Additional Information Regarding Defunding Obamacare

Additional Information Regarding Defunding Obamacare

AC 1Ladies and Gentlemen, I have been in conversation with a personal contact that has a great deal of knowledge regarding this effort to defund Obamacare and he offered some reasonable explanation regarding Sen. John Cornyn and the possible reasons he has backed away from Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Mike Lee and their immediate efforts.

According to my source the story offered up by the Arlington TEA Party may not be as accurate and as factual as it is presented in this piece: Senator John Cornyn abandons Senator Ted Cruz effort to defund Obamacare.

In the interest of fair and balanced I offer the following links for your perusal.

Coburn: Shutdown won’t stop ObamaCare

Shutting down the federal government would not stop the Obama administration from implementing its signature healthcare law, Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) said Tuesday.

Coburn has been sharply critical of the effort to force a government shutdown over ObamaCare funding. He released a Congressional Research Service (CRS) report Tuesday that said such a move would not actually stop the administration from implementing the healthcare law.

“The memo reveals that if government were shut down, funding for Obamacare would still continue,” Coburn’s office said in a summary. “In other words, shutting down the federal government does not shut down Obamacare.” The Hill’s Healthwatch

Tom Coburn: Campaign to defund Obamacare ‘dishonest,’ ‘hype’

Tensions inside the Republican Party about a proposal to defund Obamacare reached a new level Friday when Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., a lawmaker with unsurpassed credibility in the field of cutting federal spending and limiting the size of government, called the defunding plan “dishonest” and “hype.”

In a phone interview from his home state of Oklahoma, Coburn slammed a dozen fellow Republican senators who have signed a pledge not to vote for any continuing resolution or appropriations bill that funds Obamacare, which is set to go fully into effect on January 1, 2014. “I’d love to defund it,” said Coburn, a physician who has opposed the president’s national health care scheme from the beginning. “I’d be leading the charge if I thought this would work. But it will not work.”

Coburn’s case against the proposal is simple: Republicans, having failed to win control of the White House and Senate in 2012, do not have the votes to cut off Obamacare funding. Given that, he sees the defunding proposal as not just wrongheaded but also an effort to mislead conservatives across the country who long to see Republicans stop Obamacare. “The worst thing is being dishonest with your base about what you can accomplish, ginning everybody up and then creating disappointment,” Coburn said. “It’s a terribly dangerous and not successful strategy.” Washington Examiner

And this:

Drop the disastrous plan to defund Obamacare

Conservatives on Capitol Hill think they have a chance to strike a mortal blow against President Barack Obama’s health-care overhaul this fall. If their plan goes forward, however, it will backfire.

The plan is to oppose any bill to fund the government or increase the debt limit that also provides money for putting the health-care law in place. Because Republicans control the House, Democrats can’t continue borrowing or paying for government operations without Republican support. So, conservatives say, Republicans should insist on defunding Obamacare as the price of that support.

The chance that Democrats would go along — would give up on their signature legislative initiative of the last decade soon after having won the presidential election and gained Senate and House seats — approaches zero percent. So if Republicans stay firm in this demand, the result will be either a government shutdown or a partial shutdown combined with a debt default.

Either would be highly unpopular, and each party would blame the other. The public, however, would almost certainly blame Republicans, for five reasons. Politics and Public Opinion – AEI

These are political opinion pieces and are presented exactly as I received them.

I am not going to offer a lot of commentary at this time, but I will say this; if it becomes necessary for me to issue an apology to Sen. John Cornyn, I will not hesitate to do so.

I am going to have to see how this plays out, but if my understanding is correct there is no way to defund Obamacare unless the GOP retains the House and retakes the Senate in the midterms.

If that event should occur, at that time Obama will be rendered irrelevant. Let’s just hope and pray that if the GOP does regain control of the nation that THEY don’t blow it too!

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5 Responses to Additional Information Regarding Defunding Obamacare

  1. drummerxd says:

    The Constitution says that the House controls the purse. They can defund Obamacare if they want. The problem arises when the Dems decide that its okay to shut down the whole government. Then it becomes a political propaganda bonanza for the Dems to say that the Repubs don’t care about the people with an election coming up. You see, the Dems don’t care about anybody, so they are fine with letting the republicans shut down the government and standing back and making them out to be the bad guys when the entitlement checks stop going out. It’s a lose/lose situation. I wish that these politicians would tell the truth. The fact is that Obamacare is an illegal law propagated by the Supreme Court. It wasn’t legal as written and as passed, then was rewritten by the court instead of being sent back to Congress as a tax to be passed. It would never have happened. The Congress failed in their oversight to hold the Supreme Court actions as unconstitutional. THAT is why we are in this mess.

  2. LD Jackson says:

    I happen to agree with Coburn on this. Not saying I wouldn’t like to see Obamacare defunded, but it is doubtful it can happen with a government shut down. That is why I wrote this post last Sunday.

  3. Leo Pusateri says:

    I don’t care who it backfires on.

    It’s evil and it needs to be stopped.

    Those who say, “well, it would be a mistake politically to defund it” is much as if someone saw a roof burning in the middle of the night, they wouldn’t call the fire department to put it out for fear of angering the firefighters.

    Obamacare is nothing less than heinous– evil– it must be stopped at ANY cost.

    If Obamacare is allowed to survive, America won’t.

    It’s that simple.

  4. Ten Megaton says:

    Shut it down? Burn it down. I have a match.

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