Secret Service Invades Home Of Obama Critic Because of Twitter Page

Secret Service Invades Home Of Obama Critic Because of Twitter Page

Tom FrancoisTom Francois is an outspoken critic of Barack Hussein Obama- and has a robust Twitter presence. He also likes to dabble with his “paint” program to create funny cartoons. He has never threatened the President in any way, manner or form.

On April 11, 2013, he heard relentless pounding on his door shouts of “Police!” The officers introduced themselves as members of The Secret Service and asked if they could “take a look around.”

Since Tom had nothing to hide (and he didn’t want any return visits) – he complied fully with their request. He even signed a consent to search his premises AND an “Authorization To Review Medical and Mental Health Records!”

They asked Tom if he ever left his state or traveled to Washington, D.C.

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What’s that I smell?? Does it smell like BS? Why yes, it DOES smell like BS…

There is no blog on the ‘net that is any more critical of Barack Hussein Obama than MY blog is, and I have never heard so much a peep from the Secret Service. If this guy hasn’t made some kind of a death threat, possibly a *veiled* threat, he wouldn’t have heard from them either, if he really did hear from them at all.

One Agent asked Tom if he has any intentions of “whacking” the President.” To which Tom replied- “Of course not. I wish him no harm. I disagree with his policies and actions and I make no bones about it. It’s my First Amendment Right and I intend to exercise it.”

When I spoke to Tom he said, “Yes, I am EXTREMELY critical of Obama in my posts, but I never cross the line and threaten his being. EVER. It’s just the idea of Obama’s Secret Service intruding on my life when they knew I wasn’t really a threat.”

The Secret Service has too many REAL threats to investigate; they don’t have time to worry about Obama’s critics on the ‘net. If the Secret Service were to *visit* the home of every Obama critic there wouldn’t be 3 Agents left to protect Obama.

The Secret Service had a thick FBI file- filled with screenshots of hundreds of posts. Said Tom, “I flat out told them ‘I have NEVER threatened Obama’s life! Yes, I despise him as you can plainly see, but I have that right!’ They actually ADMITTED and agreed with me that I hadn’t threatened Obama.”

The BOLD line in the above paragraph is another reason why I am calling BS on this one, no Secret Service member is going to search you or your home and then agree that you have a right to criticize Barack Hussein Obama.

Somehow I am seeing a Drama Queen that does have a lot of Twitter followers, and wants to add even more. As I said, the Secret Service doesn’t have the manpower to go off on a *wild goose chase* just to harass a critic of the WORST administration this nation has ever seen.

This goes back to the message I have posted many times regarding the idea that Obama is going to order the confiscation of all guns and have the gun owners locked up in these *FEMA Camps* that people like Alex Jones are convinced will happen.

When they left Tom’s house, one Secret Service Agent ‘advised’- “Keep in mind, if you step over the line, we’ll come back for your guns.”

BANG! There it is; the old *we’ll be back to get your guns too* thing.

No one is coming to take your guns America, no one CAN take you guns, the government simply doesn’t have the manpower to do so, even if they wanted to.

Most estimates range between 39% and 50% of US households having at least one gun (that’s about 43-55 million households). The estimates for the number of privately owned guns range from 190 million to 300 million. Removed those that skew the stats for their own purposes the best estimates are about 45% or 52 million of American households owning 260 million guns). SOURCE

Somewhere close to 50% of ALL households and a conservative estimate of 260 million guns? And people are worried about the government coming to TAKE them? Tell me how exactly the U.S. government is going to *TAKE* your guns?

The entire federal government doesn’t have the manpower to do so.

Even if the military, along with state, county and local police were ordered to take your guns, at least 75% of those folks would tell Obama to go to hell! That 75% WILL stand with you and me, folks like us, American Patriots that are standing on faith and the words of the United States Constitution and our Founding Fathers.

Indeed, I am calling BULL SHIT on this story and Tom Francois. I am convinced that he has put his little story together in an effort to garner readership and more followers on Twitter.

Yes, I DO know that Obama is evil. Yes, I DO know that the NSA is spying on us and as far as I am concerned, they can keep right on spying on ME. I only speak the truth about this cretin Obama and what he and his minions are doing to America.

Maybe the NSA needs a bit of Conservative education too!

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19 Responses to Secret Service Invades Home Of Obama Critic Because of Twitter Page

  1. GM Roper says:

    I have been critical too, but nothing has happened to me… Maybe they think MY FB page is his. 😀

  2. Working to Keep Freedom says:

    That whole story stinks. If he is such a critic of BHO and then says he is standing up for his “Right to free speech” why then didn’t he tell them to get a search warrant? I would have for damn sure! Anyone coming to my door and asking to ‘look around’ can look around anywhere OUTSIDE of my place and property…NOT INSIDE! Get a warrant, have reason to believe I have done something wrong, but don’t come to me asking for a ‘freebie look around!’ I’d make them play by the rules and if they turn into jack-booted thugs then I’ll deal with it. And never would I sign away privacy to my medical records! BS story for sure!

  3. Bluebonnet Sue says:

    I agree with your conclusion, Fred. Sure smells “stinky” to me!

  4. Patrick Sperry says:

    Too weird to have much real substance in my book.

  5. Abigail says:

    Let me get this straight, they show up without a LEGAL warrant and demand to look around so he rolls over and signs their consent form. And his reason is so they won’t come back later with a legal right to search because he had nothing to hide, because “They would have proceeded to tear my house apart” and he ‘didn’t want any return visits’? Really? He gave up his 4th amendment because he didn’t want to be inconvenienced?
    And he also give them consent to look at his MEDICAL RECORDS ? What kind of an idiot would do that?
    So there it is. Convenience trumps Constitutional rights. He should be ashamed.

  6. Hgpsurf says:

    “The Secret Service has too many REAL threats to investigate; they don’t have time to worry about Obama’s critics on the ‘net. If the Secret Service were to *visit* the home of every Obama critic there wouldn’t be 3 Agents left to protect Obama.”

    I have to differ with you here, Fred. There would be minus (negative) millions of agents left to protect Obama if they visited every home of Obama’s critics.

  7. LD Jackson says:

    This story smells worse than the four turkey barns we used to have in the middle of the Oklahoma summer. Someone is trying to feed us all a line of @@#$#%^$%&$.

  8. dekare says:

    I don’t know that this is complete BS. After all, that is how tyranny works. It knows damn well it can NOT go after everyone. It knows all too well it can NOT take everyones’ guns at once. So if they wanted to, how would they. Simply a few at a time. A couple of hunting and fishing expeditions here and there, find fault, take guns, and repeat…but on a small scale…at FIRST. This way, word gets out but not to the heightened threat level that would allow all 2nd amendment followers to stand together.

    This type of action would have a slight chilling effect on some bloggers. As it happens more and more, with increased accusations against the searchees, and more gov’t justification, the less we start to care. The aim is to simply get the story and govt reaction out there now. That way, when it starts to become more commonplace and stepped up action, its no longer new news to us.

    If someone wanted to deflate a balloon without drawing attention, what do they do? Do they pop it? or do they let the air out slowly so that no one notices until its almost too late and by then, the balloon is just about out of air.

    Our feds work in this same way. They take baby steps, feel out the water, and check for We The People’s reaction. As long as they get away with it and no one calls them on it, they keep doing it.

    So, I may not dismiss this just yet. I would say, keep an vigilant eye and it we see a pattern, check the powder for moisture.

  9. mystere says:


    I smell a closet moonbat! I think this guy secretly gets a tingle up his “L’eggs” by trying to bait conservatives with pseudo conservative anti 0bama rants. He and his Chrissie Matthews queertards are playing a dangerous game, and you just called him out.

  10. Abigail says:

    Supposedly he has released a surveillance video showing the SecSer prowling around his house but for whatever reason I have had no luck viewing it. Curious if anyone has seen it. He said he released it because he has been accused of fabricating the event.

  11. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    Let me give you a little insight, because I still have a few contacts here. The USSS is besieged with investigating threats against our current president. They have enough work to keep them busy for the remaining term, trust me on this.

    I smell fecal material. You and I both have been scathing in our “disagreements” with Mr Obama, to include many cartoons and graphics and are less than kind.

    Finally, you have never seen — and never will — me write the word “president” directly adjacent the name of Obama.

    There is a purpose in this.


  12. Hgpsurf says:

    Finally, you have never seen — and never will — me write the word “president” directly adjacent the name of Obama.

    Thank you for this!!!!!!! I have not referred to him by that title for years and NEVER will!!! He is not deserving!!!

    • TexasFred says:

      I could not agree more… He is deserving though, of PRISON…

      • Patrick Sperry says:

        Hell, I don’t, and have never even capped his name. So where the heck is my Secret Service rousting..? I am feeling as though I am being left out… Neglected even…

  13. Ross Burton says:

    It could be true, it could be false, but it also seems like Fred here has some sour grapes concerning comparative number of followers….

    • TexasFred says:

      Ross, I let this through because I absolutely LOVE IT when some idiot like you wanders in, does a drive-by, makes a total ASS of himself and has nothing to back his asinine claims.

      If you want to take ME to task for something and you wish to do so in one line of unfounded, stupid, leftist sounding innuendo, your future here is short… Very short…

      You want to take ME to task? Eat a good breakfast and bring you some lunch, you’re going to be here a while BOY!

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