Obama asserts Mandela’s values are Africa’s future

Obama asserts Mandela’s values are Africa’s future

Sad Obama 150CAPE TOWN, South Africa (AP) - Challenging African youth to seize a “moment of great promise,” President Barack Obama declared Sunday that the future of the young and growing continent still rests in ailing South African leader Nelson Mandela’s vision for equality and opportunity. Seeking to carve out his own piece of that legacy, Obama unveiled an ambitious initiative to double electricity access in sub-Saharan Africa, vowing to bring “light where there is darkness.” SOURCE

Nelson Mandela’s view of Africa was that of a Communist continent, one that would be tied directly to the Kremlin. Nelson Mandela is a hard-core Communist, maybe that’s why Obama respects, and apparently, adores Mandela so much. They share the same ideologies.

The *young and growing* continent? Is Barack Hussein Obama really THAT stupid?

Africa is considered by most paleoanthropologists to be the oldest inhabited territory on Earth, with the human species originating from the continent. SOURCE

I know that Barack Hussein Obama is considered to be a well-educated individual by many in this nation, but every time Obama speaks, and makes another incredibly odd, or, more correctly, STUPID statement such as this, I have to wonder; is he attempting to rewrite history to HIS liking or is he truly that ignorant?

So, Obama is going to help develop a continent that IS the oldest and most populated continent on the face of the earth? One that hasn’t excelled on its own in the many thousands of years that is has existed?

I guess we can kiss even more tax dollars good-bye.

The president’s address at the University of Cape Town capped an emotionally charged day in this picturesque coastal city, including a solemn visit to the Robben Island prison where Mandela was confined for 18 of his 27 years in captivity. Obama stood stoically with his family in Mandela’s cramped cell and peered across the lime quarry where Mandela toiled each day, causing the damage to his lungs that led to his latest hospital stint.

I hope Obama took a really good look at that jail cell. If there is ANY justice in this world a jail cell will be the next home for Obama and many of his evil and incompetent regime.

“Nelson Mandela showed us that one man’s courage can move the world,” Obama said during his evening speech at the university. He was flanked by a diverse array of students, underscoring Mandela’s vision for a unified “rainbow nation” for the country once led by a white racist government.

Strange how Obama doesn’t mention the fact that Mandela is a Communist, a thug, a racist himself and was a very violent man in his politically active days.

In the flagship address of his weeklong trip to Africa, Obama outlined a U.S. policy toward the continent that focuses on increasing the region’s ability to support itself economically, politically and militarily. Harkening back to a prominent theme from his 2009 speech in Ghana - Obama’s only other trip to Africa as president - he said Africans must take much of the responsibility for achieving that goal, although he pledged American assistance.

As stated above; Africa hasn’t been truly *modern* at any time and have yet to exhibit any ability to support itself economically, politically and militarily after having thousands of years to make their way into the modern world.

The Egyptians were the only society to truly excel and make something of themselves.

Now Egypt has fallen into the hands of Islam, as have so many other nations in Africa, and look at what that has brought to the world.

Of course Obama wants to help Africa, it a backward nation, it has Communism and Islamic rule and that’s right up Obama’s alley!

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9 Responses to Obama asserts Mandela’s values are Africa’s future

  1. Alan Caruba says:

    Put this one in the Texas Fred Hall of Fame as one of the best commentaries about Africa and nailing Nelson Mandela for a Communist. Bravo!

  2. Hgpsurf says:

    Obama makes me embarrassed to be an American. He DOES NOT represent the majority of us and it is pathetic that we re-elected him. It’s not only the takers to blame but also the media and the vast number of uninformed (stupid) Americans. He is welcome to stay in Africa and not come back here.

  3. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    Let’s do the physical obvious, shall we?

    Let’s examine the equator.

    Then compare the number of successful and industrial countries south, as opposed to the number of the successful and industrial countries north thereof.


  4. Ron Stabb says:

    So we spent $100 Million to send this clown to Africa to pledge $7 Billion.
    I don’t get it…

  5. BARR says:

    OBAMA cautions Kenya/ Africa to trade carefully with CHINA because they steal more than they give.

    The Kenyan Daily Post July 1st, 2013


    BARACK OBAMA should take his GAY CHORUS to America NOT preaching it in Africa!

    Friday, June 28th, 2013

    Cardinal John Njue has criticized Obama for his stance on the matter of gay rights.

    Njue has told Obama not to lecture Africans on the matter…

    Homosexuality is illegal in most African countries with the exeption of South Africa.


    Full Story Here:
    The Kenyan Daily Post

  6. Tex Reynolds says:

    People like Obama rely on short memories as I recall Mandela’s light source was burning rubber tires around his opponents necks. Mandela’s legacy is a crime ridden, inept, pandering socialist failure, where nothing works correctly, where government officials claim raping virgins is a cure for AIDS, where the farmers that once fed the nation have either been killed, live in fear or fled the country. It is country of high walls, barbed wire, security systems, large dogs, and a declining quality of living.

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