Suspect in deadly rampage in Dallas, DeSoto is former soldier, Mesquite teacher, Mavs ManiAAC

Suspect in deadly rampage in Dallas, DeSoto is former soldier, Mesquite teacher, Mavs ManiAAC

Erbie BowserAuthorities say a grenade-wielding man went on a shooting rampage at homes in Dallas and DeSoto late Wednesday, killing four people and wounding four others.

The suspect has been identified as Erbie Bowser, 44. Authorities say it appears he was trying to kill a former girlfriend and his estranged wife, who lived at the house in DeSoto where police say the second attack occurred. She had filed for divorce in January 2011, but the case is still pending.

Officials say the rampage began about 10:30 p.m. Wednesday in Dallas at a home in the 7100 block of Long Canyon Trail, near West Wheatland Road and Mountain Creek Parkway. He killed two women and wounded two others there, police said.

Toya Smith, 43, and her 17-year-old daughter, Tasmia Allen died at the scene, according to Dallas police reports. Two others, Smith’s 14-year-old son and a 17-year-old family friend, were taken to a local hospital, according to police reports. Their conditions were not released. SOURCE


This is a Mavs ManiAAC

Kinda makes the Hogettes look pretty good, but I’m not here to make fun of the guy, I am going to ask some very pointed questions though.

I want some answers; where is Je$$ie Jack$on, Al $harpton and the NAACP on this?

Can we expect an influx of RACE PIMPS in Dallas?

Why have we not heard from the family yet?  Will the family names be trademarked?

Why have there been no community protests?

Will there be *hoodies* on sale? If so, can you get a discount if you buy the *set* with ALL the names?

Will there be *Justice for (insert names here)* rallies all over the nation?

Of course we already know the answers to these questions, none of it will happen simply because it is Black on Black violence and the typical RACE BAITERS can’t make any money from this tragedy.

Isn’t it funny how people like Je$$ie Jack$on and Al $harpton can be such hypocrites and practice their *selective outrage*?

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12 Responses to Suspect in deadly rampage in Dallas, DeSoto is former soldier, Mesquite teacher, Mavs ManiAAC

  1. mrchuck says:

    There s no outrage because this is normal behavior for a man of the Negroid race.
    Yes,,,,simple as that.
    Go, look up the genes and IQ.

  2. Abigail says:

    Had to look up what a Mavs ManiAAC was…it’s a dance team for the Mavericks.

    This man was a……dancer?? Really? Is this even physically possible?
    Breathlessly waiting for obamo to give a press conference and say that if he had been a dancer, he would have been like erbie.
    I feel sorry for the victims. You just don’t know with people what they are capable of, do you.

    • TexasFred says:

      The Mavs ManiAAC’s aren’t a team of dancers, they are a herd of FAT fans that dress up and perform more of a *comic relief* thing I guess.. Until today I had never heard of them either, and I live very close to Dallas, I just don’t keep up with ANY basketball…

  3. Tom Haycock says:

    The difference here is that the victims of the enraged Black man didn’t pull a gun and kill the Degenerate Bastard. You see Jackson and Sharpton think that a Black man does have the civil right to kill anyone they want, for any reason they come up with, and if the intended victim turns the tables on him, They are violating his “Civil Rights” to bring any form of mayhem down upon whoever he pleases any time he pleases. Now if these victims had pulled out a gun and shot this Degenerate Bastard, Then they would have violated his “Civil Rights. But Jackson and Sharpton would still be invisible. I hate it that they try to play the Race Card by namedropping true patriots like M.L.King who preached equality and love for one another. I wonder what the count is of times those two have caused MLK to turn over in his grave. I hope this post clears things up a little for you. “Keep up the Good Work”

  4. Hgpsurf says:

    It won’t advance their agenda to get riled up about this. I believe the likes of Sharpton & Jackson lie in wait for white on black killings and then jump all over them. Black on black or black on white violence just gets ignored.

  5. B Woodman says:

    DAY-UM! Him is one BIG dude!
    It looks like the reason he’s a former soldier is that he ATE the soldier.

  6. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    And the other critical factor: I’ll take a hoodie over a ripped and tattered blue T-shirt any day, especially when it exposes man boobs like that. . .


  7. mystere says:

    I wonder where the race pimps are as well. Where are Jackall, Fat Albert, and Earl Old Fart Boi Hutchinson? Perhaps they’re at the Jeremiah Wright Down Low Club, playing with themselves.

  8. Carla says:

    Yes! Where is Sharpton and Jackson when there is black on black crimes, or black on white crimes? I can’t say that I’ve ever read or heard them coming to the forefront when it happens. By the way, I wonder what they think about this?

    I for one have always seen a crime as a crime no color to it. I don’t care what color you are or where you’re from, if you come at me in a physically threatening manner I am going to introduce you to Kimber or Taurus.

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