qualifies as a major disaster.

“There is assistance that has already been provided and more assistance that will continue to be provided,” he said.

FEMA said Texas will receive about $16.6 million under the emergency declaration signed by President Barack Obama two days after the April 17 blast. The explosion killed 15 people and destroyed or damaged hundreds of homes.

That covers just under half the estimated $34.4 million cost of emergency response and debris removal.

The federal government, FEMA, will pony-up $16.6 million dollars, and that’s just half of the clean-up costs?

Nearly the entire town of West was blown away or seriously damaged and FEMA is going to cover about HALF the cost of debris removal? Well, maybe my Congress Critter was right, maybe the feds just don’t have the money.

OR, maybe this is called PAY BACK because Texas is so anti-Obama and all of his BS about immigration and gun laws and because Obama failed to carry Texas in 2 different elections. With a guy like Barack Hussein Obama you just never know.

OR, maybe it’s because Obama’s Africa trip could cost $60-100 million and that is where the money that *should* be going to folks in need is actually being spent.

You can’t have an American President returning to his homeland on the cheap.

Regardless the REAL reasons, Texas will survive, Texas will rebuild the town of West and yes, we CAN afford it, but we pay into the national budget just like every other state, probably more than most given the size and success that IS Texas.

Aren’t we also entitled to some help?

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9 Responses to White House, FEMA stand firm on denying West major disaster aid

  1. LD Jackson says:

    I’m not surprised by this. Many things Obama promises never come true.

  2. Bunkerville says:

    Sorry, wrong color. May I say that?

  3. NativeSon says:

    Actually it was Bill Engvall…but he and Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy all toured together…”Git ‘er done!” :)

  4. mrchuck says:

    Bastard Obama getting even.

  5. Hgpsurf says:

    Fred, you know Obama needs that money so he can take Mooch and the girls with him on his trips.

    Thank you for getting on Chris Christie’s case and I would appreciate it if you do it any chance you get.

  6. mystere says:

    Perhaps 0bama fears the cattle prods he’ll be feeling up his “L’eggs” when he deals with the consequences of his scandals. He knows Texans don’t like bullspit, weasels and the smelly Kenyan farts he keeps ripping. Perhaps. he’s afraid his lap mutt Chrissi Matthews will be neutered when the citizens of Texas deliver by forcing the truth prods up his “L’eggs” and giving him a Texas size thrill.

  7. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    Could one make an argument, I posit, that the decision involves race or political proclivities?


  8. Patrick Sperry says:

    It figures… Well, TEXAS will show that POS that they can do it!

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