Chicago shootings violence: 4 dead, 9 wounded in city shootings

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Chicago shootings violence: 4 dead, 9 wounded in city shootings

Shootings left at least four men dead and 9 other people wounded across the Saturday night and Sunday morning.

The violence was largely confined to the South and West Sides and three of the incidents had more than one victim, according to authorities.

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Chicago shootings violence: 4 dead, 9 wounded in city shootings

Chicago is *supposedly* one of the most gun restrictive places in the USA. I guess they didn’t get the memo about Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel being a good Democrat and a supporter of Barack *Trayvon* Obama and so forth.

I also have to guess that these violent thugs didn’t get the memo about the Justice for Po’ Lil’ Trayvon rallies and how President *Trayvon* Obama wants to talk about racial violence and stopping it or something.

And for what it’s worth; have you heard any cries of OUTRAGE over these shootings from Obama or his fellow RACE PIMPS Al $harpton, Je$$ie Jack$on or the NAACP’s Benjamin Jealou$?

Do you know WHY you haven’t heard those cries? This was BLACK on BLACK crime and there are no news headlines or MONEY to be made from it.

Selective outrage, it’s how the Democrats do things.

Chicago is a prime example of what a Democratic town looks like. Detroit is also an example of what happens when the Democrats are the ones to run a city for far too long, urban decay sets in, crime runs rampant and the criminals take over the streets.

The thing about Chicago, Detroit and criminals is this; the cities are already run by a corrupt criminal element, the street thugs see that, and how the City Officials seem to get by with it, and in their little pea-brains it justifies their reasons for being street thugs and carving out their own little fiefdom of crime.

A few days ago, in a discussion on the Dallas Morning News, in comments to one of their stories about Detroit, I had a Libtard, one that I have to assume was Black, tell me it was the WHITE MAN that caused Detroit to fail, the WHITE ESCAPE to the suburbs was at fault for Detroit’s failure as WHITE people left Detroit because the White man was afraid of the *niggas*, his words, and that fear was why Detroit had failed.

I thanked him kindly for making my point FOR me; he was then quite confused and didn’t understand HOW he had made a point FOR ME.

I explained to him that what he had just said was a perfect illustration of what happens when the WHITE MAN backs away and lets the *niggas* run things, failure ensues, and that was exactly what was happening to the USA under Obama.

Of course now I am every kind of vile racist WHITE MoFo you can imagine, all because I told the truth. That reaction is why I had to assume that the person I was having the discussion with was a Black person.

Well folks, the TRUTH is this; Chicago is on the verge of becoming the next Detroit as many, not ALL, but many White families get the hell out of Chicago and head for the ‘burbs.

I see the same thing happening to Dallas, Texas too. Many have left Dallas and moved to the suburbs because of the crime that is hitting Dallas so hard, you see, Dallas is a town that is infested with Democrats, and they control the city and because of the huge Dem population of Dallas, they also influence the votes of Dallas County.

That explains why Dallas County has a Hispanic Lesbian Democrat serving as Sheriff I suppose. That is NOT a hollow accusation, Google Sheriff Lupe Valdez if you doubt me.

There is one other thing I feel that needs to be addressed; there is a picture and email floating around that claims to be a picture of Trayvon Martin, all tattooed up, with facial hair and looking really *bad-assed*.

That email is an effort by some MORON to keep these racial issues inflamed with LIES!

The person in the picture is NOT Trayvon Martin, it’s a Rapper that goes by the name of GAME. His real name is Jayceon Terrell Taylor. Look it up on Google if you doubt me.

Yes, I know, I DO make some highly inflammatory remarks in my posts, but those remarks are based on FACTS and TRUTH, all easily proven AS facts. I don’t have to resort to LIES.

Not ALL bloggers engage in Journalistic Integrity.

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30 Responses to Chicago shootings violence: 4 dead, 9 wounded in city shootings

  1. Alan Caruba says:

    Facts like this weekend’s shootings are very difficult to ignore…unless you’re a Democrat and a liberal.

  2. TexasFred says:

    And speaking of Obama, Detroit and failure…

    Worst City in America Votes 98 Percent for Obama

  3. J. D. Longstreet says:

    Wait! Did I miss something? Is there an undeclared war going on in Chicago? Hell, it’s far more dangerous in Chicago than it is in Afghanistan. What a mess!


  4. cary says:

    Wow. 4 dead and 9 wounded.

    Good thing they have gun restrictions, can you imagine the numbers if EVERYONE had guns?

  5. Patrick Sperry says:

    Chicago, Detroit, L.A., pretty much any of the liberal ran cities… Not to mention nearly all of my once proud home state…

  6. The Right Handed Cowboy says:

    It goes to show you where the USA is headed….straight to hell, all the liberal Demotards are leading the way to the total collapse of our NATION…

    Trayvon Obama leads the way…He should be so proud..

  7. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    4 dead, 9 wounded.

    One question:

    Were they BLACK?


    • TexasFred says:

      Of course the MSM article didn’t say, you know that routine, but looking at the picture in the story, and there were quite a few, it appears to have been a Black area, leading to the presumption that the victims may well have been Black and victims of Black on Black violence..

      In the aftermath of the Zimmerman/Martin affair I wouldn’t hesitate to say that had any of the perps been White, the media would have been orgasmic..

  8. Bluto says:

    Thug life. It is what it is. There is no color to Thug Life.

    But if there was a color to Thug Life. It would be Black.

    But of course, we all know there’s no color to Thug Life because we’re not allowed to tell the truth. Oh and The hoodie obscured my view!

    Oh, hell Purple Dranks for everybody!

    • PatriotUSA says:

      Skittles, don’t forget the skittles to go with the purple slurp. Gotta have us some skittles. Tea and skittles, right away and this will become the flag drink of all the above mentioned cities and black AMERIKKKA. Oh that’s right, it already is.

      BTW, Detroit if I recall has been furbared by almost all black politicians. Black run AMERIKKKA. Need another example, how about Atlanta.

  9. mystere says:

    Let’s pray that Donna Edwards’ moon colony is a success. That way, these moonbats can fly away and go home!

  10. NativeSon says:

    How many of them looked like Hussein’s son?!?! I guess NONE of them since NONE of them was shot by a “creepy ass cracka!” C’mon Jessie and Jughead-where’s the outrage???

  11. BobF says:

    Your discussion with that Libtard about what happened to Detroit after the Whites left is exactly what Obama’s half brother in Africa said happened when the Colonial Whites were kicked out of some African nations.

    • TexasFred says:

      I know, and it really does sound RACIST, but Blacks, when left to their own devices, can’t do a damned thing productive or beneficial to the HUMAN race…

      • BobF says:

        Fred, if you haven’t heard this man, you might find him interesting.

  12. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    “Do you know WHY you haven’t heard those cries? This was BLACK on BLACK crime and there are no news headlines or MONEY to be made from it.”





  13. Bunkerville says:

    Let us not dismiss black on white crime. Lots of it. Hard to find these stats. I wonder why.

    • Bloviating Zeppelin says:

      Bunker, you also won’t find stats for blue collar crime — because it is NOT a mandated collected stat by the FBI that every agency is mandated to code on the back of each and every report they take.

      Likewise black-on-white crime. Not mandated.


  14. Layla Elizabeth says:

    Hey Fred. No doubt you remember me from the former “The HILL Chronicles” and “Freedom Watch.” You might also remember I am from Chicago, born and raised and bred. Never was a demoRAT and NEVER will be. The current mayor is corrupt as they come, and I don’t mind you saying “nigga” since they call themselves that all the time, but “whitie” or “honkie” is all good. The hypocrisy makes me sick!

    I no longer live in Chicago and I just last night, after this past weekends sickening events, which continue on a daily basis - but not all nationally broadcast - to sell their home and move out of Chicago. My father’s remarks were “no two legged termites will scare me and make me run.” My dad is old and mean - these days you have to be to live in that beautiful city on the outside, but rotten to the core on the inside. It is like a decaying body - a smell one never forgets.

    Perhaps that is why Martin Luther King sent Jessie Jackson to the north, namely to Chicago so he could buddy up with Malcolm and Louis! By the way Jackson will be raising his grandkids for awhile as his corrupt sicko son sits in the pen downstate and looks like the wifie is not far behind. PIGS!

    I have had it with being politically correct and being nice. I am sick of blacks blaming whites and Hispanics blaming whites. How about people blaming themselves and taking responsibility for themselves? These days Fred most “whities” won’t even do that - too novel an idea for them!

    After I left blogging I went on to get my degree as a paralegal, but no jobs to be found in the field unless you are twentysomething, black, or Hispanic. This nation has systemic race and age issues, not to mention being taken in by that neo-Nazi, commie, muzzie jack ass many American idiots call “president.” Blacks are liberated to have him as president so they say.

    Well, I call him an “OREO!” Black on the outside and white on the inside…..we should have had Allen Keyes - a black REPUBLICAN - become president. Better than the sitting arse their now. His house in Chicago sits in Hyde Park but is surrounded by ghetto. I think him and his wife need to move back to Kenya where she announced was his home country when she brought funding for AIDS. Why doesn’t anyone want to talk about the fact he is not born here and that blacks in Chicago are going ape, excuse the pun, I could not resist, in Chicago because they are emboldened by blackie in WHITE HOUSE……

    No one takes responsibility any more Fred, especially if they believe it does not affect them and their pockets ring ching, ching…….

    I cannot wait for Jesus to come back! Not much else to look forward to anymore, sadly our words only affect those that agree because the people that do not will never listen or hear…..and that is why I closed shop. It gets old singing to the choir.

    I bet Obama’s crowd will censor us. Track us down for all our hate speech, but the Bible is clear Fred that in the last days “they will call evil good, and good evil.”

    God bless you for keeping on keeping on and having the character and integrity to call a spade a spade, ah, yes another on purpose pun!

    Hope you are well my friend.

    • TexasFred says:

      For those that don’t know, Layla is an old blog friend and we were connected on several projects a few years ago…

      I responded to her directly but I have to say, I hope this wonderful LADY gets back into blogging, she is a force to be reckoned with!

      • Layla Elizabeth says:

        God help them all if I do! There is a lot to be said about “The Winds of Thunder!” Hmmmm, if I do ever decide to blog again I think that might be a good name for the blog! Or maybe lets just “Rock n Roll Them!” We will see.

        Thank you for the kind words my friend and perhaps we should start some new projects……how about starting with IMPEACHING OBAMA THE ABOMINATION……it is unforgivable that that arse sent back the bust of Winston Churchill to the Brits. Unforgiveable along with the multitude of wrong doings this Jew hating neo-Nazi, commie, muzzie has perpetrated against the United States and its citizenry!

        You game Fred?

        • TexasFred says:

          I am up to my ass in alligators but I can always be a good support source! 🙂

          • Layla Elizabeth says:

            LOL! I figured as much……just calling you out. I feel about the same way you do. But I am thinking about that blog now. Of course I would have to dedicate it to “Barry”……..ugh, don’t bet on that! 🙂

  15. VW Diesel says:

    Fred said “a perfect illustration of what happens when the WHITE MAN backs away and lets the *niggas* run things, failure ensues”

    According to the crown princess of Ebonicia, (who recently testified at a trial on TV) a “nigga” is a MALE. Now Fred didn’t mean that men can’t run stuff… there’s another meaning in there, I’m sure.

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