Actor James Gandolfini of ‘The Sopranos’ dies at 51

Actor James Gandolfini of ‘The Sopranos’ dies at 51

James GandolfiniActor James Gandolfini, who rose to fame as crime boss Tony Soprano on the “The Sopranos,” died of a possible heart attack in Italy.

Hospital officials say the actor, 51, arrived by ambulance at 10:40pm. Resuscitation efforts were suspended and he was pronounced dead at 11:00pm.

An autopsy will be performed within 24 hours of his death, as required by law.

Gandolfini was on vacation in Italy with his 13-year-old son Michael and his sister, who reportedly found him unconscious in the bathroom of their hotel and called for help. He was due to take part in a film festival this weekend.

A New Jersey native, Gandolfini appeared in films and on the stage before his breakthrough part in 1999 as Mafia boss Tony Soprano in the HBO series, which brought him three Emmys during its six-year run. SOURCE

Sometimes FOX News is no better than any other Lap Dog Media.

Today Jon Scott was doing a spot on the death of James Gandolfini and he got pretty emotional, he called Gandolfini’s death a *GREAT TRAGEDY*…

Yes FOX, we ALL know, James Gandolfini is dead but it is NOT a great tragedy.

A TRAGEDY is the Obama regime getting by with MURDER and gross corruption.

A TRAGEDY is the MILLIONS of babies that are aborted yearly.

A TRAGEDY is what occurred at Newtown.

A TRAGEDY is what occurred at West, Texas with the plant explosion.

A TRAGEDY is when American soldiers give their lives fighting an enemy that the President of the United States holds dear in HIS heart.

A TRAGEDY is the fact that America is sinking fast and our do-nothing Congress and Senate have their heads firmly planted in their collective asses and are either too busy with their own personal projects to react or are too afraid to react and then LIE to us about their reasons why.

I have nothing against Gandolfini, not in ANY way, and I do not intend to denigrate his life and death in any way, but for crying out loud, he was an actor, he died, it’s a part of life but it is NOT a tragedy for anyone other than his family.

Rest in Peace Mr. Gandolfini, I bear you NO ill will, but I don’t see our media honoring those that die in Service of this nation calling those deaths a TRAGEDY. I don’t see the American media calling the deaths of Police Officers killed in the line of duty as they do their best to protect America a TRAGEDY.

Get your priorities RIGHT America, sitting on your dead asses watching TV shows like Dancing with the Stars, The Voice, Survivor and America’s Got Talent is NOT going to save this nation!

The death of America will be the ultimate TRAGEDY, will the media see it that way?


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3 Responses to Actor James Gandolfini of ‘The Sopranos’ dies at 51

  1. cary says:

    Exactly. His number was up. Now, get back to the news, and cover the OScandals in more depth, please, FOX.

  2. Alan Caruba says:

    Once again you nailed it. Gandolfini was a fine actor and “The Supranos” a great series, but his loss was his family’s and friend’s tragedy, not the world’s.

  3. mrchuck says:

    Soprano’s equal mafia.
    All I want to know is where they buried him.
    I think they made Hoffy hot dogs out of him!

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