News that matters, and some that doesn’t

News that matters, and some that doesn’t

Just a quick look around the ‘net at some stories that have piqued my interest and a feeble effort to let my readers know that I haven’t died. I have been under the weather for the last couple of days but I hope to be back to my usual self soon.

16 dead: Militants infiltrate UN’s Somalia office

MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) - Seven al-Qaida-linked gunmen detonated a pick-up truck rigged with explosives at the gate of the U.N. compound in Somalia’s capital Wednesday, launching a bombs-and-gunfire assault that saw militants pour into the complex, killing at least nine people, including three foreigners, officials said.

The seven al-Shabab militants were from what the militia called its martyrdom, or suicide, brigade. They all died in the assault, an official said, bringing the overall death toll to at least 16.

The very 1st thing I have to say is this; ANYONE that believes Islam is not evil is a fool and not worthy of being listened to. ANYONE that thinks the world isn’t at WAR with Islam is also a fool, and yes, that IS directed at the current resident of the White House.

Afghan leader backs away from Taliban talks

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) - Afghanistan’s president said Wednesday he will not pursue peace talks with the Taliban unless the United States steps out of the negotiations, while also insisting the militant group stop its violent attacks on the ground after it claimed responsibility for a rocket attack that killed four Americans.

If the USA allows Hamid Karzai to dictate to them n this manner, we need to pack it all up and come home.

A personal note to Hamid Karzai: When we leave the Taliban is going to assassinate your goofy ass. Just sayin’…

Senate bill still allows illegal immigration

WASHINGTON (AP) - Illegal immigration into the United States would decrease by only 25 percent under a far-reaching Senate immigration bill, according to an analysis by the Congressional Budget Office that also finds the measure reduces federal deficits by billions.

Supporters of the legislation moving toward a vote on the Senate floor seized on the deficit-reduction findings by Congress’ nonpartisan scorekeeping agency, along with the agency’s forecast that the immigration measure would boost economic growth as millions of workers join the workforce and begin to pay taxes.

Until the borders are closed and the nation is secured there isn’t too much to discuss, but the Senate is dead-set on forcing some kind of immigration bill on America, even if the bill is useless.

FBI hunt for ex-Teamster boss Hoffa’s remains ends

OAKLAND TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) - The excavation of a rural field in suburban Detroit has failed to turn up the remains of former Teamsters union leader Jimmy Hoffa, the FBI announced Wednesday, adding another unsuccessful chapter to a nearly 40-year-old mystery.

You would think that after 40 years the FBI would be like, “Well hell, he’s dead and I don’t guess we’re going to find the remains…”

How much money was spent on this fruitless endeavor? How much more will be spent if someone says “I know where Hoffa is buried…” and let’s be very blunt here, if they haven’t been able to find him in 40 years how in the hell are they going to find who killed him if they DO find his bones?

Chef describes kids’ grief over Jackson’s death

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Michael Jackson’s personal chef described for jurors the home lives of the children during the final months of the singer’s life and their ongoing grief over their father’s death nearly four years ago.

OK, I warned you, some of it is news that doesn’t really matter. 😛

So, why I wonder, are these the headlines of the day and not so much as a peep about Benghazi, Fast and Furious, The IRS, NSA or any number of scandals that point directly at the Obama regime? And make no mistake my friends, these scandals are all felony offenses that should land the *players* in Federal prison.

Why is the America media still acting like none of it happened?

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10 Responses to News that matters, and some that doesn’t

  1. Always On Watch says:

    Why are we spending one red cent of taxpayers’ dollars in a search for the body of Jimmy Hoffa? Sheesh.

    • TexasFred says:

      I have wondered the same thing every time there is a so-called* search for the body… And if they did find it, what does it prove? That he’s really dead?? Does anyone even doubt that?

  2. J. D. Longstreet says:

    Feel Better, Fred!


  3. abigail says:

    Amazing how funds can be found for all sorts of things except securing our country’s borders and any investigations which might lead to Peaches. (In Hungarian the word barack means peach.)

    • TexasFred says:

      It seems to me that everyone in a position of power is afraid to criticize *Peaches*… I am thinking they don’t want to be called racists, and that is exactly what the cries from the LEFT would be if Obama was taken to task…

      In MY opinion, the *race card* has been so over-played that it’s no longer a viable option..

  4. mystere says:

    I pity the clowns who play “journalist” and spew out this gossip. They’re nothing more than Chrissi Matthews wannabes who wish they could feel thrills up their L’eggs )) ((. They can bend over and fly over their rainbow and crash land on their carcasses.

  5. Patrick Sperry says:

    Well golly gee, they morn a baby raper….

  6. LD Jackson says:

    I hope you are feeling better, Fred. I have been away from my regular rounds for a few days because I had to go rescue our oldest daughter and two grand babies. Her husband is being an idiot, really believing she would stay with him and the abuse he was dishing out. He was also an idiot to believe I would allow it to happen without stepping in. Already had to run him out of my driveway once. Next time, I’ll call the police and let them escort him to jail.

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