Holder wades deeper into Zimmerman battle, calls for review of ‘stand-your-ground’

Holder wades deeper into Zimmerman battle, calls for review of ‘stand-your-ground’

Eric HolderAttorney General Eric Holder waded deeper into the controversy over the George Zimmerman case and verdict on Tuesday, suggesting a national review of “stand-your-ground” laws during a speech before the annual NAACP convention in Orlando.

The NAACP is at the forefront of the effort to pressure the Justice Department to bring federal civil rights charges against Zimmerman. Holder confirmed on Monday that his department is reviewing that possibility, citing his personal concerns about the case.

He went a step further on Tuesday, weighing in for the first time on controversial state-level laws on self-defense.

“Separate and apart from the case that has drawn the nation’s attention, it’s time to question laws that senselessly expand the concept of self-defense and sow dangerous conflict in our neighborhoods,” Holder said. Fox News

OK, I am going to type this as SLOWLY as I can, that way the anti-gun, Obama loving MORONS that DO read here will be able to understand and get the full impact of my post and its intent.

Eric Holder; you are the dumbest SOB to EVER hold a position of power in the United States government.

You are a racist, you are a miscreant, you are wrong on every topic that comes before you and your highly incompetent Department of (In)Justice. You are a criminal, you should be removed from office as soon as possible. You are complicit in any number of MURDERS you hypocritical SOB and you should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Fast and Furious ring any bells for you Holder?

You, Eric Holder, and your RACIST Master, Barack Hussein Obama, have done more to antagonize and inflame the racial passions of this nation than have Je$$ie Jack$on and Al $harpton combined.

You may be able to incite the ignorant Blacks that you were pandering to at the NAACP convention, but here is another flash for you Holder, the NAACP, the National Association for the Advancement of COLORED People is as racist an organization as it gets, well, if you don’t count the New Black Panthers Party that is.

The NAACP and NBPP is the Black version of the Ku Klux Klan. I did NOT stutter when I typed that Holder. The NAACP and NBPP are as much anti-White as the Klan was anti-Black and anti-Semitic.

That statement is the TRUTH, even if Libbers, Black Activists, Socialists like Obama and Communists deny it, IT IS THE TRUTH.

Once upon a time the Klan was prosecuted by the DoJ, they were infiltrated, they were placed on trial for *civil rights* violations and they were subjected to investigations by the House Un-American Activities Committee. The Klan was labeled as a terror group and called Un-American because of their actions, but YOU Eric Holder, refused to look into the ILLEGAL activities of the New Black Panthers Party. You refused to indict their members on charges of VOTER INTIMIDATION.

Eric Holder; you are a duplicitous and hypocritical SON OF A BITCH!

King Samir Shabazz

You use Homeland Security, the NSA, the FBI and the IRS to threaten any Conservative group that stands in opposition to Barack Hussein Obama. You threaten *jail time* to ANY that criticize Islam in a public format or on social media.

But you did NOTHING when your *Brothers* intimidated White voters.

Now Obama touts honoring Trayvon Martin by lessening gun violence. How can you honor a THUG? One that had THC in his system, had been expelled from school on more than one occasion and got himself killed because he attacked the Neighborhood Watchman that had the gall to confront him about his presence in a neighborhood that had suffered home invasions by people that fit HIS description.

You and Obama want nothing more than an excuse to declare Martial Law in this nation and in MY opinion you are not above having some of your minions incite the riots necessary to bring that action to fruition.

You and Obama want to have an excuse to disarm the civilian population of America and an excuse for your declaration of Martial Law, which would, in your minds, make that disarming possible.

Think again Holder.

Half of the American public owns legal guns! We are gun owners and most of us have more than one gun. We are LAWFUL gun owners and we support the Constitution of the United States. We, the LAWFUL gun owners of this nation AND at least 75% of all Law Enforcement Officers in this nation will STAND OUR GROUND.

Yes Eric Holder, this IS a warning. It is NOT a threat, it’s a warning message from an American Patriot and gun owner that is NOT afraid of you, Obama or your ILLEGAL and highly un-Constitutional regime.

That’s right Holder; a REGIME. You people are NOT an administration.

I can’t speak for the nation, but I can tell you this; Texas, and Texans will NOT stand for your abuse of We, The People, your obvious disregard for the Constitution and your even more obvious racism.

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23 Responses to Holder wades deeper into Zimmerman battle, calls for review of ‘stand-your-ground’

  1. Hgpsurf says:

    Thank you! The case against the New Black Panther Party was already won according to J Christian Adams and then Holder’s DOJ dropped the charges. Holder is nothing but a gun hating, pro-Islamist racist, just what Obama wants to head the DOJ. Nice country we live in today.

  2. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    The nation is lost if it is held under GOWPs.

    Thankfully, there are those who are not GOWPs and are answerable to common sense — at least a bit of it.

    Holder is a racist with a preference for blacks, plain and simple.

    Obama is a racist with a preference for blacks, plain and simple.

    How much more clear can I be?


  3. TexasFred says:

    One of my dear friends, a gentleman that is the ultimate professional writer, and a solid Conservative, sent me email just now… He was concerned that I may have gone too far this time and may be bringing the government down on me…

    Well, if I have gone too far, if I DO bring the government down on me, then THIS is no longer America.. All I did was exercise my right to free speech, I made NO threats to anyone, I stated facts and I spoke the truth…

    If the government can’t handle the truth from an old Texas blogger, well, that speaks volumes about this current version of the Un-united Socialist States of America and the Black Socialist SOB that took us to this point!

  4. Mike Flynn says:

    we are presently at a crossroads in this country - we have to decide which way we will go in this crisis……..will we stand up for the Constitution and Christian values or will we stay sitting down sucking our thumbs and going oh woe is me?

    We the people best get off our collective butts and take this country back.

  5. Patrick Sperry says:

    Why am I thinking that gang bangers across the nation are applauding Holder for at least attempting to do away with Stand Your Ground, and return to Get Shot in the Back Law…

  6. Abigail says:

    Haven’t the NBP offered money, put out a bounty, on GZ? Why yes they have. 10000 dollars. Where is the white outrage at this? Why is no one pressuring the DOJ or Florida authorities to go after them? (Don’t bother to answer, we all know why).

    Holder is so totally willing to pander to HIS racial group that he will ignore the FACT that SYG law did not enter into this trial at all. He is showing us once again that justice under his pervue is not only not blind but seeks to elevate one group above another. Instead of upholding the rule of law and ensuring that all citizens can feel they will have equal protection under the law, he continues to prove that some are more equal than others and that in fact and in deed, yes, the color of your skin matters.
    How can it have come to this: DOJ solicits email tips in Zimmerman civil rights probe
    They are soliciting for tips, anything, to build a case against GZ. This is too much. Is this what the future looks like for us? Where if the gov. doesn’t like a local jury result they will go after you?
    I hope the site gets spammed out of existence. And ditto Holder.

  7. LD Jackson says:

    Many of us have said this all along. The shooting of Trayvon Martin will lead to calls for more gun control and the restriction of the rights of American citizens. That is showing to be true, as President Obama and Eric Holder stick their noses where they do not belong.

  8. NativeSon says:

    “…question laws that senselessly expand the concept of self-defense …” self-defense (I’m guessing with a firearm) is now “SENSELESS?!?” GTFO of our country-you’re too stupid to breathe our air!!!

  9. Working To Keep Freedom says:

    Holder is a racist, bigoted idiot and he doesn’t know what he is talking about on this ‘Stand Your Ground’ law.

    Holder stated that killing the SYG laws would ‘benefit Blacks’. NOT TRUE!! In Florida blacks have used the SYG law in about a third of the shooting/self-defense cases which is almost double their percentage of the Florida population!!(see The Blaze - 7/17/13). And, they used the SYG law more than any other racial group!! By taking it away EH will be hurting the very group he wants to ‘help?’ As for Stevie Wonder(I Wonder how his brain functions - if at all) he’s not worth listening to anyway and if he does not perform in any state with a SYG law he will only have about 27 states to choose from…saves on travel expenses, for sure!!!

    When, WHEN are the regular folks out there going to stand up and call EH and his handler BHO OUT!!?? Are they too afraid? Do they think that by sticking their head in the sand it will all go away?? NSA - We the People Are Here!

    I’m standing with you, Fred, until we win or fall. In the meantime I will always have your back!

    Continue to be vigilant, vocal and - Stay locked and loaded!!

  10. Bunkerville says:

    Civil war is coming if this nonsense doesn’t stop soon I fear.

  11. abigail says:

    If the average citizen has neither the interest nor the courage to take to the streets and make visible the discontent they have with the way justice is being perverted,
    if there is not one national leader willing to stick his oar in and say, this is not right, this is a witchhunt, this is an abuse of power, then what should/can one do?
    Write your congressman and Senator? Useless if only a few do it.
    Isn’t it time for those on the Judiciary Committee to get involved in this and speak out? Senator Cruz or Sessions or Graham or any of them?
    Heck, if the president can insert himself in a local issue and make it a national flashpoint, then why should any of them be shy about diving in.

  12. dekare says:

    I don’t think people are afraid at all to stand up. They simply lack a leader and organization. The blacks have all kinds of groups to guide them. Hell, you don’t even need a pro-black group, any anti-american group, socialist group, anti-capitalism, and on and on…groups of all kinds to organize and get masses together to protest.

    Any group that forms that is Pro-American, is marginalized and ridiculed as racist. We need our own group for our own interests to guide us and organize us. But the second one is started, there will be cries of it being a racist outfit similar to the KKK. And anyone who joins will be immediately ostracised and depending on their job, may lose that too…all for joining a group that they believe will promote America as to what our Founding Fathers envisioned.

    So, it comes down to leadership. Where are they? Where is our Thomas Jefferson, our John Adams, our George Washington….We DON’T HAVE ONE.

    In 1776, we had a congress that backed us up, documents that outlined our beliefs, a media that sided with the Americans and leadership of great men. We have none of that now.

    I would love to join a group that wants my actual participation. Every group I look into can’t go three seconds without asking me for my hard earned money. I don’t have anymore money nor am I inclined to keep throwing money away with no results to show for it. What I do have is TIME. Give me a group that wants warm bodies, plans rallys on a local level, and shows support for what I believe in. The reason the socialists, the blacks, and every other self-interest group gets ahead is they promote their values on every level. Americans, especially whites, do NOT do this, and probably because if they do, they are labelled a racist.

    I am tired of these supposed groups that say they are on my side, but tip toe around the real issues. I want a group that says “screw you” to those that would label them, and say loudly and proudly, I am SICK OF EVERY SINGLE BLACK, I AM SICK OF MARXISTS, I AM SICK OF EVERY STINKIN ANTI-AMERICAN GROUP, and the hell with politeness. Act as they would.

    You know, one of the reasons the British lost the war was they tried to fight a gentleman’s fight. That is what are supposed leaders are trying to do. It’s time to take off the glove and hit back hard…even harder. I am tired of being told my pride in my ancestry is racist. White people have done more for ALL OF HUMANITY than all other races have done in all of history. Yet becasue of our success, and of the failure of other races in not achieving the same levels, I am supposed to be ashamed and embarrassed. I don’t hate other races, but I am proud of mine.

    So, give me a leader I can believe in, form a organization that I can join, and take on the issues head first, without being politically correct and hit back. Without apologizing or mixing words so as not to offend. If I can find that group, I’m in. I am not afraid, I just can’t do it alone.

    • TexasFred says:

      That’s how I feel… I hear a lot of talk but when it’s time to saddle up and ride, all of a sudden I’m standing there all by myself…

      Our Founding Fathers would be ashamed of us…

  13. BARR says:

    Thank you TexasFred! You are a TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOT!
    I stand with you!

    If you don’t LOVE the USA as founded, LEAVE IT! We’ll ALL be better off!
    Rafael Cruz at Free the People

  14. minuteman26 says:

    Great post Fred. Well stated. As time passes it is quite obvious that Obama’s Islamo/Marxist regime is trying to destroy this nation. Case in point is the Samantha Power nomination to the UN. Her background is like most in the Obama regime. It is evident that the Communists are in charge………for now. Sane people will soon have had enough of the crap from this regime and then some real change back to what this country was founded upon will happen. The tree of liberty is asking to be refreshed.

  15. VW Diesel says:

    The crap that was the Carter administration brought us Reagan.

    The load of (organic barnyard fertilizer) of this regime will bring us something amazing; we just have to survive until then…

  16. bill gullen says:

    so I listened to mr. holder’s speech today. most of us knew this was coming but
    I was stunned when he told us that, if threatened, it is our duty to retreat.
    as I sat there trying to apply intellectual honesty to that concept, the irony
    became apparent. had mr. martin followed this advice he’d be alive today…b

  17. mystere says:

    Dopey al-eriqholder is a domestic terrorist as far as I’m concerned. He’s jumping onto the bandwagon to supposedly make himself look good in the eyes of the libturds. I say let him open his scrotum and rip the big loud one! That way, even the dumbest of libturds might sniff his choom farts and start gagging when they screw themselves over.

  18. TexasFred says:

    I have the est bunch of fans, friends and commentators on the whole damned ‘net.. You fine folks are Patriots, truthful and unafraid… How could I ask for more??

  19. Steve Dennis says:

    Great post Fred, you nailed this one! This is turning into a criminal regime we would expect to see in a banana republic not in the United States of America. They have used the IRS to intimidate the opposition and silence their critics and now they are using this story to come after guns once again.
    Why is Holder even mentioning stand your ground laws? That wasn’t even Zimmerman’s defense case, they argued self-defense and they won on self-defense. But that does not matter to Holder or to Obama because they want to push their radical, unconstitutional, anti-second amendment agenda while riling up the riots to create more violence which they can then turn around and use for political reasons. This is disgusting!

  20. BARR says:

    Fired employee hits Zimmerman prosecutor with whistleblower lawsuit

    “The special prosecutor in the George Zimmerman case has fired her information technology director, who last month testified that he found evidence on Trayvon Martin’s cell phone that Zimmerman’s lawyers say the state never turned over, according to a Jacksonville.com report.”

    Jeantel committed perjury at least three times during the trial…..Shouldn’t she be charged ?

    I read something about the phone having pictures of TM smoking pot, guns, underage nude girls pictures, wads of money and jewelry. Nothing out of the ordinary…

    Were there naked pictures of Jeantel? I gots to see that!

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